What Kind of Tattoos Can Be Considered an International Sign of Lesbians?

If you’re a single girl seeking a female partner who is a tattoo lover, how easy have you found this task? Have you grown fed up with hanging around in bars or clubs where lesbian singles are rumored to make up a high portion of the clientele? Perhaps you’ve often wondered if there are secret signs that would make it easier to connect, such as facial gestures or hand signals? We can’t promise the latter, as these are not only likely to vary between different cultures, but they will also be open to misinterpretation! What we can say with certainty is that tattoos can be a strong indication of an individual’s sexual identity. So here is our guide to what you should be keeping an eye out for.

How Tattoos Intersect with Sexual Identity


Before going into some detail about what might be termed ‘ink spotting,’ let’s take a step back. Where would the best places be to commence your search for someone with the ‘right body art’? The answer lies at your fingertips. You’ll have a great chance to meet hot women if you check lesbian dating sites because every international lesbian has easy access to international online dating on these platforms. This means a digital outlet where like-minded individuals can gravitate to interact with girls on the same wavelength. The most intriguing aspect of these online communities is that they appeal to lesbians from across the world. By signing up for one of these services, you’ll be able to check out profile images of gorgeous Latino girls with tats or East Asian singles with wonderful designs.


These lesbians will have a multitude of cultural backgrounds. It would be interesting to consider how tattoos have come to enjoy such a direct correlation with sexual identity right across the world. In many Asian countries, body art has always been seen as a sign of rebellion. In the digitized 21st-century, tattoos have become a sign of more enlightened societies, where people can feel confident in exhibiting their sexuality. Many of the same Asian countries, and indeed nations in Africa or Latin America, also have strong conservative traits, especially where Roman Catholicism is prevalent, and same-sex relationships have traditionally been frowned on.


Lesbians can now feel empowered to express themselves by paying a visit to their local salon. For lesbian singles from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, and many other locations, these designs can be bold. Asian mythology has long seen the dragon as an emotive symbol of power and freedom, so expect to come across many examples of these resplendent images – sweeping across backs, down arms, or lurking on thighs or chests. Some favor more subtle designs and the calligraphy of Chinese, Indian, or other Asian languages is perfect for body art.


The Meaning of Lesbian Symbols as Tattoo Art


How about a crash course in recognizing lesbian tats and how to interpret them? One of the most fundamental designs of all is the so-called double-Venus. This is the age-old symbol for females – a circle with a cross touching the rim – overlapping the same graphic, thus distinguishing it from the traditional Mars and Venus coupling (Mars being the circle with a pointing arrow – the masculine symbol).


This ‘doubling’ effect might be taken further with images of two females close together, perhaps involved in a clinch and exchanging a kiss. This might vary from simple line sketches to much more striking examples, where the subjects are portrayed in vivid full color. Many ink masters have perfected an almost photographic look for the designs.


Another striking tattoo might be inspired by tarot cards, especially the one depicting ‘The Lovers.’ Where this would almost always have been a picture of a naked male and female, touching hands against a backdrop of distant mountains beneath a shining sun, the most obvious aspect would be the female and female subjects. More risqué versions of girl and girl tattoos might incorporate nuns, revealing their legs! But there are a host of other popular designs. Keep an eye out for the LGBTQ rainbow color scheme being used for hearts, musical clefs, clenched fists, and many other graphics.


Whether you’re commuting or socializing with friends, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that tattoos are more prevalent than ever before. The woman serving you coffee might have a flamboyant lesbian tattoo flourishing down her arm. That female bank manager you have a secret crush on might have a trendy design tucked under her smart suit. Being inked is considered sexy, especially amongst LGBT singles. So if you haven’t booked an appointment with your local ink master, what are you waiting for?! Somewhere out there, attractive girls are eager to connect with someone just like you – and tats will be even more of a turn-on!

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