Tattoo Symbols – The Meaning Behind Chinese Characters

Tattoo symbols are unique forms of art, and have been a part of our history and culture for hundreds of years. Tattoo symbols have evolved as people have become more creative and have begun to experiment with different tattoo designs.

Attraction of tattoo symbols

The attraction of the tattoo symbol and meanings is its ability to adorn ourselves with an image or personality whose meaning isn’t immediately obvious. For instance, wearing an ancient Chinese character on your wrist gives several layers of meaning to it. First of all, it represents the Chinese belief in the power of nature, especially the earth. The character is representative of the idea that all things in the universe are bound by the laws of gravity, so even if you leave the earth for another place, there is always an effect on all those that follow. It also suggests that death can come at anytime, and that you will eventually find a new place to be.

Modern day tattoo symbols

In modern society, tattoo often represent things like freedom, wealth, or just expressing a person’s personality. However, the ancient symbol also have deeper symbolism that may be lost to some people.

Tattoo symbols and ideas

Chinese Ying yang tattoo symbols

One of the most common meanings of the symbol is its representation of the concept of duality. The symbols are two parts, which makes it difficult to differentiate between them when worn on the body. This symbol, when placed on the skin, also depicts how an individual is separated from the rest of the world.

Jesus Christ tattoo symbols

Another of the most popular meaning of the symbol is that of Jesus Christ. This character, pronounced kung-sheng, means “the light-bearer”. When this symbols is placed on a person’s body, it reminds them of the love Jesus Christ has shown for the world. For Christians, the symbols can be seen as a reminder of their savior and faith in his sacrifice.

Snake tattoo symbols

There is another meaning of the symbol that is often seen in tattoo, and that is that of the symbols of a snake. This is often associated with life after death.

Friendship tattoo symbols

For those who have no religious beliefs, the meaning of the symbols may mean friendship or love. This is especially applicable when a person is wearing a symbols that represents themselves as a symbols of love or friendship to others. A well-known Christian symbol of friendship includes the crucifix.

Favourite hobby and sport tattoo symbols

When combined with a tattoo, the symbols can be used as a meaningful design to represent a person’s personal beliefs and values. People that believe in the good things in life may choose to wear a tattoo symbols representing their own sense of happiness and love for themselves. Or they may choose to wear a symbols representing a favorite hobby or sport.

Celestial tattoo symbols

If a person chooses to use the symbols in an expression of their love, they can do so by wearing it in their lower back area. For those who believe in the idea of the universe revolving around a person, the character can be placed on their wrist or ankle. Others may choose to wear a tattoo representing a symbols of the sun, water, or other celestial bodies.

If the person in question is a student, the tattoo on the arm or lower back could represent a belief in studying. The symbols may also indicate a love of the written word. Others who are into astrology may choose a tattoo representing the symbols of the zodiac sign, which indicates the type of career a person prefers.

When a person decides to add a symbols to their body, it is important to take their time in deciding which ones to choose. and which design they want on their skin. If a person is unsure about the meaning of a certain character, they should research it and understand its meaning before selecting one for their tattoo.

Once the tattoo is chosen, it may take a little bit of time for it to begin its journey into the skin. Once it is placed, it is important to let the symbols to soak in the skin and become familiar to the individual wearing it. Taking the time to create the tattoo is a good idea because it may last a lifetime and will serve as a reminder of the character’s meaning to future generations.

Tattoo Symbol Plans

Tattoo symbols are great because they can express different emotions and feelings. But there’s always a risk in having a tattoo with too many meanings. Unless you’re really fluent in the culture you’re getting a symbols from, be sure to double-check its meaning before getting it inked on your body.

When looking for a tattoo symbols plan, it’s important that you know what exactly you want before making your choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to get a tribal symbols or an anchor design because you never know what it might mean to you down the road. For instance, if you have a tattoo design in mind that you want to convey anger toward a specific person, then it might be best to get that tattoo symbols before finding out who the angry person is. By doing this, you’ll be able to change your tattoo later down the line to represent something else entirely.

Name, word and script tattoo symbols

Most tattoo symbols are simply a tattoo with a name, a word or phrase that you want to associate with yourself. Sometimes, it’s just a name. Other times, you’ll have a phrase or a poem associated with yourself. You can get a tattoo for yourself for a variety of reasons – to reflect some aspect of yourself, show support for someone you care about or simply as a way to express your love for someone. Some people get tattoo just because they feel like it.

Colorful tattoo symbols

If you’re going to get a tattoo design to express your personality or your love for someone, then it’s important to find a tattoo symbols plan that has something to do with you. If you don’t already know your own personal personality, it’s hard to figure out the correct tattoo symbols for you. Once you figure out what your favorite color is and what kind of things you like to do, you can start thinking of ideas for your tattoo design.

Small tattoo symbols

Before you start thinking about what kind of tattoo design you want, you need to think about where you want it and how large it should be. Getting a small tattoo isn’t necessarily bad, but it certainly requires a lot of effort to get. Getting a large tattoo requires you to spend a lot of time, money and effort. You need to think about how big your body will be when you get the tattoo and also how much money you have to spend. before you go ahead and get a tattoo.

New tattoo symbols

Tattoo symbols plans have a wide range of designs, so you’re not stuck with one or two designs when you get the tattoo. Many tattoo designers offer a huge array of tattoo designs, so you can have as many or as few as you like. You can even get a tattoo design that will become your new tattoo.

When you find a tattoo symbols plan that you really like and you know you want, you need to get to work finding the artist. There are plenty of tattoo artists that offer tattoo designs, so make sure that the one you choose has plenty of experience and that they’re good at what they do. You need to find a tattoo artist that you can trust – someone who can give you honest opinion and guidance without being pushy or annoying.

Funny tattoo symbols

Tattoo symbols for men can be fun and interesting if you know what you want. It’s important that you know what you want, know your body well and that you look to find the tattoo symbols for men that reflect something about you.

Ancient Tattoo Symbols

When it comes to finding ancient tattoo symbols, modern tattoo enthusiasts often find themselves drawn to the symbolism and ancient meaning of tattoo that have been worn by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and others of past generations. These modern-day tattoo enthusiasts often make these symbols of their own.

Ancient Tattoo Symbols, Modern Symbolism: Ancient tattoo symbols often include very specific meanings. These symbols have been used to express feelings of power, courage, love, and many other important emotional and physical qualities. As such, modern-day tattoo designs often have specific meanings associated with them. This can be both good and bad for an ancient tattoo design, but there are some tattoo designs that have been used as metaphors, especially in mythology and other stories.

An example of this is the Greek Mythology, which features many ancient Egyptian tattoo symbols. These ancient Egyptian tattoo represented the struggle between good and evil. One of these symbols is of a serpent. The symbols was used to represent the evil in Egypt’s past, including the depredations of the Pharaoh and other rulers. Thus, the serpent symbolized the corruption in Egyptian society, while the crown representing Pharaoh was the symbols of the ruling elite.

The ancient Egyptians also used tattoo symbols to represent a range of other values. For instance, they included an image of the sun at the beginning of the calendar year as a representation of the sun’s rays. This representation meant life was good, since it reflected light that was a natural part of life. Ancient Egyptians would use a number of other symbols, which included hearts, butterflies, and other animal images. These tattoos, however, were not only used to represent these values, but also to represent the importance of the people wearing them and the significance of their importance in Egyptian society.

Many modern tattoo designs are based on ancient symbols that are difficult to understand in their modern form. They include the Celtic cross, the zodiac sign, the cross tattoo, and tribal tattoo. These types of tattoos often have their roots in the ancient Japanese knot, or the Egyptian heart. Modern tattoo designs can also combine these symbols with modern symbols such as butterflies and butterfly tattoo, as well.

However, the knots, hearts, and butterfly tattoos are often combined with new symbols that are easier to understand, such as skulls and crosses. Tattoos are not the only tattoo designs that have modern applications. Many tattoo art galleries also offer modern tattoo that incorporate elements from traditional tattoo art.

Popular idea

The popularity of tattoos is constantly on the rise. If you are a person who has chosen to get a tattoo, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure it is as good as possible. Here is some basic information on tattoo symbols that will help you get started.

Butterfly tattoo symbols

The most popular tattoo symbols currently is the butterfly. The most popular tattoo style is the tribal tattoo. The most common tribal designs are Haida, Maori and Polynesian styles.

Zodiac tattoo symbols

The second most popular tattoo symbols are the tribal zodiac. Some people choose to get one tattoo symbols and change them often. The Japanese zodiac has many symbols like, Kanji, Katakana and I Love Katakana.

Cross tattoo symbols

The third most popular tattoo symbols are the cross. Many people wear the cross on their body and use it as a form of meditation. Other designs include crosses, Celtic crosses and Celtic knot tattoos.

Star tattoo symbols

The fourth popular tattoo symbols are the star. Star tattoos can be very powerful in their symbolism and meaning. Some of the more popular Star tattoos include Celtic knots and Japanese stars.

Heart tattoo symbols

The fifth popular tattoo symbols are the tribal heart. It is very popular because of the symbolism that the heart symbolizes. Heart tattoos can represent love, friendship and many other feelings.

Tribal flower tattoo symbols

Finally, the sixth most popular tattoo symbols are the tribal flower. Flowers are very symbolic and represent many different feelings.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on the most popular tattoo symbols. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Tattoo symbols tattoos can also be created by using clip art, flash images and other images from the Internet. This option is really great if you don’t have a lot of time to create a design.

You can also make your own tattoo. If you have an artistic nature, you can make a tattoo out of a picture of your choice and bring it to life using your imagination.

There are some online tattoo shops where you can purchase high quality artwork for tattoo symbols. Many of these tattoo sites will even have instructions on how to make your own tattoo. Some of the tattoo sites will offer you the ability to download various designs for free or at a reasonable cost.

Tattoo symbols can be created by hand or machine depending on how skilled you are. If you are not that skillful, a tattoo machine may be used.

Some people choose to have their tattoo artist tattoo artists create their own tattoo. These are a good alternative because they can create a unique tattoo and also you can choose from a huge selection of tattoos and colors.

Most tattoo shops also provide tattoos with the meanings of the tattoo symbols for customers. If you want the meanings of the tattoo symbols to be included in the inscription, you should ask the tattoo artist if you can include them.


Tattoo symbols have long been a part of tattoo culture. For some cultures, it is a form of body art that has long been used to mark territory, or as a way to declare one’s self. As a result, there are hundreds of symbols that have taken on a variety of different meanings over the centuries.

It is for this reason that choosing your tattoo may be more difficult than you might first imagine. While many symbols have been used in many cultures, some have been used in only one. If you want a symbols that is unique to you, it will be best to do some research on the meanings of each symbols that you choose. By doing this, you can avoid those symbols that are offensive and find ones that are meaningful.

Tattoos may have started out as tribal tattoos, but they have now taken on a number of different meanings. Some people will choose tribal tattoo symbols for the meaning that they represent, while others will choose the color and design of the symbols itself. There are also symbols that are used in both cultures, though it is important to note that the meaning may not always be the same.

As you begin looking at your chosen symbols, you will likely see the word “meaning” in relation to the symbol. This will likely appear on the design itself, as well as in the writing that accompanies the symbol. While there are other symbols that carry the same meaning, the meanings that are commonly associated with them are based on a particular culture. As a result, the meanings of a variety of tattoo symbols may be different in one culture than in another. However, many symbols that are used in tattoo circles today carry a common meaning, such as the meaning of the names of different things, such as the names of animals, fruits, and even colors of the rainbow.

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