BTS Tattoo Designs – The Perfect Choice For Those Looking For Unique Tattoos

One way to express your love for BTS is to get a tattoo of one of the members! Many members of the group have already gotten inks, including Jungkook, RM, and Jimin. We’ve highlighted some of their best examples below, including Jimin’s tattoo of “Nevermind,” Jungkook’s friendship tattoo, and J-Hope’s friendship tattoo.

Jimin’s “Nevermind” tattoo

Fans were surprised when they saw the tattoo on Jimin, the lead singer of the K-pop group BTS. It was six inches tall and covered most of his ribcage. Fans believed that the tattoo was a teaser for the band’s upcoming song Nevermind. However, Jimin’s tattoo soon disappeared. During a January 12 performance, Jimin pulled up his embellished shirt to reveal the tattoo.

The number ’13’ on Jimin’s wrist is a symbol of the artist’s birthday and the year BTS debuted. However, the number ’13’ has a negative connotation, as it is associated with bad luck. However, in Jimin’s case, the tattoo has an important meaning for the member of BTS.

The crescent moon on Jimin’s back is a symbol of growth, creativity, and manifestation. According to fans, it is also a representation of the crescent moon on June 13th, when the band’s debut concert took place. But, while there’s no way to tell if the moon is a symbol of BTS’ success, there’s still a lot of speculation.

In addition to his ‘Nevermind’ tattoo, Jimin has three other tattoos on his body. He has a tattoo of the number ’13’ on his wrist, as well as the word “Young Forever” on his back. It’s unclear where the number came from, but it may be a reference to his birthdate, October 13. In addition to these two, Jimin has the words “YOUNG” and “FOREVER” on his elbows. Other members of BTS do not have any visible tattoos.

The tattoos of BTS’ leader Jimin have different meanings, but all have a connection to the group. He got them as a result of emotional support he received from listening to the song. Furthermore, the number seven is significant, because the group is made up of seven members and their album is titled Map of the Soul. Furthermore, the members of BTS have been together for seven years.

Jungkook’s tattoo

Fans are curious about the meaning behind Jungkook’s BTs ink. The tattoo’s shape is reminiscent of an upside-down V and many fans believe that it represents his initials and the band’s fanbase moniker. It also features a “J” above the “M,” which many fans believe is the initials of fellow members J-Hope and Jimin. Below the tattoo is a simple heart.

Initially, Jungkook kept his tattoo from fans, but his new tattoo has gained public opinion and acceptance. Although the public was initially skeptical, Jungkook began flaunting his new BTs tattoo during concerts. After all, it’s not every day that he shows off his body art. His fans have come to appreciate this new look and have begun reimagining it according to their own desires.

Although Jungkook’s BTs ink has been mostly black, he’s recently begun to add bright colors. The artist responsible for Jungkook’s BTs sleeve tattoo, Polyc SJ, suggested adding colored embellishments. Jungkook also added the words ‘Bulletproof’ to his arm.

Aside from the ‘7’ and ‘BTs’ inked on his arms, Jungkook also has a tattoo that represents himself. One of the designs is a tiger flower on his forearm, and another is a skeleton hand on his right arm. The tattoo is also inked near the back of his left ear.

While he always wore long sleeves, fans have speculated about the meaning behind the criss-cross tattoo on his arm. Interestingly, it seems to mean’seize the moment.’ It’s unclear whether Jungkook has other meanings, but fans have been trying to decipher Jungkook’s ink ever since he revealed it on the Run BTS episode.

While many BTS members have a tattoo commemorating their favorite members, Jungkook’s is a little more symbolic. It looks like an eye, with a red pupil. However, it’s hard to tell exactly what it means, as there’s no official meaning to it. Fans have speculated that the tattoo commemorates the date when the band first came out.

The singer is a tat enthusiast and has several tattoos to display his dedication to the group. His Tattoos are not only a nice addition to his appearance, but also have meaning for the singer. The singer’s BTs tattoo is a symbolic reminder of the band’s history and his love for rock music.

J-Hope’s friendship tattoo

BTS members have revealed they are getting tattoos of their friendship in different locations. In an Instagram post, J-Hope showed off his new kinship tattoo. Fans can see a close-up of the design on his leg. Meanwhile, RM has also shared a photo of a ‘7’ tattoo on his leg. In another post, Jimin teased fans about getting a ‘7’ tattoo on his finger. However, there is still no official word on whether Suga and Jungkook have got their own Tattoos.

Although the friendship tattoo isn’t official, it is a nice way to commemorate the singer’s friendship with RM. The two singers have always been close and have many things in common, including their tattoos. The tattoo is symbolic of friendship and is one of the most common types of tats.

The BTS members have slowly been revealing their tattoos. While V and J-Hope have friendship tattoos in similar locations, RM has his in a different location. The tattoo reminds them that they are always “7”, and is a sign of their friendship. The Tattoos will also help them stay close.

Other BTS members also got tattoos of their friendship. Jimin got a ‘7’ tattoo on his finger. His tattoo artist shared pictures of it on his Instagram. Meanwhile, J-Hope and RM have ‘7’ tattoos on their legs. Fans suspected that their tattoos were not final until they were revealed, but RM did confirm the news on their respective Instagram accounts.

The ARMY has also responded positively to the news. The members of BTS recently revealed their plans for a little rest, which will allow them to focus on other performance projects. The band members also revealed their plans at the Festa supper on Tuesday. They are not taking a break from the spotlights just yet, but will be resting to focus on their own projects.

RM’s tattoo

Fans have speculated that RM’s tattoo was meant to signify his love for BTS. The singer was hesitant about getting a tattoo, but finally decided to do it. This is his first tattoo, which relates to BTS. RM has been showing off his new ink whenever he goes out.

The new tattoo is a small piece of artwork inked onto his ankle. It was revealed via a series of pictures uploaded on Instagram Stories. The members discussed different designs and RM said he would like a simple ankle tattoo. The ARMYs were impressed by RM’s tattoo.

The tattoo is a simple digit “7” that means “friendship” in Korean. RM recently revealed the tattoo on his Instagram story. The number 7 is an important symbol for BTS and is a nod to the group’s seven-member lineup. The number seven also symbolizes the band’s seven years together.

In addition to RM’s tattoo, other members of BTS have tattoos, including Jimin. The newest member of the group revealed a similar tattoo on his leg. The two members have matching ‘7’ tattoos. The tattoos are a nod to BTS’s bandmates and may be a way to bond with the members.

The group recently released the new album Proof. This album is accompanied by the lead single Yet To Come. The song has already reached over 23 million views on YouTube. In addition to the new album, RM also revealed a new tattoo on his ankle. The ARMY has speculated that RM got his tattoo in order to show his friendship with the members of BTS.

The band has yet to make an official statement about RM’s tattoo. However, fans are speculating that it could be a tribute to the fans. In addition, RM’s tattoo was revealed by fans through photoshops. Fans have speculated that he may be getting a new tattoo.

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