Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

Pocket watches remain an iconic and fashionable symbol. Perfect for showing off your fashion sense or looking more tough-minded, there are numerous designs of this classic timepiece from which to choose.


Skull tattoos have long been one of the most favored tattoo images for both men and women, representing death, life, rebirth, or any number of concepts. The skull has long been recognized as an emblem of rebellion, often symbolizing biker gangs or rebellion against authority figures, freedom, or bravery. Tattooing this design on yourself can be very aesthetically pleasing. It can also represent different things depending on its interpretation and how you draw or ink it.


Compass tattoos are an exciting way to show your adventurous side and represent both direction and good fortune. There are various ways of inking yourself with a compass tattoo; some options are simple such as a rose, while others can be more intricate and elaborate.


Owls are nocturnal birds representing wisdom, intelligence, and mystery; they also hold symbolic importance for those seeking the afterlife. OWL tattoos often incorporate other symbols to emphasize their significance further; for instance, pairing an owl tattoo with other elements, such as skull tattoos, can symbolize periods of transition or the underworld. Pocket watches can also make great additions for those who appreciate classic clock designs on their bodies, especially those who enjoy wearing an analog clock directly on them. A pocket watch is an ever-popular piece, as its versatility lends itself well to different meanings; its small designs look equally great or more extensive bold options as well. When selecting this type of tattoo, be sure that it reflects your tastes and reflects upon yourself as an individual. Choose one with watercolors, flowers, or phrases inked onto it; even consider getting it with a broken facial feature!


Rose and pocket watch tattoos are popular choices, symbolizing beauty and love, while the clock draws attention to our fleeting lives. This design makes an elegant statement at any special event, such as a wedding or a child’s birthday party, and makes an excellent memorial tattoo design. Some choose a rose and watch tattoo as their first inking, selecting its color to represent an emotion or memory. Orange roses often symbolize friendship or joy; yellow flowers represent optimism and freedom from worry. Ask an expert for guidance if you need assistance selecting an appropriate floral motif for your new tattoo design. That way, you’re guaranteed the ideal structure that speaks to you!


Chain tattoos may connote slavery and imprisonment; however, they can also have positive connotations. A broken chain might stand for freedom. Lock and chain symbols can symbolize something you are keeping a secret about, or they may simply serve as a reminder that we should remain pure in mind and body.