VEGVASIR Tattoo Picture design – A Unique Small Image idea For Girls!

If you are looking for some really good and original pictures that show off your personality and express yourself, then I would definitely suggest that you check out Vegvisir Tattoo. This tattoo drawing is based on the true story of Vegvish, the Northumbrian centurion who led a group of fighters against the Romans in the second Punic war. For this project, I drew inspiration from a few different ancient cultures including the Chinese Zodiac, North Germanic mythology, and the Sagas. The end result was a beautifully drawn original design, that I am sure you will fall in love with. Here are the main reasons why this design has become my favourite:

What Is the Best Picture design For Body Art?

For some, the Vegvisir picture design is just one that falls into the category of being a cool looking tattoo with some great symbolism and historical meaning. For most though, this ancient symbol is still very mysterious, and no one has come to an agreement on what it all means. Even those who are aware of the meaning of Vegvisir tend to disagree with how this symbol has become such a popular picture design for body art. That’s not to say that the design is completely without meaning; but to say that there really aren’t any known meanings associated with the symbols used in the design. Here are some of the best picture design ideas for body art:

Vegvisir tattoo is a very interesting small picture design. In fact, the word Vegvisir is an anagram for Vegi-Vesir, which is the name of the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning, also associated with the symbol of knowledge. This is why this picture design is a good choice if you want to have a small tattoo that says something about you but doesn’t shout out “look at me!” In fact, if you’re one of those people that likes to draw attention to your body in a subtle and stylish way, this could be the perfect picture design for you.

The vegvisir tattoo is a fascinating example of a very old and simple yet specialised method of creating body art. This ancient method involves the use of symbols from the Norse mythology, Vanaheim, namely the Urd, Sowilo, Veggrund and Holmsviter as well as the Runes which include Odd runes, symbols of animals as well as humans and symbols associated with the elements. Some other ideas for vegvisir Image ideas include the ones associated with the sun, moon, rain, flowers, feathers, fish as well as the mind.


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