Solar System Tattoo Designs – What Do You Think About Solar Tattoos?

If the planets, the stars and other celestial bodies tickle your fancy then you should seriously consider a solar tattoo. A cool solar tattoo with all the major planets, the moon, the sun and the other planets orbiting around it is just amazing and really cute. If you want to put a little more life into the solar tattoo design, you can do something a bit more unique like adding an actual star into the design. You can also add in any other celestial body that you like to make the solar tattoo design even more spectacular.

Common solar system tattoo design

The most common types of solar system tattoos are ones featuring the earth, moon, sun or any other celestial body that you would like to put in a solar style tattoo. These are normally seen on men and women who believe in astronomy or who want to have their zodiac sign represented.




Color scheme

When looking for a solar tattoo you have a couple of options available to you. You can choose to use the design as is, which is very popular and can be found online in many tattoo designs that you can download. You can also go the extra mile and add in a background image and color scheme to make it even more unique. You can even have a background image of the solar system so that it has a little bit of variety when it comes to your solar tattoo design.




Black and white

You can also go with a solar tattoo design that is completely in black and white so that your solar tattoo will really pop out. It may not be what you were originally planning but it might be what you are looking for.




Solar eclipse solar system tattoo

When looking for solar tattoo ideas you may also decide to go with a tattoo that is shaped like a solar flare or a solar eclipse. This type of tattoo can really look absolutely stunning. Not only will it be something that you can look at from far away but it will have meaning to you as well.





Sun centered

Another solar tattoo idea is to have the solar systems appear to rotate while the sun goes through each one. This can be an amazing way to portray the different phases of the day or night. Or you could have the sun come in during the middle of the night and leave while you are awake.

Solar tattoo design are always beautiful because of the simplicity of it. No matter what type of tattoo design you go with, there will always be something to like.





Solar tattoos are just something that every person should be proud of. The more you can show your creativity, the more unique and original you can become. With a little imagination you can create something truly breathtaking. You can have an awesome solar tattoo that is just as much fun as you are to look at!





Customized solar system design

If you want a tattoo that is very unique and does not have an existing solar tattoo design to match, there are several tattoo drawing websites where you can download designs for free or pay a one-time fee to download unlimited images for you to use. Many times a tattoo artist will create a custom tattoo design especially for you if they are familiar with your taste. If you do decide to have a custom tattoo drawn for you there are always some great artists who will do this work free of charge and they will usually include your name on it or put some special message as well.

For women

Solar system tattoos are also very popular among women. They are becoming very fashionable and are getting a lot of popularity because of all of the positive reasons. These tattoos can be a great way to show off your personality as well as showing your love of the environment.

Combined with other designs

A solar system tattoo is always an easy tattoo to get and can be made into any style that you want. You can even combine it with other tattoo designs to create a very unique solar tattoo that nobody else has ever seen before.

Fashionable solar system

Don’t forget that these solar tattoos are also very fashionable and will be a lot of fun for you to have. People often will comment on your tattoo all the time just because of the way that they look and how unique they look. Solar tattoos are always a lot of fun to look at and will always be a lot of fun to have around the body.

Cosmic elements

Solar system tattoo is considered one of the top ten best solar tattoo designs that can express your sense of peace and serenity. The solar system is an exotic space, with its mysterious cosmic elements captivating the universe around.


Solar tattoo designs are usually done by serious enthusiasts, who like to depict the beauty of sudden change and regeneration. For the person who likes to take in more than what he can handle, the tattoo design will surely be a source of inspiration and comfort. If you are thinking to have solar tattoo design on your body, the following are the essential things that you need to know.

Solar system Meaning

Solar system tattoo is usually a symbol of transformation that brings about an awakening of the dormant inner power within the individual. It is a symbol of evolution and is also believed to be representative of cosmic energy, the life force. In the solar tattoo, there are a lot of symbols that represent different aspects of our existence as a whole.


Solar tattoo represents a change of one’s beliefs and outlook on life. It is a symbol of self-development and growth. The solar tattoo has several meanings and represent various aspects of an individual’s life.


Solar tattoo is basically related to a symbol that represents a cycle of life and death. The solar sign represents a combination of heaven and earth. The sign that is represented by the solar sign indicates the direction or path in which life is taking.

Solar system symbol tattoo

Solar symbol is used as a symbol of faith, hope, optimism, and spirituality. The symbol is a common representation of love, peace, forgiveness, and forgiveness of other people.

Sun symbol

Solar tattoo is also commonly found as a symbol of the sun, solar birth sign, or a way to remember the dead. Solar tattoo is also used as a sign of loyalty and commitment. The sign of solar Tattoo symbolizes being able to accept things at face value.

Great choice

There are a lot of benefits of getting a tattoo. But if you want a tattoo that reflects your creative side and artistic nature, then solar tattoo is definitely a great tattoo choice for you.

Creative solar system tattoo design

Solar tattoo is the best tattoo choice if you love nature. It represents your own transformation and awakening to a more vibrant and creative side of yourself.


This tattoo also represents transformation and your own transformation. It shows your journey and your growth as a person. It gives you a lot of confidence and assurance that you can take on any challenge.


Solar tattoo also represents the journey that you go through the universe. It gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. A tattoo represents your courage to move forward.

Good solar system

Solar System tattoo is a good tattoo choice for those who love to be on the outer limits of their minds. It depicts the journey of your mind and soul. It represents transformation and new beginnings. A tattoo that is solar symbolizes the change that happens in your mind and spirit.


A tattoo that is solar symbolizes your personal journey in life. Solar tattoos are the ideal tattoo for those who want to be apart of nature and who wants to express themselves creatively. It is a great tattoo choice for those who want to show a more creative side of themselves.


If you have always wanted to be part of the inner being of another creature, but you don’t know where to look, then a tattoo is the perfect place to start. With a tattoo, you can have a creative experience and communicate with an animal in its true form.

Galaxy with solar system

One of the other classic tattoo designs that incorporates the solar system is the ‘Galaxy Tattoo.’ Again, this is a fairly simple tattoo design that can represent any of the elements of the universe. Most people opt for the Big Bang or another tattoo design where the sun is incorporated with other stars.


Solar Tattoo symbolizes your spiritual transformation. It reminds you to embrace the journey of self discovery and to learn more about yourself. Solar tattoo give you a chance to experience the real world and the way it is.


Solar Tattoo symbolizes the awakening of one’s consciousness. It gives you a chance to explore more, to have a deeper connection with your inner mind, soul, and heart. It is a perfect way to connect to your spirit and your inner mind.

Solar system with galaxy

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful tattoo that you can proudly display on your body, the best way to do it is to combine your solar system and galaxy tattoo ideas with a solar tattoo design. This is a common combination and one that people really like.


The first thing that you need to think about when deciding on a solar tattoo design is how you are going to incorporate the solar system into the design. Many people will start with the big bang. This is often the most popular tattoo design because it is a relatively simple tattoo design that can represent the very beginning of the universe. However, this isn’t always the best tattoo choice for a solar system tattoo design.


For example, when it comes to the famous ‘I Love You’ tattoo by Starfire, there is a great quote at the bottom of it that reads: “If you ask me how I came to know this message, I will tell you it was during a time of deep sadness, and I could not understand why the universe had chosen to provide me with such an important message in this moment. I simply wanted to let her know she was loved.” This quote is a perfect fit with any solar tattoo design idea.


Intricate solar system tattoos

Of course, if you are looking for something a little more intricate than a solar tattoo, you may want to look at the image of the Milky Way, a spiral galaxy, or a grouping of stars. These all have their own unique qualities, but are also a great option for a solar tattoo design as well. When deciding on which image to use, keep in mind that the design is going to show up much better in black ink.

Single star solar system tattoos

The next type of solar tattoo design that can work well with a solar tattoo is the ‘Galaxy Tattoo.’ This is much more complex than a single star. You should take a look at images of many different stars or constellations, rather than just one single star.

Black ink solar system tattoo

Finally, if you are not sure what type of image to use, the unique tattoo design of the Galaxy Tattoo. can make a great tattoo choice. This is the type of tattoo design that are more difficult to create and will show up much better in black ink.

Hopefully these solar and galaxy tattoo ideas can help you find just the right tattoo for you! These tattoo ideas are by no means the only ones out there are millions more of them. It’s just a good idea to find one that you are happy with.


A tattoo design may have some symbolic meaning to you, so take the time to figure out what that is first. Don’t rush through this decision because it can affect your tattoo in a negative way. Take the time to really think about what it means to you and then you can be happy with it for all time.

Make sure the tattooist you choose is a good tattoo artist. You can be pretty safe with a tattoo parlor, but there is always the risk that they will not do a good job and leave you with a tattoo that does not have the quality you expect. After all, a tattoo is a permanent reminder of the time you spent together.

After you have made the choice on a good parlor, you need to make sure the artist has a place of business or artist’s name on the sign. In most states this can be found in your yellow pages under ‘artist’s name’artists name.’ If it isn’t, ask to see their license number. Remember to ask whether they are certified by the American Academy of Professional Tattooists and Embroiderers (APTA).

Solar and galaxy tattoo designs are a great addition to any man’s body. They are easily recognizable and have a nice appeal to many people. They have a variety of meanings and can be easily integrated with your personal style.

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