3 cross tattoo

The Three Cross Tattoo – Feminine Cross Tattoos For Women

The three-cross tattoo is an ancient religious symbol with various associations. It can be as essential as just an outline of crosses or more complex, including bible verses or other elements.


Cross Tattoos have long been associated with humanity. The four elements of nature – earth, air, fire, and water – represent everything necessary for life itself and Christianity, as well as eternal life, when combined with other symbols.

Feminine cross Tattoos allow women to express their spirituality and personal beliefs while symbolizing strength and resilience in times of hardship. Many combine the cross with other symbols, like snakes, to emphasize faith and courage. Wings are another popular addition to a cross tattoo, symbolizing freedom and rising above challenging circumstances. They look especially striking on shoulders or chests. You could also add a crown of thorns to indicate its Christian roots, which may serve as a reminder of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice.


Feminine cross Tattoos give women an opportunity to reclaim symbols that have traditionally been associated with men or religious faith. Boasting delicate and intricate designs, feminine cross tattoos combine femininity with spiritual and personal meaning for women who need reminders of strength and courage when facing hardships or obstacles. Tattoos may include flowers, angels, or other symbols that resonate with an individual’s spiritual beliefs and can even be customized specifically for you! Some people add a dove as a symbol of peace and purity to their cross tattoo, while others use a halo to indicate holiness. Others include their loved ones’ names, who have passed on, to remember them. An anchor cross tattoo design is an eye-catching choice for Christian men looking to publicly and dignifiedly show their faith. This ink seems particularly significant on the forearm.


Feminine cross Tattoos for women can be an expression of their spirituality and values while serving as an act of empowerment, challenging societal stereotypes and expectations. Furthermore, such Tattoos serve as a reminder to keep faith alive when times get tough. People usually opt for cross tattoos on their chest as it provides an obvious statement about religion or spirituality. Unfortunately, having such a tattoo may cause discomfort, so ensure your chosen design will make the pain worthwhile before proceeding with its application. Shoulders can make for an excellent location to show off a cross-tattoo design. A large design works well here and pairs nicely with light and dark hues. Incorporating elements such as wings or flowers adds dimension and meaning, and you may even wish to include mysticism with its inclusion of a compass!


Cross Tattoos are an expressive way to show your faith and are often associated with success and overcoming challenges. Before getting one done, however, ensure that the cost and pain associated with its removal are considered; Tattoos are permanent fixtures and therefore require extra expenses in removal costs. Addicted Christian women often choose cross Tattoos with a crown of thorns to show their faith and express their devotion. This symbolically depicts Jesus Christ’s suffering on the Cross of Calvary. This design choice makes a beautiful statement about faith and love! Angel wings can add more meaning and draw more attention to a cross-tattoo design, making it even more eye-catching. Angel wing Tattoos are usually placed on the chest for optimal placement as extensive methods require space; however, any part of the body could work, though skilled artists are recommended when considering this form of artwork.