Tattoo Price Per Hour

tattoos are intricate works of art, and their costs depend on your artist’s skill level. As it takes longer for them to finish a tattoo session, hourly rates increase accordingly.


Tattoo prices depend on factors like size, design, placement, and detail, as well as an artist’s level of experience. Experienced tattoo artists should be sought out, as those with limited experience may need more talent or improve over time. Choosing an artist with ample years of experience and quality work is wise.

Training for Safety

To effectively prevent the spreading of diseases and ensure safety, it is recommended to obtain OSHA bloodborne pathogen certification. This certification can be completed online through Red Cross or in person with a certified instructor.

Rate Range

In the US, hourly rates for tattoos typically fall between $50-250. The price depends on the artist’s speed, experience, portfolio, skill level, popularity, and location.


Graphic design is an essential skill for tattoo artists. They must understand composition, and color theory and create high-quality images. Designing a tattoo involves selecting size, details, and placement, which takes the most time to complete.


The location of the tattoo will affect the price per hour. The inner wrist, rib cage, and foot/ankle areas are popular choices that allow for larger designs. Research top-rated tattoo artists in your area to get an idea of the prices for quality work.


A tattoo studio requires various equipment, including needles, ink, power supply, furniture, and medical supplies. An autoclave is recommended for sterilization. Additionally, regular cleaning with gloves, sterilizing ointments, and disposable razors is essential to maintain a sterile environment.