The Japanese tattoo Method – A Traditional One That Dates Back Centuries

The Japanese tattoo method is a traditional one that dates back centuries. The process is called moko and is very painful. During the moko process, the artist will make the design on the person’s body in such a way that it won’t cause pain to the recipient. If the person feels a wince or a slight aversion, the process will be stopped. The process is considered a test of the fortitude of the person receiving the image.

The Japanese traditional tattoo method is called Tebori, and involves hand-poking the body part to be inked. This technique is more delicate and does not require any anesthetics. It produces smooth gradations of color, and only one color is used. Because it is a manual process, the ink will be less likely to bleed, and it will be more durable. It is also more painful than electronic methods.


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