Small Group Tattoos – Getting Tattoos With Friends

Tattooing with friends can be an exciting adventure. However, before diving in, it’s important to discuss all the details so everyone understands exactly what they are signing up for. An effective way to ensure a pleasant tattoo session is to cleanse the area beforehand with antibacterial soap like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap ($16).

Pinkie Promise Tattoos

Tattoos like these are perfect for best friends who make life more meaningful – simple yet adorable and an irrevocable symbol of commitment that cannot be broken! This charming and whimsical design depicts two people intertwining their pinkies to seal a promise, similar to how some kiss each other on the cheek to signify commitment; however, its origin lies within an ancient Japanese practice called bikini (Zhi Qie ri), used by Yakuza crime family members to demonstrate loyalty and demonstrate that promises were kept. Should the commitment to fulfill one’s promise be broken, this could result in having one pinky cut off!

Recreated Childhood Photograph

Recreating childhood photographs is an excellent way to honor and commemorate loved ones who have passed. Re-enacting childhood photos can also provide an entertaining activity for family and friends – make sure all the setups are safe! Irina Werning of Argentina has taken the trend of recreating childhood photographs to new levels. She meticulously plays each original photo down to clothing, scenery, and facial expressions, all while taking care not to offend or misrepresent any scene. Irina captures each scene perfectly, no matter how quirky or offbeat.

One Word Statement

If your relationship has seen the good and the bad, getting matching Tattoos together is an excellent way to show everyone how deep your bond is. Select an iconic symbol, like trees, to symbolize height and age while adding your friend’s name for a personal touch. Tattooed words don’t need to be small and unassuming – you can customize the font, add patterns or flowers, or make them bold and captivating like this mountain runner’s “run” as a statement about her passion and determination. Additionally, one-word statements can be an elegant way of remembering loved ones who have passed away.


Ohana (pronounced ‘ohana”) is an integral component of Hawaiian culture. It represents extended family – not necessarily blood relatives alone but including close friends or non-blood relatives that you consider part of your inner circle. Being part of someone’s ohana is an honor and will allow you to always feel loved, cared for, and supported. Additionally, this term can refer to groups of people such as work or school ohana. Social media posts in Hawaii frequently feature the term ohana to convey how much people adore and support their extended families. This concept can be applicable regardless of bloodline ties.


Elephants are beloved symbols of strength, wisdom, and memory. Furthermore, their deep bonds with their families make them ideal representatives of family herds, whether your own family or a close circle of friends. That makes a tattoo depicting elephants an excellent choice as a group emblem representing family herds or tight circles of friends. Elephant symbolism can inspire individuals to embrace leadership roles. But unlike its predator counterpart, an elephant’s leadership style focuses on empathy and service rather than power or ego. Hinduism celebrates Ganesha, an elephant-headed god known for helping overcome obstacles and bring good luck, so seeing one could be seen as an omen that you need to find stability within yourself in challenging times.

Nesting Dolls

Tattoos can be a beautiful reminder of an undying friendship and are the perfect way to show it. With its circle and dot design, a matching tattoo offers plenty of opportunities for personalization – perhaps adding hearts or flowers amongst the dots? Or you could add greater significance to your nesting dolls by choosing specific colors or designs for each one, creating personal talismans for particular intentions. Add some political flare to your Russian nesting dolls by having Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikita Khrushchev, and Joseph Stalin sit inside each other as caricatures of themselves in humorous poses.