Breast Picture designs – Fancy Picture design Ideas For Women

When deciding on breast picture designs, choose the size that will make the design pop. Small, detailed pictures work best when the curve of the breast is followed. For added impact, place a focal point in the center of the design. The smallest of the design ideas is typically not large enough to cover the entire chest. For a feminine look, a smaller, detailed breast tattoo can cover just a portion of the chest.

The best place to get a breast tattoo is on the rib cage, where it will stand out as an extended tattoo. Feathers look beautiful on the rib cage, and they are the perfect design for women who like to live in reality. A skeletal finger forming a heart is also a very unique female tattoo, as it hints at the cyclical nature of life. Moreover, women who have undergone a mastectomy can choose a feather tattoo to hide the scars.


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