tattoostattoosThe Implications of the 3 Percenter Tattoo

In the fifth round of this year’s NFL draft, New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser was selected from Marshall University with a 3 percenter tattoo on his forearm which has been linked to anti-government groups.

What is the 3 percenter movement?

The 3 percenter movement is an anti-government militia ideology centered on gun rights and conspiracy theories.

Arrests and Violence Linked to the 3 Percenter Movement

Some members have engaged in armed protests and violence, including multiple standoffs with federal officials. They have targeted political leftists and Muslim protesters alike.

The 3 Percenter Logo and Affiliations

The Three Percenters are an anti-government group known for bombings, kidnapping plots, and violent raids on federal buildings. They claim to be protecting Americans from government tyranny through armed rebellion.

Officer Suspended for 3 Percenter Tattoo

The Chapel Hill Police Department suspended Officer Cole Daniels for his tattoo of a 3 percenter logo, which represents a nativist anti-government militia group. The OPSA investigation found no affiliation between the officer and any Three Percenters, but he was suspended due to the tattoo violating police department policy prohibiting offensive body art while on duty.


The 3 percenter tattoo on New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser’s arm has raised concerns due to its associations with anti-government groups. The Three Percenters are an extremist and anti-government force that has been linked to violence and racist organizations. While some individuals within the movement have been arrested and convicted for their actions, others claim to be dedicated patriots upholding their rights. The implications of the tattoo have led to discussions surrounding its meaning and potential alignment with these extremist ideologies.