The Best Tattoos for Lesbians

The Best Tattoos for Lesbians

Greater numbers of LGBT people are finding the courage to definitively show off their identity as lesbians. They may wear clothes that proclaim their sexuality, fly a Pride flag on their home, or do something a little more permanent. For the latter, a tattoo is just the thing to show off a person’s feelings about their sexuality. Still, some tattoos are better than others for this purpose. We’re going to show you the best tattoos for lesbians to consider getting these days. If you’re considering getting one of these tattoos, use these ideas in some form or another, and you’ll come away with a meaningful and constant reminder.

LGBT Pride Flag

The first and most obvious tattoo you should consider getting as a lesbian is a Pride flag. The best reason to get this tattoo is that it’s obvious, unmistakable, and highly customizable. You can get a standard Pride flag as your tattoo to symbolize support for yourself and others, or you might look for a more artistic version of this art. Integrating watercolor, additional symbols, or taking another symbol and using Pride colors are great ways to tailor a tattoo for a unique individual like you. If you are looking for a romantic partner, this sort of tattoo can provide you with some benefits. Imagine that you use a dating site to find lesbians near me, and you meet someone who wants to hang out. The moment they see your Pride flag, they will know they’re with someone strong, unapologetic, and bold. That’s bound to get you the best results with romantic matches who want someone who knows and loves themselves.

Reclaim Lesbian History with a Small Triangle

Many parts of lesbian history are rife with pain, including times when evil people were leading countries. The pink triangle was assigned to lesbians in Nazi Germany, denoting them as undesirables. Modern lesbians are starting to reclaim this imagery by getting triangle tattoos, pink, empty, or with another color, put somewhere on their bodies. By doing so, they are acknowledging the sad history that others have lived with and reminding themselves of how far LGBT rights have evolved in recent years to allow this to happen. The triangle is a symbol of personal acceptance and defiance, too. It means you’ll never allow another person to make you feel marginalized without your permission. Given the history of the symbol, the triangle might not be the best tattoo for everyone, especially those who have a heritage that was adversely affected by Nazism, but it’s a powerful tattoo, nonetheless.

Get a Personal Quote

Everyone has a quote that impacted their lives in some way. Whether it came from a politician, poet, writer, or social protestor, people have words that put fire in their bellies and make them feel powerful. When it comes to your core identity, living as the person you know yourself to be, these words become even more potent. Thus, if you have a quote that helped you come out, define yourself, or otherwise motivate you to stay the course when things have gotten tough, then a tattoo of that quote can be just the thing you want on your body forever. Quotes as tattoos can serve as important reminders of how you felt at a certain time in life and how you felt empowered and courageous. Coming up with the right quote and using the right font require some careful thought and a few consultation sessions.

Song Lyrics

A wide assortment of songs in support of LGBT people have been released in the last decade. The song lyrics provide support and empowerment for people in the LGBT community, either from a person who wishes to express support for others or someone who wishes to come out. Some songs were not even written with LGBT people in mind, but the lyrics suit the person’s situation and powerfully resonate with them. Either way, they make for great quotes that can be accompanied by various images on your body. You can add the lyrics in a shape, meaningful design, or as part of a larger tattoo, like a sleeve. These tattoos require a fair amount of thought and design, but they’re often beautiful.

Getting the right tattoo can be a long process, and it’s one that many people go through every year. It’s especially difficult when you want to do something meaningful with your body art, like getting something to confirm your identity. Any of the tattoos on this list would make a great commemoration for a lesbian woman. Some of them might have more political connotations than you’re willing to try, but others are general enough that they can be a perfect symbol while not being too bold. Tattoos are what you make of them, and they can be tremendous works of art!

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