A Tattoo in the Middle of Your Chest Makes a Big Statement

The center of your chest provides the ideal platform for elegant designs with symmetrical elements that reflect elegance and beauty and tattoos with meaning behind them.

Mandalas – Intricate Designs with Meditative Meaning

Mandalas are intricate designs with meditative meaning, making an unforgettable statement on the center of your chest.

Word Chest Tattoo – Powerful Messages

Additionally, getting a word chest tattoo allows you to send powerful messages.

Feathers – Symbol of Faith and Hope

Feather Tattoos symbolize faith and hope, reminding you to trust the universe and be comfortable knowing someone is looking out for you.

Phoenix Feather – Symbol of Rebirth

One popular design choice is a phoenix feather, which symbolizes rebirth.

Ship – Symbol of Journey and Adventure

Tattoos that represent ships can serve as symbols of journey, adventure, strength, and resilience.

Captivating Skull – Under the Moonlight

This captivating skull appears to be enjoying its time under the moonlight while keeping all its teeth intact.

Flower – Beautiful Celebration of Femininity

Flower chest Tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate femininity.

Sternum Tattoo with Fine Line Drawing

Sternum tattooing provides an ideal canvas for large and striking designs, such as this sternum-themed piece with a black wolf in a fine line drawing with intricate details like an artist would paint in real life.

Small – Attention-Grabbing Tattoos

The chest area provides the ideal canvas for small tattoos to capture people’s attention and express something important to you – for instance, a phoenix may symbolize that you’re ready to start something new in life.

Geometric – Modern and Fashionable

Women looking to add a modern, fashionable edge can get geometric Tattoos on their chest for an eye-catching statement piece.

Lion – Symbol of Strength and Courage

Lion Tattoos make an excellent choice for the pectoral area as they symbolize strength, courage, and wisdom.

Tiger – Raw Instincts and Strength

An attractive statement piece, a tiger tattoo in the center of your chest, makes a striking visual statement about raw instincts and strength.

Skull – Symbol of Protection, Strength, and Power

Skull Tattoos represent protection, strength, and power – traits men often need in times of hardship – making these popularly chosen by men themselves.

Line Art – Intricate Detail for Impactful Statement

If a full-frontal tattoo is too much of a commitment for you, a chest piece with intricate detail can still make an impactful statement about who you are as an individual and your style.

Heart – Symbol of Love and Commitment

An elegant heart tattoo in the middle of your chest can express love and commitment while simultaneously being a powerful symbol of spirituality and devotion.

Vibrant Broken Heart – Symbol of Recovery

Tattoo artists used vibrant colors to illustrate a broken heart in its recovery process, using vibrant thorns to symbolize pain in its core and bandaids as protective covers.