Best Friend Matching Tattoos

If you and your best friend are genuinely inseparable, getting matching tattoos can be the ideal way to show how much you cherish each other. There are several ways to show your friendship, but one way that makes it extra meaningful is selecting a design that symbolizes your bond.

Heart and Key

Best friend matching tattoos are an elegant and meaningful way to symbolize the special bond you share with your best friend. Not only do they represent years of togetherness, but they’re also a fun way to commemorate this special relationship.


If you and your best friend share an affinity for birds, getting matching bird tattoos is excellent. The swallow bird symbolizes coming home after a long journey, while the sparrow conveys loyalty.

Butterfly Wings

Another classic best friend tattoo is a pair of butterfly wings. These can be inked anywhere on the body and look lovely no matter where you place them. These two butterflies symbolize the progress of your friendship and the trials and difficulties you two experienced together as friends.

Sun and Moon

Matching sun and moon tattoos are famous among best friends with intense bonds. They symbolize the balance of yin and yang energy and the life cycle.

Koi Fish

Koi fish in Japanese culture have long been associated with strength and perseverance. They’re often compared to Samurai warriors for their loyalty and bravery. Koi tattoos are an excellent choice for both women and men alike, providing you with an original design that displays your dedication and perseverance.


A coordinates tattoo is an excellent way to commemorate a special place in your life.


If you and your best friend share a passion for music or movies, quote tattoos can be an apt way to symbolize both of your interests. Not only do these quotes serve as reminders of your friendship, but they also allow for individual expression through style.


When selecting a matching tattoo for your best friend, ensure it conveys something meaningful and unique about you. Our list of 12 amazing best friend matching tattoos offers plenty of ideas to enhance your relationship’s beauty and strength.