How to Choose a Small Butterfly Tattoo

A small butterfly tattoo can use a beautiful, vibrant black and red theme. If you want a sexy, cute look, placing this tattoo on your lower back is the way to go. You can add a lot of details to the butterfly, but not to the point of making it look crowded. Instead, a combination of butterfly tattoo designs and a large enough tattoo to include it will add more interest to this wonderful tattoo style, and you’ll be able to take one down as a permanent reminder of the beautiful butterfly you’ve chosen.

Flower butterfly tattoo

Flower patterns are usually used for butterfly tattoo, but they also look great on a flower-daddy and angel tattoo. This butterfly tattoo will make a great gift idea for women who love flowers.

Angel wings butterfly tattoo

Angel wings are another popular butterfly tattoo ideas, and many women think it’s a good idea. However, men prefer angel wings, which is understandable. However, women can choose a tattoo design of butterfly with angel wings that has a beautiful tattoo design as well. Choose a small butterfly that has subtlety, or choose a large butterfly with an attractive butterfly tattoo design.

If you have no experience with tattoo, you may wonder how you should place the image you’ve picked for your butterfly tattoo. If you don’t know how to do it, you might end up with a tattoo that doesn’t come out exactly as you had imagined. That’s why it’s best to ask your tattoo artist about what size design to use on your butterfly tattoo.

Popular butterfly tattoo designs

Wrist butterfly tattoo

Some people decide to place butterfly tattoo on their wrists because they think this is a more feminine butterfly tattoo design. While this can be a very cute look, if you choose a butterfly tattoo on your wrist you need to make sure it fits well and doesn’t take over a lot of room. If you put a large butterfly tattoo on your back, then there’s a good chance your dress shirt won’t fit you anymore and you won’t be able to wear it.

Funny butterfly tattoo

In general, butterfly tattoo is a fun tattoo idea. The only thing you have to remember is that you should do your research and know what size, color, and type of tattoo design you’re choosing to have for your new butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly with wings tattoo

If you want a large butterfly tattoo, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can choose a butterfly tattoo design that is designed to have wings spread wide open and a larger butterfly on the other side of the butterfly tattoo. This is great if you want to show off your tattoo but want to keep it subtle. It’s also a good idea to go with a butterfly that has many different colors so it’s easier to match the design to your skin tone.

Multiple color butterfly tattoo

If you want something smaller, you can choose to have a small butterfly tattoo that has multiple colors. You can even use colored ink. These are a bit trickier than using the larger butterflies because it’s hard to match the design to your skin tone, but you can try.

You should also think about the color of the butterfly tattoo design you’re choosing to ensure it doesn’t clash with your existing tattoo or clothing. If you have bright colored clothes, then you want to avoid getting a butterfly tattoo with bright colors because it will clash with the colors. If your clothing is dark, then the two don’t match. You want to consider having a different color for each one to match.

No matter what type of butterfly tattoo you decide on, make sure you look at it before you go and get one because it’s a permanent mark and you want it to last for a long time. Make sure it will look great for a long time. Make sure you take plenty of measurements and take your time with your decision.

Minimalist butterfly tattoo

If you want to look beautiful and feminine at the same time, minimalist butterfly tattoo designs are the best for you. Butterfly has acquired a name as one of the prettiest and colorful creatures in the world. At the egg stage, the butterfly-in-the-making slowly crawls along, developing and eating while trying to escape predators.

These winged creatures look very appealing with its bright colors and striking patterns. Butterfly tattoo designs are not only for women. It has been used by men in ancient times to portray their personalities. As such, it is now considered to be a symbol of beauty, grace, femininity and love.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “minimalist butterfly tattoo design” is its simplicity. In reality, there are so many beautiful and intricate tattoo designs out there, why not pick just one? You can choose the design that you like.

Bright color butterfly tattoo

If you prefer bold and simple butterfly tattoo design, choose a butterfly with bright colors, such as reds, oranges, yellow and gold. Then, you can also combine different colors to create your own masterpiece, such as orange, red and black or white, red and green.

Floral butterfly tattoo

For those who want something less formal, there is still a chance to find a minimalist butterfly tattoo design. These designs are called “street” butterfly tattoo. They are usually found in urban areas where people wear their hair in different styles. For example, tattoo shops for men often have images of flowers and Butterfly, as they represent a strong connection to nature. Women also get tattoo of Butterfly because they resemble women.

Smaller scale butterfly tattoo

Another minimalist butterfly tattoo design is the butterfly tattoo in a smaller scale. This type of butterfly tattoo can make you stand out from other women who sport big designs on their bodies. Usually, this type of butterfly tattoo is more feminine and represents your feminine side or personality.

Abstract form butterfly tattoo

The third option for finding a minimalist butterfly tattoo design is the abstract form. There are so many butterflies that you can use as a basis for your own butterfly design. You can choose from all different colors and patterns, depending on what you like and what fits your style. You can also include vines and leaves if you are interested in the flora and fauna of nature.

Tribal butterfly tattoo

The fourth style you can use to build your own butterfly design is the tribal design. Because there are so many different tribal patterns, you will not have a hard time finding the right one. To make your own tribal butterfly tattoo, you need to look up different designs online.

After choosing the design

After you have chosen the design, you can add some details and customize it. This butterfly can be done by adding some details such as flames and tribal art. For instance, a butterfly tattoo with flowers and vines can have a different effect if you add the wings of a butterfly. It is also an excellent choice if you want something with some special meaning. You can create a unique butterfly design that will make people remember you.

Professional tattoo artist for customized butterfly tattoos

If you want to have a more customized design, you can even hire a professional tattoo artist to give you a free design. This way, you will have an artist that knows what he or she is doing. Even if the end result is not as perfect as you would like, you can be assured that the end result will be worth it.

Deciding on Your butterfly tattoo Design

Are you interested in getting a simple butterfly tattoo but do not know where to begin? If this is the case then there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you choose the best butterfly tattoo for your needs. These steps will help you choose the best tattoo without having to worry about what type of tattoo design you are choosing. You want a tattoo that will make a statement about who you are as an individual, a tattoo that will represent your individual style.

Once you have determined that you want a butterfly tattoo and then have chosen what type of butterfly tattoo design you want then you can move forward with finding the perfect tattoo artist for you. Choosing the right tattoo artist for you is going to be dependent on several things. If you have butterfly tattoo that you have been thinking about getting then it would be wise to find the perfect artist for your tattoo.

When you begin to look for a tattoo artist, it is best to get quotes from at least three different tattoo artists. This way, if you choose the wrong artist, you are not stuck with a tattoo that is not exactly what you wanted.

It is also important to know what you want in your right tattoo artist. You may want a simple butterfly tattoo with butterfly wings or you may want a larger tattoo with numerous butterflies. Some people like to have a butterfly tattoo design that is unique while others like a design that is close enough to their body to make it easy to hide when needed. It is important to remember that your butterfly tattoo will always be seen and will be seen over time.

Once you have found the right tattoo artist for you then it is time to choose a butterfly tattoo design. It is important that you do your research and find the design that you are most comfortable with. Some people enjoy getting butterfly tattoo in black ink while others prefer colors. A tattoo may not be the first tattoo that you have chosen to have done so you will need to consider other things before you choose this butterfly tattoo design.

You may also want to consider tattoo that have a theme to them. For instance, one of the main themes today sports. Sports are very popular and there are many different sports that can have a theme to it such as football, baseball, basketball and golf. Many people like to have a theme that reminds them of a team or group that they cheer for and this is another way to make a butterfly tattoo design that will stand out. for many years to come.

There are many ways to combine sports with tattoo. In football, you can see a lot of crosses or hoops as a way to combine the two. The same can be said for basketball. In basketball you may have a basketball hoop or ball on the ankle or wrist. For golf, a golf club or iron can do the trick.

Many people enjoy getting a tattoo that has many colors to it. You may even want to have a color that represents something in your life’s events. You may want to have a flower butterfly tattoo with a flower representing your love life or family members. You can even use a bird or a rose as a way to bring colors into your tattoo.

There are many tattoo butterfly designs that you can choose from. This means that you do not have to go with the first butterfly tattoo design that you see. When you look at pictures of butterflies in tattoo parlors, you are going to see a lot of artwork that is cookie cutter. However, when you are looking online you are going to find so many different styles and concepts that you can choose from.


If you are considering getting a butterfly tattoo, remember that the decision is very personal and one that you will be able to live with for the rest of your life. If you have had an event like a death in the family, you may want to get a butterfly tattoo design that reminds you of that person. or reminds you may want to have a butterfly tattoo design that symbolizes something special about that occasion. These tattoo designs are very versatile.

No matter what your reasoning is for choosing a Butterfly tattoo design, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it will stand out as long as you want it to. You can also use your imagination and create your own Butterfly tattoo design.

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