Mythology Behind the Black Panther Head Tattoo

Among the many styles of pictures you can get today, few are as sought after as panther head picture designs. This style has a long and colorful history that dates back to the ancient times of Rome and Egypt. Egyptian mythology makes these pictures very relevant to the myths of those times. According to Egyptian mythology, the pharaohs were sometimes represented by panthers. So now that you know why they are so popular, here are some panther head picture design ideas for your next tattoo:

A panther head tattoo makes a bold statement. Panthers are known for their sleek coats, grace, and sleekness. They also have several qualities that most a human would want to have. And they just get immortalized in folklore and mythology due to their non-fatalistic qualities. They are often used, instead, to describe a large predatory animal with exceptional color ability.

Best Picture design Ideas – Mythology Behind the Black Panther Head Tattoo

The black panther head tattoo is one of the most popular picture designs for men and women today. Not only is it easily customizable but it has a lot of symbolism associated to it. If you’re looking for some great male picture design ideas you can use the imagery represented here to help you find some great images to consider when deciding on the design for your next piece. Take a look at these ideas and find the mythology of the black caged panther design that fits you best.

If you want a unique tattoo that has a lot of appeal, the black panther head tattoo is a great option. It is a tattoo that has a lot of historical significance as well as its own unique design features. These types of pictures have been around for a long time and they have just kept going in style. With so many picture designs to choose from, you should be able to find an ideal panther picture design for your needs. If you want to learn more about this type of pictures, please continue reading as we tell you more about them.

Black panthers are part of the mythology of Africa. They are spirits of evil and they often take the form of winged creatures that can sometimes be confused with owls or hawks. They are spirits of mystery and it is these attributes that make black panther’s a great picture design idea for many people. Black panther head tattoo is a very original type of design and you will have many picture design ideas that can incorporate it into your unique body art style.

Picture designs – Black Panther Pictures

A panther head tattoo is a good choice for those who are adventurous and have a flair for adventure. This mythical creature – also known as the black panther – is often associated with the myths of the sea’s gods. He is sometimes represented with a bird or dolphin, and other times by a huge shadow that hovers over the water. For those who love the idea of being submerged in the ocean while having their body pierced, this type of design can provide a welcome change from the conventional pictures we usually see.

Black panther pictures are definitely a unique picture design. Unlike the usual old school panther pictures we see, these are far more original and colorful. As mentioned earlier, panther imagery comes from mythology, which means that the design can be anything you want it to be. If you want to design your own tattoo, here are some great ideas for an ancient design with a modern touch:

* Anchor-like Pictures. These pictures look great when the ink is placed right around the nostrils. It may represent the fact that the sea has anchor roots. Another option would be to have an anchor with a swallow circling near the middle. The myth of the sea swallowing an anchor may even be based on these ancient myths. It is a symbol of stability and strength, and its ability to carry one’s soul to the afterlife.

* Flower Pictures. These pictures are perfect for women who want to channel their inner nature and personal philosophies into a permanent body art. There are countless ways to incorporate flowers into a black panther tattoo, including butterflies, zodiac signs and Celtic designs.

* Old School Panther Pictures. Some people love the old school kind of pictures, so a black panther design may suit them perfectly. This type of design originated from the old school type of tattoo art done during the Medieval times, and they are inspired by ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

* Big Cat Pictures. Do you love big cats? If you do, this type of panther picture design may be perfect for you. It usually features black fur and a big open panther tattoo on its paw. Sometimes, it depicts a panther in flight, with its claws outstretched. The black fur can give it a wonderful, sleek look, which will make it look even more sleek and majestic.

* Animal Picture design. If you want a unique design, you can always go for an animal picture design. They’re colorful and have enough personality to be truly original. There are many different kinds of animals, such as lions, tigers, dolphins and even monkeys. Some panthers might also have panther picture designs that combine two or more of these animals to create a more fascinating design.

As you can see, there are numerous choices for any kind of picture design. If you want a more specific symbol, however, it would be best if you check out popular tattoo forums online. This is where you’ll get insider information about which pictures symbolize what you want, as well as how to apply certain tattoo symbols, and even where to find the best tattoo galleries online. Remember, the best pictures are the ones that are originally drawn as panthers, so make sure to pick a design that was inspired by ancient Egyptian art.

* Tribal Pictures. Tribal pictures are another option for black panther picture designs. These pictures can emphasize the shape of your body or add a tribal design that can be hidden by a light colored tattoo. Because this kind of design is relatively new, there are plenty of great tribal picture designs to choose from. However, keep in mind that these pictures can be very expensive.

* Star Pictures. Black star pictures have become quite popular over the last few years. The dark color of these pictures makes them a little tricky to cover up. If you decide to get one, make sure that you use a light ink or else it will be distracting. This is probably not a good choice if you are getting a black panther tattoo because it will just make the look of your body to be that much different than it already is.

* Crawling panther picture designs. If you love black panthers but you are not into getting more feminine pictures, you might want to try a crawling panther design instead. This type of design will most likely stay on the upper arms or around the belly button. You can place the design anywhere, you may even decide to tattoo the design around your neck. If you are going to get this type of design, just make sure that it’s a smooth and flowing design so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. And keep in mind that, although they look appealing, this type of design should not be tattooed in full color.

Modern Picture design Ideas For Lions and Cats

A panther head tattoo is an excellent choice for a unique style that can be a little bit hard to come by. While many tattoo artists have made beautiful renditions of this particular style, there just isn’t much more that you can do to make a unique picture design. With a few exceptions, all you can really do is mimic the look and feel of a genuine panther head tattoo. However, what few tattoo artists are able to do is incorporate the majestic feel of a true panther head tattoo into their designs. So if you’re looking for an awesome, unique picture design idea, it’s definitely worth your while to look into a picture design that incorporates this particular look.


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