Traditional snake tattoos

These tattoos are trendy and have many meanings. They are part of traditional culture.

What do they mean?

Different people have different meanings for these tattoos. Some common ones are:

* Renewal, transformation, or healing: A snake can change its skin and start fresh.

* Protection: A snake can coil around something and protect it from harm.

* Power and fertility: A snake can be strong and create new life.

American traditional style

This style of tattooing is simple and bold. It uses bright colours and thick lines. It is suitable for people who want an easy tattoo.

Snakes are prevalent in this style. For example:

* Rebirth: A snake can die and come back to life.

* Protection against evil: A snake can fight evil forces or spirits.


This tattoo is for men who want something solid and scary. It shows a snake’s face with its teeth and eyes. It can go anywhere on the body.

This tattoo can also mean:

* Strength, power, and knowledge: A snake is intelligent and powerful. It can also have a skull with it to show this.

* Primal energy and life force: A snake symbolises nature and life. Many cultures respect snakes as totem animals.

Snake and daggers

These tattoos are ancient and have a lot of history. They can look different depending on the person’s taste and style.

This tattoo can mean:

* Strength and protection: A snake can coil around a dagger and keep it safe. It can also show that the person is a warrior who can overcome challenges.

* Fertility: A coiled snake can also mean the person is fertile and can create new life.

* Beauty: A snake and dagger tattoo can have flowers and leaves to make it more attractive.

Black and grey

These tattoos are simple and elegant. They use only black and grey colours. They are suitable for people who want a classic look.

Snakes are prevalent in this style. They can mean many things, such as:

* Protection and life cycle: A snake can protect itself and others. It can also die and be reborn.

* Power and intelligence: A snake’s venom can be dangerous but also intelligent. It can also show that the person has knowledge and skills.

* Fertility and rebirth: Snakes symbolise life and creation in some cultures. For example, Native Americans and Japanese people.

Snakes are also part of Greek mythology. They can turn people to stone with their eyes. One example is Medusa, who had snakes for hair!

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