BTS Tattoo – Jungkook and ARMY

Are You a BTS Fan? Do You Know Their Tattoos?

If you know everything about BTS, chances are good you know all their songs by heart, but did you know they have some genuinely incredible Tattoos too?

1. Jungkook’s hand tattoo

Jungkook is one of the most beloved members of BTS and has thousands of ardent fans around the globe who adore him. However, his private life remains quite mysterious, and he has numerous Tattoos with special meanings for both him and the band.

BTS is one of the world’s most beloved boy bands, known by their fan base as ARMY. Their latest rebranding logo represents their close bond with their fan base, taking one year to design and sure to catch the attention of their massive global following.


BTS has amassed an army of loyal fans known as the Adorable Representative MC for Youth or “ARMY.” ARMY refers to BTS’ Adorable Representative MC status and their fandom’s armor-plated support.


The HYYH era marks a critical chapter in BTS’ story and explores youth, development, and self-discovery themes through symbolism and introspective storytelling. BTS manages to create an impactful connection with its audience through these narratives.

5. BTS King’s crown

With BTS dominating the charts, fans have been inspired to show their devotion physically. Many fans have even begun getting Tattoos honoring individual members of BTS.