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The Three Percenters are a tattoo group that uses the roman numeral III as its logo. Their popularity has grown to include clothing, accessories, stickers, and even tattoos. Their popularity has sparked controversy within the sporting community. In the NHL, one player, Justin Rohrwasser, gained some attention with his Three Percenter tattoo. Some thought it was a patriotic symbol, and others interpreted it as an anti-military symbol.

Justin Rohrwasser’s tattoo

Justin Rohrwasser was recently selected by the New England Patriots in the fifth round of the NFL draft. The former kicker has a controversial tattoo on his arm: a 3 percenter. The Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes Three Percenters as anti-government militias. Rohrwasser vowed to cover up the tattoo once he was drafted. But the controversy he caused has now resulted in him removing it.

Rohrwasser’s tattoo is an attempt to distinguish himself from other “3 percenters.” The group has disassociated itself from neo-Nazism and white supremacy, but Rohrwasser’s tattoo is a reminder of his past association with these groups. In addition to the 3 percenter symbol, Rohrwasser has other Tattoos including a “Liberty or Death” patch. He has been sporting the tattoo for at least five years.

Rohrwasser had no idea that his tattoo had a meaning until he became a viral sensation on social media. It was only after he became a hot topic on Twitter that people learned about its meaning. He has since apologized for the tattoo. He said he got the tattoo when he was 18 and that it had special meaning at the time. But he is not planning on covering it; instead, he plans on removing it completely.

Justin Rohrwasser’s tattoo has sparked controversy and backlash. The far-right group Three Percenters has been labeled as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Rohrwasser is currently playing kickball for the New England Patriots after being drafted by the team. He didn’t know the symbol had a negative connotation until he discovered it on Saturday.

Rohrwasser’s 3 percenter tattoo drew controversy following his draft. The Anti-Defamation League labeled the Three Percenters as an extremist group and Rohrwasser criticized the group publicly in a conference call after his selection. He pledged to have the tattoo removed once he was drafted. While he still claimed that the tattoo was a patriotic tribute to the armed forces, he was released and signed on the team’s practice squad.

Justin Burt’s tattoo

The symbolic Three Percenters tattoo is a popular symbol among conservative politicians. Some lawmakers have even gone so far as to get them on their arm. Though the Three Percenters movement originated in the far right, its popularity has spread to mainstream politics. While the name itself is vague, it is associated with the rise of right-wing militias. Burt has claimed not to be a member of one, but said he supported the movement’s message.

Burt lives in Green River, Wyoming, where he is married to his wife, Theresa Burt. They have two children. He is a Lutheran. However, he has never denied having a 3 percenter tattoo. After learning more about it, he plans to have it removed.

Jenna Ronan’s dad’s tattoo

It’s not clear if Jenna Ronan’s father got the tattoo. She seems to be happy with it. Although the actor went to the same high school as her, Jenna dropped out when she was pregnant. Now, she’s an online high school student.

Jenna Ronan’s parents are a married couple from Pennsylvania. Her father, Matt Ronan, is a military veteran. He served in the United States Army and Marine Corps. The couple has two children, Jenna and Aden, who will turn 17 this December. While Jenna lives with her parents in Pennsylvania, her dad has a controversial tattoo on his body. It’s called a “3%er” and has sparked controversy on Reddit.

Although the actor is denying the association, fans and critics have not been able to shake the controversy. While Matt’s tattoo was blurred out in TLC’s Easter special, the tattoo symbol belongs to the militia group The Three Percenters, which harbors hateful feelings against the federal government. Matt’s tattoo has prompted social media attacks from people who don’t like the actor’s political views.

The tattoo has made the news recently, thanks to political turmoil in the U.S., including riots at the nation’s capitol. The far-right extremists who were involved are mostly members of the Three Percenters, a group that has disdain for government overreach. Although TLC’s production company has never issued a statement on Matt’s tattoo, they probably wanted to avoid negative reactions from fans.

It’s not clear whether the tattoo is permanent or temporary. Obviously, Jenna Ronan’s pregnancy was unexpected, but she and Aden Albright welcomed Luca together. However, the pair continued to fight and Jenna’s dad was very petty when it came to the financial support of Luca.

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