Old school sailor tats have always been among the top list when it comes to popularity of pin-up girls. They are some of the most recognized images in the world of pin-ups. These classic images of liberty and honor have served as inspiration for the design of many a tattoo today. If you are planning to get one, we suggest that you start your research on these great old sailor tats first so that you can come up with an original design and get the perfect artwork that will define your personality and style.

Old School sailor pictures are fast becoming one of the most popular types of pictures for men. The reason they have become so popular is because they have a great deal of history behind them. For instance, a lot of sailors had to wear the now iconic anchor strings on their chest so that if they did get washed overboard, they would know where they were located and how to find their way back to land. They also wore these same kind of wrist bands which helped identify them to other sailors. If you want to make this connection, you can combine the history of old-school sailors with a very popular myth from our time. This myth is the “clash of the seas,” and it explains exactly why so many sailors get sailor pictures.

There are many meanings for old school sailor pictures, but it all has to do with the individual who chooses to have the image made. If you’re looking for a tattoo that means something to you and holds a special place in your life, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right design and the right place to put it on your body. It’s important to take your time when deciding on which tattoo is right, especially since there are so many different designs to choose from. Here are some Image meanings for you to consider:

Image meaning and Old School Sailors


Old School sailor pictures are a great way to represent your heritage or connect with a loved one. While there are a lot of generic images out there, it’s important to remember that the designs you choose should reflect something about you or your interests. There are many tattoo images out there that aren’t very meaningful or come from places you wouldn’t otherwise consider, but this doesn’t mean they’re not cool pictures! Here are some examples of Old School sailor pictures that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Use these ideas to pick a picture design that will be meaningful to you and talk about on a daily basis. Whether it’s a symbol, phrase or symbol, these Old School picture designs will speak to your interests and make you look great!


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