Small dandelion Tattoo design

If you are thinking of getting a small dandelion picture design you have probably already looked at some pictures of tiny dandelions on the Internet. You might think that this small tattoo would look great on just about any woman and you would be right! The reason for this is that there are many unique picture design ideas that you can choose from but I will share with you one idea that is perfect for women with small breasts. This small picture design idea involves the use of a dandelion flower and its hibiscus petals. Here are two picture design ideas that you might want to consider when planning your small dandelion picture design.

Small dandelions are beautiful flowers that have a long history of use as picture designs. The small dandelion tattoo has an ancient origin in Greece and Egypt where they used to be tattooed on the hands and fingers as a symbol of the wearer’s good luck or power. In the Western culture, these small dandelions have been tattooed on the arms, legs, buttocks and ankle as well as the small dandelion picture designs can be seen on arms, legs, arms, hips, shoulders, thighs and calves. Small dandelions are also commonly tattooed on wrists. A beautifully and intricately done piece of small dandelion tattoo not only enhances that tattooed area by looking great and bright but also looks awesome as well.


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