Back of Leg Tattoo Ideas

Your legs offer endless opportunities for getting inked. You can opt for a large piece that covers your entire leg or opt for something smaller and delicate like a mini tattoo. The back of the leg can be an ideal location to get inked, as there’s ample room.


If you’re searching for an eye-catching tattoo to adorn the back of your leg, angel designs are a popular option. These celestial beings symbolize many different values such as guidance, innocence and hope. Angels have long been associated with religion, with both Jewish and Christian Bibles as messengers of God and the Moslem Quran recognizing them for their protection and guidance of humanity. In general, celestial beings are believed to be good and loving. They protect and guide humans while aiding them in making wise decisions. Tattooing some images can be tricky to get precisely right. For instance, if you want a 3D angel, your artist will need to have access to either a photo or other reference as reference. Option two is a sketch, which gives your tattoo a more realistic appearance. The artist uses extensive shading to create the illusion of depth. They make ideal memorial pieces as they can include elements like angel wings with halos or other religious symbols. A lost angel tattoo is often depicted as a metaphor for someone who has abandoned their faith in God after suffering emotional wounds. It could also signify someone struggling to find their way in life or trying to regain trust in God.


Arrows are a timeless tattoo symbol that conveys direction, motion and motivation. Plus, they look great in many different styles of artwork. Arrows are typically rendered in black and white, though many people choose to add color for visual impact. Although adding color can help the arrow stand out among other design elements, it isn’t a necessary step. Another way arrows can be used in tattoos is by combining them with other symbols. For instance, an arrow and moon could signify a union of masculine and feminine energies or an intimate connection to nature. The arrow is often featured in tribal tattoo designs and it’s an iconic symbol of Native American tribes. One of the most popular arrow designs is an arrow through the heart, symbolizing love or marriage. This tattoo design may also appeal to those looking to express their erotic side. One popular arrow design depicts an arrow being pulled back with a bow, signifying conflict or tension. This design is ideal for people feeling overwhelmed or stressed out about their current circumstances and provides them with a fun way to express that feeling through tattooing.


Flowers are a popular choice for back of leg tattoos as they look stunning and symbolize growth, beauty, life, and love. Flowers can be single plants or multiple plants combined together; plus the leg provides plenty of room to design this kind of design. Flowers not only look lovely, but they also hold hidden messages which can be expressed through their design or placement. This has been practiced for thousands of years around the world as “floriography”. The flower sunflower was named for a Greek myth about a nymph who fell in love with Helios, the sun god. These large, vibrant yellow flowers are incredibly popular. Their petals radiate energy like the sun and bring life to any room or area they’re placed in. When giving one to someone special, they’re sure to appreciate it! In the past, flowers were frequently featured in religious scenes to serve as symbols of everlasting life.


Snakes are a beloved icon in tattoo artwork, and for good reason. These scaly creatures hold special meaning for many cultures and can be incorporated into many unique designs. They can serve as a symbol of protection or the cycle of life. Furthermore, they may be used to convey power or intelligence. Snakes often get a bad reputation, but they are actually quite versatile in appearance and can be found worldwide except Antarctica. Some snakes are venomous, others constrict prey, while some even look cute and charming! This striking black and grey snake tattoo cascades down the leg of a woman. Half its body is in black, while the other features intricate detailing with reflective scales. I adore how each scale is perfectly shaped and detailed, as well as how it curves around this flower! This delicate tattoo idea would be ideal for anyone seeking a simple but beautiful design. The back of the leg is an ideal location for snake tattoos, offering a large and smooth surface that can be decorated in intricate detail. Coiled snakes especially look great here as it symbolizes protection. Another option is a full-length snake tattoo that covers the back of your leg. These can be more intricate or simply be an image of a coiled serpent protecting you.


Geometric tattoos offer a striking aesthetic. You can choose to incorporate simple shapes or larger designs that have deeper symbolism into the design. In particular, they work great in areas where skin may expand or contract, like at the back of legs. Another popular geometric style is mandala tattoos, which often depict spiritual themes. These designs can be vibrant or mystical and are said to bring harmony to the wearer’s mind. Compass designs are a timeless geometric symbol, representing finding one’s way through life. Geometric tattoos can also serve to symbolize loyalty and family, such as a wolf for someone wanting to express their devotion to family members. The back of the leg is an ideal location for geometric tattoos, as it’s less exposed to external elements than other areas on your body. Some artists, like Ben Volt, use bold geometric patterns to craft intricate and ethereal artworks. Their designs draw inspiration from cosmology, mathematics, and eastern religious images. Ben Volt uses black ink on contrasted empty skin to create the illusion of movement.

Side of the Leg

The side of your leg is an ideal spot for getting inked. You can show off your tattoo when wearing shorts, but it’s also easy to cover when you want to keep it private. When selecting a tattoo design, it’s essential to consider both its symbolic meaning and personal preferences. Doing this will guarantee that your artwork truly stands out and reflects who you are as an individual. Angels are a popular choice for side thigh tattoos, as they symbolize faith or belief in an angelic guardian. Additionally, angels symbolize hope, love, and growth. Butterflies are often chosen for this placement, as they symbolize transformation and new beginnings. Furthermore, butterflies represent nature and aesthetic beauty. Roses are an often chosen symbol for this placement, as they symbolize passion and romance. Additionally, roses may signify love and friendship. A butterfly tattoo can look fantastic on the side of your leg. Men often opt for tattoos on their legs or shins. Shorts make it easy to show off these designs in both vertical and horizontal styles.