Tattoo Places in Houston

Tattoos can be a fantastic way to express yourself. However, they should only be completed by qualified artists who practice safe and hygienic practices.

Blessed Tattoo Company

Blessed Tattoo Company is a professional studio that specializes in traditional designs with intricate details. Their highly trained artists offer customized services and ensure each client has an unforgettable experience.

You Pick It, They Stick It

You Pick It They Stick It is an iconic tattoo parlor in Houston specializing in custom tattoo designs. Their artists are trained to craft beautiful art to satisfy their clients’ creative dreams – offering traditional, black-and-grey, and fine-line tattoo art styles for clients to select. In addition, this shop is licensed as both a tattooing studio and a piercing studio, with equipment sterilized according to health department standards.

Selecting a Tattoo Artist

When selecting a tattoo artist, thoroughly explore their portfolio and request an artistic consultation. Take note of fresh and healed Tattoos to get an accurate impression of the style. Lines should be smooth, clear, and thick enough, and the drawing should be well done. Also, check the cleanliness of the studio.

3rd Generation Ink

3rd Generation Ink is one of America’s oldest tattoo shops known for its talented artists and legendary designs. Run by a family-owned business, 3rd Generation Ink has made history, with patriarch Bob Shaw earning recognition in the Tattoo Hall of Fame. Today, his son Larry runs it alongside two talented tattooists, Neil and Cristian.

Studio 181 Tattoo Studio

Studio 181 Tattoo Studio is known for providing clean, friendly, and comfortable environments. Their services range from piercing and tattooing to custom-made pieces that embody a lifelong commitment to the art form. They also specialize in high-quality tattoo designs.

Flying Squid Tattoo Parlor and Art Gallery is an extraordinary tattoo parlor and art gallery in Houston that sells custom jewelry, music, and gift certificates. Their large, modern studio looks similar to an art museum. Each tattoo artist has a sterile portal for professional inking sessions, while the gallery showcases artwork by local Houston artists. Custom jewelry and music purchases can also be made here as gifts.

Choosing the Ideal Tattoo Artist

When looking for the ideal tattoo artist in Houston, select one that matches your style and budget. Choose a shop with high safety standards that employs licensed piercers to avoid unpleasant experiences or skin diseases.

Scorpion Studio

Scorpion Studio is a highly acclaimed tattoo studio that offers a diverse selection of styles. Their artists are experienced and dedicated to their craft, specializing in cover-ups, illustrative tattooing, Americana, black