The Meaning of 69 Without Tattoo

Rapper 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, has always been known for his daring style – from his rainbow hair to the number 69 on his forehead. No wonder, then, why he continues to draw so much attention! According to a GQ article, Kensei’s face tattoos hold more significance than many people realize. The “69” represents his surname and the 9th Division he currently leads.


When you think of 69, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is perhaps sex! But that isn’t the whole meaning behind this mysterious number! The sex number 69 is a Japanese kanji that combines “6” and “9.” This symbolism is part of Kensei Muguruma’s name, representing his leadership of the 9th Division.

Tekashi’s tattoo collection has two numbers inscribed across his body: 200 designs! He truly stands out among other rappers due to the unique way he wears his body art. One such tattoo is the number 69, which covers his face in ink. Another tattoo on his face is a spiderweb across his jawline. These inked designs are all done in black and surrounded by red lines for an enigmatic and mysterious appearance.

Daniel Hernandez, professionally known as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, has an aggressive style of rapping that has made him a significant figure in the hip-hop industry and garnered much controversy.


Hip-hop artists often sport the number 69 as a tattoo on their foreheads. One famous fan of this design is Daniel Hernandez (known professionally as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69), an American rapper and internet personality. Tekashi proudly displays the number 69 on his forehead, above his left eyebrow, and below his left eye as an homage to the Japanese anime that inspired his rap handle Tekashi69. This same number also serves as the basis for a slang expression: 420–referring to when pot smokers light up in celebration of marijuana use.

No Foreign of Los Angeles recently shared a video tribute to the GUMMO rapper with her 69 tattoos. Angel, an 18-year-old from nearby, did this stunning artwork. According to Tekashi, the 69-face tattoo is ideal for showing your love for someone special. He believes it’s essential because it symbolizes affection, respect, and gratitude. Additionally, it has long-lasting symbolism – implying that its recipient will remain in excellent care.


From simple butterflies to elaborate designs, you have endless options – you might even opt for something custom-made just for you! If you need help deciding what direction to go in selecting your plan, consider going symbolically themed; these tend to be more subdued and personal, making them excellent choices as first tattoos or commemorating special events in life.

Sixix9ine’s tattoo collection is notable for the prominence of the number 69. He sports various ’69’-themed ink on his chest and stomach, the right side of his forehead, and his upper left arm. Celebrity tattoos abound, but his ’69’ stands out. Inked on him in various styles – from simple designs to more intricate ones – this number has made an impact.

In the tattoo world, 69 is a widely recognized number that symbolizes something special. If you choose to get inked with this particular number, make sure it’s something you will be proud to display for life and show off that you’re an avid fanatic!


The phrase 69 without a tattoo is a popular millennial expression that plays on the words 69 and 420, meaning “dirty” or “sexual.” Additionally, this expression refers to engaging in oral sex with your partner.

Tekashi 69 (Daniel Hernandez) is a New York-based rapper born May 8, 1996. He’s signed to Interscope Records and features numerous tattoos throughout his body.

In addition to the 69 tattoos on his face, he also sports a tattoo based on the zodiac sign Cancer. Although this tattoo may be by his sign, there are still differing opinions as to what it signifies. Some believe the tattoo to be a lucky charm, though this is unlikely since Kensei does not possess the zodiac signs of Virgo or Scorpio. Some fans have speculated that Kensei wore the design to recognize his legendary success.

Angie Martinez asked him about the significance of the 69 tattoos. He explained that it symbolizes his name and an opportunity to see things from various perspectives. Additionally, he likened the design to the Yin and Yang symbol.