Anubis Tattoo – A Unique Egyptian Tattoo Design

If you are looking for a meaningful and interesting tattoo or are interested in ancient Egyptian mythology, you might want to consider an Anubis tattoo.

Anubis Tattoos Meaning Ideas – The mystery Behind the Sleeve

One of the most popular reasons that people have their Anubis tattoos now, is because they wish to have a cool looking design that signifies mystery. The fact that Anubis is commonly depicted as a man wearing a head piece with a snake, is itself a little mysterious, so you may often find yourself wondering a little more about who it belongs to. Many people will have several ideas for what they would like for their tattoo design, and many of them will often change as they think of different things. This is one reason why Anubis tattoos are so popular. They can be easily changed depending on your personal taste, but there are also some definite, and very interesting meaning ideas that you may have about this particular type of tribal tattoo design.

Unique Egyptian symbol Anubis tattoo

There is also an interesting story behind this unique Egyptian tattoo history. It is believed by many that this particular ancient Egyptian deity was born when Osiris, god of the sky, was buried under a mountain. Upon finding Osiris, the god of the sky, and realizing that he was alive, Ra, the god of earth, decided to place Osiris at his side and take over the daily duties of ruling Egypt until the arrival of Osiris’ brother Horus, the founder of the Egyptian dynasty, who was born with the divine image of the god Anubis.

Horus and Anubis tattoo

Horus was born under the sign of the ram, and Ra put the other gods of Egypt around him to protect him from any enemies or dangers that could threaten him while he was young, so that he would not be ruled by another important god. Thus, during his childhood, Horus learned all about his god Anubis and learned how to protect him by performing his duties for the gods. This tattoo would lead to Osiris’ role as the guardian god of Horus.

The Gatekeeper of gods

Throughout his lifetime as the chief deity of the Egyptian pantheon, Anubis guarded the gates of heaven. As a result of these duties, he was sometimes referred to as “the gatekeeper of the gods.” In the later years of the reign of Egyptian pharaohs, Anubis also served as the king’s adviser and confidant.

Anubis King

During his role as king, Anubis had many tasks to fulfill such as creating man’s destiny, protecting the world, granting wisdom, and maintaining order. He was also the god of embalming. and burial.

Egyptian deity anubis

It is believed that after his death, his soul departed into the abyss of time where it has remained ever since. According to several ancient cultures, his spirit returns to the underworld where it was believed that he will always be a powerful presence of protection and guidance. If you are looking for a anubis tattoo design that carries the essence of this ancient Egyptian deity, an Anubis tattoo may be just what you need.

Anubis tattoo Symbol

The anubis tattoo design of Anubis consists of his head, arms and shoulders and sometimes includes some of his eyes. This anubis god tattoo is often depicted with two horns, which he usually keeps as his trademark symbol, although he is also known to carry one of his swords. His face is a highly recognizable feature of his body. His face is depicted with a wide grin and his eyes contain the fire of Horus, the god of Horus.

Black Anubis

One of the many different colors that can be associated with an Anubis tattoo is black. Some people believe that the color black represents the black sky over which Horus travels when he is traveling to the afterlife. Others believe that it represents the deep darkness of the underworld.

Green anubis

One of the most popular anubis tattoo colors that is used to portray Anubis is green. Green is associated with vegetation and also represents the nature of Osiris, the god of vegetation.

Arabic and Christian tradition

Anubis also appears to be represented in both Arabic and Christian art. In addition to being an important figure in Egyptian mythology, Anubis is a very important deity in the lives of many Egyptians. Some even believe that he is a part of their religion because of his importance in the hieroglyphic language which they use for writing and decoding history and culture.


If you love reading about ancient Egyptian mythology anubis tattoo or you simply like cool-looking tribal anubis tattoo designs, then you should learn all about the Anubis tattoo design. This anubis tattoo is probably one of the most unique anubis tattoo out there and it also has its own unique meanings you can take advantage of.

In Egyptian mythology

In Egyptian mythology, this god tattoo is known as the one who brought the sun to the world. He was also the god of the dead and as such, he was responsible for keeping the dead. These two roles are closely associated with each other.


The Egyptian Anubis is a symbol of life. For example, if you think about it, the anubis tattoo can be used to represent your current situation in life. You could have a tattoo on your arm or leg representing your recent loss of a loved one. Or, perhaps you would like to show support for an army that recently lost an important battle. This tattoo will represent to people that your loyalty to them means a lot to you.

Also, the Egyptian Anubis is considered a god of death. This anubis tattoo means that you may want to get a anubis tattoo on your ankle or arm showing off your tattoo with a necklace or bracelet tattoo. This anubis tattoo symbolizes how you are going to handle your life after death.

Perhaps you want your Egyptian Anubis to represent the fact that the tattoo is a reminder of someone who has passed over. If you’ve been in a certain situation where you’ve lost someone close to you and want to honor their memory, this is a anubis tattoo design that would be perfect.

Also, the Egyptian Anubis is another symbol of power. This anubis tattoo means you will want to display this anubis tattoo in places where people can see it. For example, in your chest or arm, under your arm or shoulder pad or on your back.


The Egyptian Anubis tattoo is also a symbol of immortality. As such, people might want to have a tattoo representing their loved one. or themselves on their foot or ankle to honor their life that is yet to come.

There are many benefits to getting an Egyptian Anubis tattoo and these benefits can be very personal to you. The choices are yours, but it is your choice to make.

It is also possible that you will decide you don’t want to get it and will not get a anubis tattoo for quite a while. You can choose to just wear it and let it remain in the background.

However, there are some people who feel that they should have a anubis tattoo because of the anubis tattoo symbolism it symbolizes. Some say that it reminds them of their past, as well as of their future. So, the more recent the anubis tattoo is the more meaningful it is to them. and the better.

Different meaning

You will find that when looking at these anubis tattoo designs, they usually offer many different choices. Many of them offer different meanings, some are more common and some are rarer than others.

The meaning of the Anubis, according to Egyptian mythology, is that a man will become immortal if he has it on his forehead. If a person does not have it, then they must find ways to pass their time.

The other meaning of the Egyptian Anubis is that a person will die. When someone dies, their soul comes to the underworld where they will remain until they have another life. In order to do this, the person must have a tattoo of the Anubis on their forehead.

So, if you have decided to get an Anubis tattoo, then you can do so because of the ancient symbolism it holds for you. If you don’t have one, then go ahead and get one and wear it with confidence!

Anubis Tattoo

If you love reading about ancient Egyptian mythology or perhaps you love cool-looking, exotic tattoo designs, then you should know about the Anubis tattoo as well. On this article I’m going to talk about some of the most compelling reasons why people get their Anubis Tattoo and some of the best ways you can get it made into a work of art.

God anubis

The Anubis is the god of death and a key figure in the Egyptian mythology. He was the god of embalming who was often associated with the embalmer god who represented the soul. Because embalming was a ritual done by those who were close to Osiris, there was also a taboo surrounding it. An Egyptian tattoo was therefore meant to show that the person wearing the tattoo was not a person who was allowed to engage in such a practice.

Embalmer god

The symbolism behind the embalmer god and the tattoo itself is similar in a way, but they are also very different. The fact that the tattoo is often a representation of death in general means that it is also a symbol of a mortal life.


The Anubis is a god of life and death, who is also a god of funerals. He was the god of embalming as well as a god of the dead who guarded the royal tombs.


The Anubis, being a god of life and death, is also closely associated with love. Osiris, his consort and sister Nephthys and Horus were said to have been divine lovers. It is possible that these were their romantic relationships as well.

The Anubis is also closely linked to the god of healing, Re, the son of Osiris. The Egyptians regarded him as the king of all healing and he was also often represented by this god during ceremonies. The ankh (signifying Osiris) was commonly seen on the left arm and Horus’ sacred garment bore the symbol of RE which is the Egyptian god of healing.

Brother of osiris

Anubis tattoo is also closely associated with the myth of Osiris’ murder by Seth, who was the brother of Osiris. Seth accused Osiris of murder and Osiris was forced to drink a sacred potion that had the ability to kill him if he refused to drink it.

God re

The Anubis tattoo is therefore linked to the Egyptian gods Osiris, Re, the brother of Osiris, who is also the god of healing. The tattoo is therefore also connected with Egyptian gods, Osiris, the God of healing, Horus and the God of death, Seth. The Anubis is a powerful and important god with many fascinating symbolic meanings that could be used to symbolize your own personal personality and beliefs.

Winged man

The Anubis is depicted as a winged man who wears the robes of Osiris tattoo. He carries the sceptre of Re and has two arms. He is represented with a large scar over one eye and the wings are black.

The Egyptian tattoo images of the Anubis show him dressed in a red robe with a large scepter at his side and an open face with no eyebrows or eyes. He also holds a sceptre with two pointed ends.

The Anubis tattoo was often pictured as a winged man tattoo and he was often portrayed as a king who was holding the sceptre. In modern times this anubis tattoo image has become a symbol of protection against evil. As a symbol of protection against evil it is possible that the Anubis tattoo will protect you from the forces of darkness that might harm you in the future.

Ancient Egyptian





Goddess anubis





Realistic anubis







Sleeve Anubis tattoo


Eye of horus Anubis tattoos

Anubis tattoo Placement

This ancient Egyptian tattoo symbolizes one of the most popular ancient culture’s gods and is an eye-catchy and dramatic tattoo choice whether incorporated as an added piece to your arm, shoulder or leg or as part of some larger tattoo design on the lower back, leg or shoulder. If you are looking for a tattoo design that can be seen from all angles, this tattoo is definitely a great tattoo choice.


The Anubis is a powerful figure who was closely associated with death. He was a powerful leader who protected the royal family and the other gods who ruled Egypt and he was responsible for the embalming of the dead.

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