Shoulder to Neck Image ideas – Typewriter Fonts For Small Picture designs

One of the most common ideas for a shoulder to neck tattoo is a typewriter font. This design is a perfect choice for this area because it has a flat plane and can hold a large amount of text. Some people choose to have the moon phase or other natural elemental images tattooed on their shoulder bones. However, it should be kept in mind that too many people may not like the same design as someone else.

If you’re getting a neck and shoulder tattoo, there are several ways to customize it. You can combine two different designs, which is great if you have the right space. Choose a typewriter font, because it’s easy to add details without overpowering the design. Another great option is a butterfly tattoo. Butterflies have different meanings in different cultures, but in the West, they represent transformation. A beautiful, intricate butterfly can be the perfect addition to your tat.

Shoulder to Neck tattoo – Modern Picture design Ideas For Women


A shoulder to neck tattoo is the most popular choice for a woman. Many women prefer this type of tattoo because it has plenty of space and is a perfect fit for many types of designs. It is also a great choice for women with fair skin, as it allows you to highlight your feminine features. It is common to see people wearing a turban or some other headgear to emphasize their unique look. In addition, a small floral design adorns the shoulder, keeping it sexy and feminine.

Shoulder to Neck tattoo – How to Choose a Image meaning


One popular style for a shoulder to neck tattoo is a quote from a favorite book. While many women opt for quotes from famous authors, a simple phrase is perfectly acceptable. Another option is a design that is more abstract. A flower tattoo can be an elaborate design, with thousands of species. A beautiful hibiscus is a popular choice for a flower-themed neck tattoo. Similarly, a quote from the Bible is also a beautiful choice for a woman with a fair or wheat complexion.


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