Army Tattoo Designs – A Tribute to the Military

Uncle Sam

Are You Searching for an Army Tattoo Design that Will Honor the Lives of Fallen Soldiers? Consider including Uncle Sam in your tattoo design to show your patriotism and love of the country.


No matter your reason for wanting an army tattoo design – whether serving your country, loving those who have, or simply appreciating its power and history – numerous army designs are available. Standard options include flags, weapons of war, and poppies associated with veterans, while more classic images have eagles holding up US Army banners or bulldogs in military helmets. Military tattoo designs that depict silhouettes of soldiers are also very popular, often done in black ink.

God is with us

While we might only sometimes get the latest gadget or tattoo trend, we can choose our own rules of engagement and be proud of having made an impactful difference in our communities and country. In an increasingly distracted world, knowing that God never left our side despite all obstacles along our journeys is comforting. God may sometimes seem mysterious and distant, yet He has given us all of the tools to navigate life’s ups and downs and be good stewards of His kingdom. When you find yourself struggling or experiencing dark days, take a moment to thank him for everything He’s done for you – your gratitude may surprise you!

We will remember you.

If your loved one was killed in military service, one way of remembering them and their values is with an Army tattoo design tribute. It will pay respect and celebrate their legacy. Once you decide upon an Army memorial tattoo design, discuss this choice with your artist and discuss which method would work best. Finding something fitting will provide an enduring way to commemorate and remember a loved one.

Note: The Army recently eased restrictions on tattoos for recruits, permitting them to have them on their hands, the back of their ears, and neck areas where previously only certain areas were restricted, and any recruit with tattoos needed to file waiver exceptions before joining service.