115 Best Viking (Nordic symbol) tattoos with meanings

Norse tattoos were comprised of antique Norse symbol, different knot designs or black and green trees. It’s not possible for anyone to really assert the pictures or the models or plans that the norse use for their tattoos yet everything considered, they used pictures from Norse old stories and the old structures found in their centerpieces on the embellishment, carvings on bones, boats and various collectibles.

Viking symbol tattoos assume an enormous job in their iconography, similarly as they do in all societies. Symbol tattoos are social shorthand, a sign that passes on layers of importance about the way of life. The pagan viking utilized tattoo to speak to their divine beings, convictions and legends.

Cultural symbols can take any shape, for example, sounds, motions, words, pictures and images. The vast majority of the Vikings tattoo symbols we think about were cut on rune stones, swords, axes and different things valuable to the Norse individuals. The adventures allude to ornaments the individuals wore, for example, Thor’s mallet, Mjolnir. In the article on Viking tattoo craftsmanship, we discovered that the Vikings cherished beautifying the things around them, their weapons, bowls, apparatuses and brushes. They utilized their Viking symbols in the beautiful expressions, in weaving, bone carving and in jewelleries.

Viking tattoos are a blend of the rune letters basically. Runes used to compose both Germanic and Welsh dialects the language of the Scandinavians. They made different symbols by joining various lettering in order.









Viking tattoo ideas

Today Viking tattoos are famous among the individuals with Norse legacy. Other individuals get Viking tattoos captivated by the Norse myths, culture and convictions.

Present day Viking tattoo designs are not really from the Viking age yet for the most part motivated by the Norse myth including legendary items, symbols, animals and tools tattoos.

The Helm of Awe Tattoo

The term aegishjalmr implies the helm of awe or fear. This tattoo symbol was utilized regularly in magic to actuate dream or forgetfulness. It is referenced regularly in the adventures as being utilized by ladies who played out this sort of magic. Consequently, this viking tattoos symbol was utilized to conceal somebody from their followers. The Helm of Awe may be engraved onto a goatskin, which was then tossed over the leader of the fugitive. Indeed, even after the approach of Christianity, faith in the aegishjalmr persevered. A unique type of magic called seior was utilized to make dreams or to anticipate individuals considering things to be they truly are.

Aegishjalmur tattoo is intended to be an magic rune and the most dominant symbol in the Norse folklore. This Viking tattoos speaks to assurance. Aegishjalmur tattoo is made of security runes pivoted around a circle so it is additionally called the circle of protection. Numerous Viking warriors used to paint, tattoo or want this viking symbol on their brow between the eyes or arms before going into a fight accepting that it will ensure them or make then strong and make dread into the core of their enemies.




Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir Tattoo

Mjolnir implies lightning, and Thor’s hammer demonstrates the god’s control over thunder and lightning. Mjolnir, an magic weapon, consistently returned to Thor when he tossed it. Wearing Thor’s hammer as a special amulet of protection was very normal as this was presumably the most famous of all the agnostic Viking symbols. Notwithstanding during Christian occasions, from A.D. 1000 on, Vikings wore Thor’s Mjolnir just as a cross on a chain or thong around their necks.

In Norse folklore Mjölnir is Thor’s mystical hammer. Thor is the divine force of thunder, lightning and tempests. He is likewise the defender of the humankind and furthermore the divine force of war. Individuals think conveying tattoo symbol of Thor’s hammer gives protection, strength and capacity to its conveyor.

Valknut(odin’s knot) Tattoo

The Valknut Viking tattoo is a baffling Norse tattoo symbol comprising of three interlocking triangles. . As per the archeological record the tattoos symbol was found on a few rune-stones and cut on different items found in Viking boat entombments so it is frequently connected with the possibility of passing in a war and symbol of Odin in Norse folklore. The word Valknut originated from the Norse words valr “slain warriors” and knut “knot”


Yggdrasil(Tree of life) tattoo

Yggdrasil(tree of life) Viking tattoos, the Tree of Life Viking tattoos, isn’t just most noticeable Viking tattoos symbols/Norse tattoo symbols however a significant component of the Norse belief itself.

As indicated by Norse folklore, Yggdrasil is the admirable tattoo that associates the nine worlds/nine domains of the world.

Viking compass tattoo

The Vegvisir Viking tattoos, otherwise called the Viking compass tattoo/Nordic compass tattoo or the runic compass tattoo, was accepted to give direction to an individual who may lose/lost his direction. It would likewise be drawn on Viking ships before they set sail to guarantee they would return home securely.

As indicated by the Norse Mythology Vegvisir is an magic fight that causes the conveyor to discover his way through tempest and awful climate. It is otherwise called Viking compass that is build of eight rune fights. In Icelandic language Vegvisir viking tattoos implies way discoverer. This tattoo is the symbol of Protection and direction so individuals tattoo this sign as an update not to lose their way throughout everyday life.

There are two sources referencing the Vegvisir: the Huld Manuscript gathered by Geir Vigfusson in 1880 and The Galdrabok, another composition which is basically a grimoire – ‘a textbook for magic’.

The second source referencing Vegvisir tattoos, the Galdrabok, is a grimoire, a book of spells which subtleties haphazardly aggregated spells and gives learning about magic, the Germanic lords of the time and cosmology.

Norse viking Symbol

Thor hammer tattoo

Thor’s Hammer tattoos, a symbol of protection, quality, sanctification, and the trustworthiness of custom and tradition.

Swastik tattoo

The Swastik or sunwheel tattoos, a symbol of karma, spitituality, power, flourishing, and the sky.

Valknut tattoo

The Valknut tattoos, a symbol related with death, the progress from life to death, and Odin.

The helm of awe tattoo

The Helm of Awe tattoo, a symbol of protection and might, however in a darker and more individualistic sense than Thor’s Hammer.

Svefnthorn tattoo

The Svefnthorn tattoos, a symbol that could place somebody into a long, profound rest.

Vegvisir tattoo

The Vegvisir tattoos, a symbol from an early present day Icelandic otherworldly original copy (and hence not really a genuinely “Norse” symbol), which should help with discovering one’s direction when lost.

Yggdrasil tattoo

Yggdrasil tattoos, the Tree of Life, isn’t just popular unmistakable Viking symbol/Norse symbol however a significant component of the Norse belief itself.

The Triple Horn of Odin – The Horn Triskelion tattoo

The Triple Horn of Odin is a Viking tattoo symbol made of three interlocking horns speaking to the three horns in the myth with respect to Odin and his journey for the mysterious mead, Odhroerir/Óðrerir, otherwise called the Mead of Poetry.

Huginn and Muninn tattoo

Huginn and Muninn tattoos are a couple of ravens that served Odin the Allfather as his emissaries. In a few craftsmanships, the two ravens were portrayed ideal alongside Odin or sitting on his shoulders.

Web of wired tattoo

These tattoos symbol involved nine fights contains every one of the runes hence symbolizing every one of ‘the possibilities’ the past, present and future brought and may bring.

Horn Triskelion tattoo

The Horn Triskelion tattoos are three covering horns. These were Viking drinking vessels that turned into the symbol of the god Odin once in a tattoo.

The Troll Cross tattoo

The Troll Cross tattoo is a Norse symbol of security thought to be a piece of Swedish fables for the most part.


Ouroboros is otherwise called Jormundgandr and is one of the children of the Norse divine beings Loki and Angrboda. As a tattoo, Ouroboros is delineated as a snake that is eating its own tail.

Viking helmet tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol for fortitude. A head protector was just given to genuine legends around then.

Viking tattoo Meaning

Viking tattoos hold different implications and which generally contrast. The importance principally rely upon the particular viking tattoos that you have chosen. When choosing a tattoos you ought to recall that it ought to speak to precisely what you need. A few implications of the viking tattoo designs incorporate opportunity, resurrection, victor, accomplishment, boldness, quality, protection, restoration, life, Christianity, spirituality and good karma.

The tattoos hold different symbolic implications to the wearer. The viking tattoos can symbolize mental fortitude, quality among others. The facial Viking tattoos require incredible lines and subtleties work. Each facial part is significant and particularly the eyes.

All Viking tattoos are not head shots. There are a few viking tattoos that may delineate Celtic tattoo craftsmanship and others tattoos symbols. The Viking tattoos symbols are regular in the two sexual orientations. Different names of tattoo designs are Celtic Warrior tattoos or Norse tattoo designs. The tattoos for the most part depict a warrior arranged for the fight to come. The warrior might hold weapons, banner or even a shield. There are a lot of tattoos and in this viking tattoo manner you should require some investment with your tattooist to choose the best tattoos.

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Warrior tattoo

History draws them as massive savages with strong muscles and tissue. They protected their bodies with various significant images, from fingernails to the neck.

Tattoo Placement

A tattooist can put these tattoos in different ways and the tattoos as a rule hold symbolic incentive to the tattoo wearer. They come in numerous varieties, designs, styles, sizes and hues. Working with Viking tattoos is fun.


Historical Viking Tattoos

Warriors like the Viking used to get their confronted inked to alarm their opponents. Different clans used to tattoos their female’s appearances to maintain a strategic distance from them from being hijacked.



Viking tattoo designs look appealing and incredible, in light of its basic, yet alluring symbol. On the off chance that you have picked which viking tattoo you need, at that point it is prudent to consult a specialist tattoo craftsman. Examine all the medical issues that can come in the method for the tattoo’s mending time. Other than that, approach somebody to record the inking tattoos for you. Enjoy the procedure.


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