Badass Side Hand Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos allow guys to create something beautiful and significant that stands out. From meaningful quotes to commemorations of loved ones, these tattoos can be subtle and eye-catching. Make an impression with a classic black and gray design, or add flair with colorful shading! Or go bold by including an eye-catching rose to show how full of life you are! Badass

Classic Skull Hand Tattoo

Men looking to express their inner strength and power may opt for the classic skull hand tattoo to embody strength and power, with roses, thorns, or daggers decorating its features for a masculine aesthetic.

Wolf Hand Tattoo

A wolf hand tattoo offers another great choice to express animalistic traits; its intricately drawn tiger portrait shows off an artist’s talent, adding weight to its design. Additionally, this design fits in well with other work on his forearm, which increases its gravitas.

Clock Hand Tattoo

Men who love classic styles will appreciate a clock hand tattoo, which adds classic touches to their arms. Choose between its traditional look or add more intricate features, such as fingers with clock hands.

Simple Text Tattoo

Men looking to express themselves can choose a simple text tattoo as another means of expression. A black, snarling tiger looks fantastic on the hand and will surely draw people’s attention wherever it appears.

Small Side Hand Tattoos

Small side hand Tattoos for men make the perfect casual and effortless style statement, from zodiac signs, hearts, flowers, and dates to date symbols. Get one for strength or power on either hand – get them both and show the world who’s boss!

Tattoos Embodying Masculinity

Tattoos embodying masculinity are popular for guys looking to symbolize their bold personalities and family values. Choose between fearsome designs featuring barbed teeth or more spiritual ones like this one featuring the moon, stars, and raindrops as an embodiment of yourself.

Scorpion Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo can make an eye-catching statement about your tenacity and willpower to overcome anything life throws your way. Rose hand Tattoos also symbolize your beauty after enduring life’s trials and tribulations or capture moments with quotes in this type of hand tattoo design.

Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull hand Tattoos for men are an iconic and striking choice that symbolize death and mortality, representing your inner strength or reminding you to embrace each moment and enjoy every aspect of life. A skull can represent a rebellious attitude as well as strength against adversity – it may even feature roses or daggers added on top for added appeal – perfect for making this statement piece even more eye-catching and beautiful – You could even pair your tattoo with that of your partner for a practical yet romantic look!

Lion Hand Tattoo

Try getting a lion hand tattoo to give yourself an exotic and rugged look. This ferocious animal can be inked onto both palm and wrist to symbolize family values, strength, and courage; adding crowns or meaningful messages completes the design. These designs are great for men looking to stand out with bold personalities who want their bold statements seen by everyone around them; also, wear your tattoo proudly to show it off.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient symbol of protection and good luck that can be found across different cultures and religions. Also referred to as the Hand of Fatima, it has long been used against negativity, bad luck, illness, and natural disasters as a protective talisman. “Hamsa” in Arabic and Hebrew means five, which refers to the five fingers on its symbolic hand – often, this image is combined with the Tree of Life to create more meaningful tattoos.

Many believe this symbol protects from envious or malicious eyes, serving as a sign of strength and power. Many also find beauty in its watercolor appearance, which adds further appeal. Some see this image as representing God’s All-Seeing Eye, especially since there is an eye in each palm of their hand – making this an empowering sign for those who believe in ancient histories or legends.