55+ Ancient Mesoamerican Aztec tattoo Design ideas and Symbols

The traditional Aztecs religion began from the indigenous Aztecs in center Mexico. Like other Mesoamerican religions, it had components of human sacrifice regarding countless religious celebrations on the calendar.

Mesoamerican religion is a gathering of indigenous religions of Mesoamerica that were predominant in the pre-Columbian period. Two of the most broadly known instances of Mesoamerican religion are the Aztec religion and the Mayan religion.


Everything about Aztec Tattoo

Mesoamerican culture

Mesoamerica is a recorded region and social region in North America. It reaches out from around central Mexico through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica, and inside these area pre-Columbian social orders prospered since the Spanish immigration of the Americas.

The term Mesoamerica is gotten from the Greek and signifies “Center America.” This culture region incorporated the absolute most unpredictable and propelled societies of the Americas, including the Olmec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Mixtec, Totonac and Aztec among others.


The Aztecs were a clan having areas near traditional Mexico City. They were very religious and contributed an extensive proportion of their energy endeavoring to mollify their firm divine creatures.

This nation was known as the all inclusive community of the sun. This is on the grounds that its essential task was to help the nature of their sun arranged god for it to have the ability to continue with its existence. On the other hand, the Aztec were a standout amongst other old urban foundations with significantly made science and art. All things being equal, it is accepted that an enormous number of the capacities they had were taken from the Mayan individuals.

Aztec tattoo meaning

Every tattoo held a unique importance. Generally, wearing a this implied one had regard for the network, the way of life and the divine beings. An Aztec tattoo of a particular god implied that you are ensured by that god. Aztec tattoo were likewise worn by warriors.

Aztec configuration speaks to the symbology of this antiquated progress. Most Mesoamerican societies loved embellishment. We realize that Aztec warriors utilized body paint before doing battle and Aztec clerics utilized body paint before a religious function. Aztec tattoo and symbols are prevalent in the present tattoo culture. They demonstrated the position of the warrior and the personality of the regiment that they are a piece of. Aztec tattoo additionally implied that an individual is from a particular tribe. All things considered, they were signs of personality. These tattoo additionally implied that one is a piece of a particular level in the public eye.

Having tattoo of different divine beings implied that you are committed to every one of them. priests were notable for having tattoo of different divine beings on their bodies.

Facts about Aztec tattoo

  • Tattoo in the Aztec culture were constantly done out of appreciation for some Aztec God. They were done uniquely during ceremonies.
  • This tattoo were likewise used to separate between individuals having a place with various tribes.
  • Aztec tattoo likewise symbolized a warrior’s position and his accomplishments.
  • Wrist, chest and stomach, viewed as the seats of intensity, were the most famous body parts to make tattoo.
  • The language which was utilized for this Aztec tattoo art was ‘Nahuatl’.
  • The Aztecs were popular for their farming, developing all accessible land, presenting irrigation, depleting swamps, and making counterfeit islands in the lakes. They built up a type of hieroglyphic composition, an intricate schedule framework, and manufactured popular pyramids and temples.


The Aztecs focused their lives on their myth. Therefore, numerous statues and carvings exist of the Aztec divine beings, as revolting as they might be to modern eyes. The grand Sun or Calendar gems contains each 365 day sun oriented schedule and the consecrated 260 days tonalpohualli, which are all spoken to by the rich symbolism of the culture. Symbols of the sun, the bird, the dragon and plant were utilized in the Aztec composing framework, in dates and time and in titles and names.

Most Aztec images had many importence. A butterfly image, for instance, addressed change while frogs symbolized fulfillment. Exactly when images were combined as in Aztec pictograms, entire stories could be told through the various layers of an Aztec image’s significance. The day signs and coefficients identified with one of the Aztec divine creatures, that means the 260-day calendar could be used for divination. A solicitation for the Aztec cleric wood was diviners. Right when a child was conceived, they were called to find a name for the newborn child subordinate upon the appearance of the birth and the god comparing to that day. From these images, it was acknowledged these ministers could tell the newborn child’s fortune and fate.

Aztec tattoo ideas

Eagle tattoo

Aztecs incredibly respected eagles, the winged creature symbolizing power, mental fortitude and quality. In the event that Aztec soldiers got tattoo, many would no uncertainty pick this one to express their bravery, power and physical quality. Eagle tattoo for the most part demonstrate the eagle with its head went to one side, or west and its nose open. Now, they could turn out to be either Eagle or cheetah knights. The both were equivalent in rank, yet communicated their convictions in an unexpected way. A tattoo of an eagle was, consequently, regularly find on Aztec soldiers. In spite of the truth that there are various pictures of an eagle that are available, the eagle with its head pointing towards the west, its nose open and a few quills standing out from the peak its head , is said to be the genuine and famous antiquated tattoo symbol. Eagle picked Huitzilopochtli as their devine and the cheetah preferred Tezcatlipocha. other well known Aztec creatures for tattoo incorporate the puma, baboon and toad.


Calendar tattoo

This Aztec configuration is taken from the sun face or Calendar. This complicatedly planned and curved enormous gem was found close to the church building in Mexico. It demonstrates the substance of Tonatiuh, which speaks to the fifth sun. The gem demonstrates the four sun demolished suns of the past. Two panther heads are along the edge of the substance of Tonatiuh, which speak to the world. The Calendar gem consist of various symbols that talk about the Aztecs establishing religion. It is the most unmistakable Aztec picture and many support calender for an antique Aztec tattoo. An Aztec calendar tattoo has pictures of different facial highlights. As per the Aztecs culture every creature speaks to a month. This creature is said to be a harbinger of a few legendary and otherworldly properties. Uitzilopochtle, the other name for lord of the Sun is regularly appeared in numerous tattoo in the Aztecs calendar. There is a lot of significance that is being connected to this Aztec symbol.

Day Symbols tattoo

In Aztec symbols composing, each day had its own sign. Numerous individuals pick a day sign for a tattoo as they are both theoretical and expressive. The Aztec day symbols incorporate creatures, for example, the puma, falcon or crocodile: characteristic, everyday things, for example, death or motion and ideas, for example, passing and movement.

Aztec Warrior

Numerous men pick the Aztec configuration accepted as the soldier, or Huitzilopochtli communicated as the warrior of the sun. These tattoo structures demonstrate a theoretical, furious male face, more often than not with the tongue standing out.

Crocodile tattoo

A crocodile is really a beast like animal, which resembles the crocodile. There are additionally different varieties which are accessible of this creature. A crocodile was delineated to be an ocean beast, who was part crocodile, part frog and part fish, yet his sex was not known. This Aztec tattoo symbol ended up well known for this fearsome nature, and yet he was said to be the primary ‘godly’ animal. It is said that his body was utilized to make the earth.

The Aztec crocodile tattoo is frequently connected with creation. Aztecs accept that this beast like animal was the principal god and that the earth was shaped from the body of this fearsome animal. Given its experience, this tattoo configuration settles on a perfect decision for land innovators who needs to pioneer their own items. This symbolic animal can help gather great energies that can give you the fearlessness to go past the standards and make something new.

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Sun tattoo

The Aztec had many sun divine beings. They accepted that the earth and individuals had been made and demolished four times before. The here and now is the hour of the fifth sun. Each timespan was controlled by a sun god, four of whom were never again the sun god. These are Quetzalcoatl (feathered snake),Tezcatlipoca (smoking mirror), Chalchiuhtlicue (goddess of water) and Tlaloc (rain god). The divine force of the fifth sun is Nanauatl who progressed toward becoming Tonatuih. Be that as it may, Huitzilopochtli, the aztec armed conflict god, was additionally once in a while thought about a sun god, in spite of the fact that this is better communicated that Huitzilopochtli is the soldier of the sun. Aztec sun tattoo high in ubiquity.

Aztec god tattoo

The Aztec warrior god is called Tezcatlipoca. He is said to be the focal god in Aztec land and viewed as a definitive God, who was invisible. His quality was just felt in the night, when there was an abrupt spout of wind. He is called to be a warrior god and is related with war and struggle, he is likewise connected with storms, ill, sorcery, divination, and so on. He is normally tattooed with his tongue standing out.

Quetzalcoatl, is the feathered snake god. This god is the divine force of weather, innovativeness and fruitfulness. He was identified with the Gods of wind, sunrise, dealers, art and craft, learning and information. He holds the spot of being the patron God of organization in the Aztecs culture. He is additionally said to be the most dominant of the Aztec divine beings. Thusly, this Aztecs configuration is famous and many individuals infer this significance, and get themselves tattooed with the feathered snake symbol.

Skull Tattoo

Skull was considered as the symbol of death in Aztec culture and skull tattoo settle on a famous decision among tattoo lovers in present day times as well. Aztecs skull tattoo is an extraordinary alternative for those hoping to give the skull tattoo a one of a kind measurement.


Flower Aztec Tattoo

Flower Aztec tattoo would symbolize the last or twentieth day of the calendar. Flower speaks the direction south and like all schedule days; speaks to a divinity.


Aztec Pyramid Tattoo is extraordinary who is confounding, energetic and bold. In the event that you are somebody who needs a savage and daring Mexican pinch of tattoo then this is directly for you. This can some way or another make us consider even mummies come comparable lines on these tattoo. Give it a shot chance that you love this.

If you rewind and go to find out about the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, at that point these sorts of tattoo are all around appeared for their convictions and culture. This is among prominent Aztecs pyramid tattoo around. Give this tattoo a shot in the event that you need to have the antiquated touch and culture print on you.

Divine being tribute tattoo

This tattoo template likewise implied that one is devoted to the mesoamerican religion. Having designs of different divine beings implied that you are devoted to every one of them.


Tattoo on Back – This is ideal for those greater size tattoo since your back has an exceptionally wide space for tattooing. It may likewise be simple for the tattoo craftsman to imprint the tattoo in this body part.

Tattoo on Arms – Arms are stretched in size, so these are generally excellent areas for your Aztec workmanship. Keep in mind that this tattoo for the most part have prolonged sizes.

Tattoo on Legs – If you would prefer not to place the tattoo on your arms yet despite everything you have to place them in a stretched body territory, at that point why not place them on your legs. It is extremely unlikely they can’t be lovely there.

Tattoo on Thigh – If you need your tattoo to show up not unreasonably exceptionally self-evident, at that point you can consider putting them on your thigh.

Tattoo on Chest – A ton of Aztec art lovers likewise consider setting the tattoo on their chest. The tattoo might be unmistakable when you are topless.


Importance Of Aztec Tattoos

On the off chance that you decide to don an Aztec tattoos, at that point it is ideal to initially inquire about the ramifications of every image that you may utilize.


The wonderful thing about Aztec tattoo is there is one for each size and shape and for each individual; particularly in case you’re searching for significance. On the off chance that significance is essential to you and you need others to know it, show it off. As it were put it where it’s visible.

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