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If you have a tattoo, you may be interested in adding a special touch to it with the use of fancy fonts. These types of fonts are often more playful, and have a story to tell. They can also help you express your inner feelings. There are many different types of fancy fonts that you can use for your tattoos.


Moritza is a stylish tattoo font with swashes and a dramatic style, but it still maintains legibility. It is an ideal choice if you’re looking for the perfect combination of legibility and style. It is available in all-caps and regular styles and includes a full set of letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

It’s also available in lowercase letters, which makes it easier to read the words. It also features a unique, angular design that gives it a more masculine look. This tattoo font is suitable for tattoo designs of various styles. It has a vintage look and a very distinctive appearance.

It features a full set of capitals, lowercase letters, and glyphs, so you can make any type of tattoo look sexy and stylish. You can also use this tattoo font for your initials. The glyphs in this font are reminiscent of old English script.

Another great tattoo font is Adelicia, a contemporary calligraphy font with a dancing baseline and perfectly connected smooth lines between alphabets. It also features ligatures, which are perfect for difficult letter combinations. Adelicia is an elegant tattoo font and can turn any ordinary tattoo into a work of art.

Its elegant script look gives off a mysterious aura. It is perfect for tattoo designs focused on elegance and charm. With its ligatures and stylish alternates, Mythshire is also an excellent choice.

Morning Glory

The Victorian-style font Morning Glory is one of the best fonts for tattoos. This fancy tattoo font comes in both upper and lower-case styles, and is inspired by Victorian-era clothing and labels. It is a versatile font that works well for tattoos, apparel, and band names.

This tattoo font includes lower and upper-case letters and numbers, as well as punctuation. Its bold style is suitable for Tattoo designs, branding, and packaging designs. You can also use this font for space-themed projects. It also comes with multilingual characters.

The fonts and colors used in this tattoo design give it an air of attraction. The tattoo design is complemented by an anchor symbol. People who have this tattoo design believe in God and trust in Him. According to the Bible, a person who believes in God will never perish. As a result, they will have eternal life.

Victorian-style tattoo typefaces have long been a popular choice for tattoos. WT Scotch’s Mister Honey is one such font. It is easily legible and recalls the decorative displays of the Victorian age. These types of fonts were also used for advertising and billboards. This makes them perfect for Tattoos and poster designs.


The Milandia fancy number font has been around for a long time. The font was made in the Victorian era and has a romantic and elegant feel. Its graceful strokes are easily readable. It is also a popular choice for tattoo designs. It is a typeface that can be used for both upper and lowercase letters.

Another popular tattoo font is the Morning Glory fancy font. This Victorian-style typeface features short strokes in the middle of the digits. It looks very elegant and is great for sophisticated branding projects. Yasha is another font that has a handwritten feel to it, making it a great choice for kid-friendly projects.

When choosing a font for a tattoo, it is important to choose a type that matches the tattoo’s meaning. This is especially true if you’re planning to have it on a torso or arm. Fancy number fonts are very eye-catching as tattoos and they will definitely catch someone’s attention. They are also a great conversation starter.

There are many other fonts that you can use to design your tattoo. If you want something unique, you can try Milandia script or another similar font. The ornate script style is a popular choice, and it comes with plenty of customization options. You can use it for tattoo designs, but it’s also great for branding projects.


A fancy number font is an excellent choice for a tattoo, as they can be decorative and unique. You can choose from a wide variety of font styles for both men and women. You can choose from cursive, calligraphy, or traditional styles. Some font styles are even intended to express a personal story.

The font features bold, elongated strokes. It’s legible and will add a mature look to your design. The font is ideal for a tattoo design incorporating a message that’s dark, edgy, or both.

Cursive fonts were originally created for handwritten items, and have a mystique aura. Because of their beautiful, decorative nature, many of them have been adapted to tattoo design. The elegant, serif-like lettering and overlapping elements of these tattoo fonts make them perfect for tattoo designs.

Another stylish tattoo font is the Baker Street Ornaments font. It’s bold enough to look stylish on a solid background and pairs well with vintage photos. Its designer derived the font from a type specimen book dating back to 1838. The font features an interesting swirls, as well as basic punctuation marks.

La Rosa

If you are looking for a more formal tattoo font, then you should consider trying out Bulgattie. This script font features elongated swashes and bold strokes. This typeface is highly legible and offers a sophisticated look to your design.

The font can be used for both simple and complex designs. It comes in Open Type and True Type formats. You can use it for headlines, posters, and Tattoos. You can also use it for t-shirt designs and bridal shower graphics. The unique design of this font is inspired by vintage signs.

Cursive tattoo fonts are highly decorative and lend themselves well to overlapping elements and connections between letters. Cursive fonts are often used for Celtic tattoos. The overlapping elements and smooth curves of cursive fonts make them an excellent choice for ornamental designs.


Tattoo lovers may prefer to use a script writing tattoo font. This typeface features a modern script design and hand-lettering style. It includes upper and lower-case letters, plus a variety of ornaments and bonus borders. It is also suitable for tattoo numbers.

You can also opt for a typeface that emulates a Victorian era design. The Black Heat tattoo font family consists of upper-case characters, and it comes with a wide range of symbols and punctuations. It also supports international symbols. Similarly, the Shakuro tattoo font family comes with a large selection of numerals and punctuations.

You may also want to try the Stay Alive font, which features intricate geometric shapes. Its glyphs are ideal for Tattoos, as it is full-set. In addition, it has ligatures for tricky letter combinations. Another good tattoo font is the Rumble Tattoo font, which comes with regular and swash versions. It features a large selection of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as basic multi-language support.

The Tattoo Girl font is another excellent choice. It is a retro tattoo font that comes in three versions. Its standard version has an open diamond in a thick stem, while its black version doesn’t have an open diamond. Besides, you can also find fancy versions of the font, which are designed with open infill and a thick stem.


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