simple old school tattoos


While you can choose to get a new, elaborate tattoo, you may want to stick to the classic, old-school look. Unlike today, tattoo artists used stencils to ensure accurate and consistent results. These old-school techniques are very effective at creating bold and colorful designs. The most common themes for simple, old-school pictures include letters such as “mom” or “family,” or the name of your sweetheart.

For pictures with a tribal or traditional theme, consider getting a tattoo with an old school style. These designs are easy to recreate and use simple yet powerful imagery. Whether you want a tribal design or a simple black and white design, there are options for everyone. If you are considering getting a traditional old school design, here are some ideas to keep in mind. A traditional tribal tattoo will have an infinity symbol, house, and positive message. In addition, the ‘Rope of Knowledge’ is often chosen as a popular choice, because it represents knowledge and never ending learning.

Simple Old School Pictures – The Best Picture design Ideas For Body Parts


Simple old school pictures are popular choices for men and women who don’t have a lot of experience or a strong sense of personal style. Unlike the more intricate designs of today, these designs don’t require any complicated artistry, making them ideal for a first tattoo. The main reason why such simple designs are so popular is because they look great on any body type. Here are some of the most popular options:


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