What Kind of Words to Get Tattooed on Your Body?

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you are probably wondering what kind of words to get tattooed on your body. You might have many different reasons for wanting it, including the cost, the place on your body, and even what characters have multiple meanings. This article will give you some tips to help you decide which words to get inked on your body. Ultimately, you should get a tattoo that represents your individuality, but consider the many benefits of having a custom design that means something to you.

Meaning of tattooed words

When choosing the words and phrases that you want to have tattooed on your body, remember that the right one can have multiple meanings. A tattoo with multiple meanings could signify someone’s personality, their passion and determination, their prosperity, or a combination of all three. Regardless of what your tattoo represents, stay away from those who don’t agree with you. After all, life is full of miracles, so take note of them and be thankful for them.

For example, the phrase “I got your six” is a good tattoo choice for those who want a tattooed reminder of the person who is there for them when they need it most. This saying is often linked to mental health and can mean many things, including “Take things seriously.” However, if you’re considering a tattoo that combines YOLO and romance, consider getting a tattoo that incorporates both meanings.


The cost of getting tattooed can vary from person to person. Tattoo artists often have higher fees for their convention pieces than they would charge for simple designs. The size of the tattoo can affect the cost as well. If you want to get a large, colorful tattoo, the cost will increase. Tattoo artists at tattoo conventions want to make a big impression, so they charge higher prices than they would at a normal tattoo shop.

Most tattoos cost approximately PS150-300 for palm-size designs and PS200-300 for a full-sized hand. Generally, colored inks fade more quickly than black ink, so you should be prepared to pay higher prices. However, it is difficult to find an affordable horishi. Laser treatment costs anywhere from $200 to $500 per session. This cost may also depend on how large the tattoo is.

Placement on body

Before getting tattooed, you should consider its placement on your body. You should get a tattoo on a large part of your body because it is difficult to ink a small tattoo in a limited area. You should also choose a body part where you can access it easily and comfortably. Some common tattoo placement mistakes include putting the tattoo on a back, ankle joint, or underarm. Regardless of where you choose to get your tattoo, remember that it is your body and it will respond accordingly.

A good tattoo can serve two purposes: meaning and decoration. The first is its purpose and serves as decoration. Its placement on your body should reflect the meaning of your tattoo. If you don’t have enough information about the two functions of a tattoo, you may assume that placement on your body is the same for both purposes. As a result, you may end up with a tattoo on an area that isn’t the best fit.

Characters with multiple meanings

When considering what characters to use for a tattoo, consider what they mean to you. If you are choosing one of the many Chinese-language characters, it is important to choose a professional English-to-Chinese business translator to ensure you get a proper translation. There are many characters to choose from, including those from traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and even Japanese-style tattoos. While most people choose traditional or simplified characters, there are some that have multiple meanings.

If you want to get a Chinese character, you might want to choose the snitch. Duo Cang means “hiding” while ‘Fan’ means “criminal.” This character is often associated with a betrayal of duty and honor and is therefore not a good choice for tattooing. It is, however, a popular choice among those who want to get a tattoo representing a hip-hop star.


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