Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – Unique London City Tattoo Design Ideas

Hussle is more than only a rap artist and rapper from Crenshaw, South Los Angeles; he’s also a great tattoo artist with many tattoo design ideas for small tattoo designs. His popularity has spread across the nation and even internationally with people like Snoop Dogg and Janet Jackson. Nipsey came from a long line of talented artists and musicians that made Crenshaw a popular recording area.

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos For Women – Meaning and Designs

What are the Hussle tattoos for women? “God Is Everlasting” is the common meaning of Nipsey’s original birth name, Ermias. And most importantly, they’re the same words that Nipsey always had permanently tattooed on his face. The tattoo itself is simply one way that London is commemorating the life of former slaves to the English during the reign of Queen Victoria. The designs come in all different shades, including black and white, but what is most common with Nipsey is that he has a small tattoo on the left side of his lip, where his long eyaelashes used to hang.



Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – A Tattoo For Body Piercing

Hussle tattoos are a big hit among celebrities from all over the world. Britney Spears has one of the best looking Hussle tattoos, proving how powerful a design can be when it’s done well. In fact, even when you don’t do a good job, a good tattoo can still look good. You just have to know what to look for. In this article, we’ve got some top Hussle tattoo design ideas to help you find the best tattoo for your body.



Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – Tattoo For All

Nipsey Hussain Tattoo has been the most sought after celebrity tattoo and now this super star tattoo artist has his own line of modern tattoo designs. New inks are fresh, new styles, and the originals are back in style. Now it’s easy to find the tattoo that will express your true self and tell the world who you really are. Nipsey has created his own original line of celebrity tattoo designs, and now you can get them at a very affordable price, and more.



3d tattoos

Hussle had nothing to be proud of when he got the bright idea that he should do some drawing and putting his feelings and thoughts out on the world as a tattoo. It took him three years studying art in school, but when he was finished, he turned his tattooing skills loose on his tattoo designs.



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His most popular creations are the small tattoo designs that he did for Crenshaw locals. Nipsey’s tattoo ideas first caught the attention of local artist Ruben Studer who knew something good was going to come out of Nipsey’s creative work. He was just about to get started when Nipsey got his first computer and the rest are history.



Nipsey Hussle Tattoos Meaning Ideas

Nipsey Hussain has become one of the UK’s hottest tattoo artists with her unique and fantastic designs of two girls, rock starlets and punk chicks. She started her tattooing career back in 1993 and has since then been tattooing both the left and right side of her body. She has even designed her own range of tattoo products including tattoo bags and tattoo cases.



Nipsey Hussain Tattoos – Two Tribal Styles For Your Nipsey Housie Tattoo

If you are in the market for unique and original tattoo design ideas for your body art, then Hussle may be a fresh and enticing looks you’re considering. It’s a fact that many stars of the sports world have gone through the process of having their bodies inked with iconic imagery, such as Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan or Evander Holyfiled. However, many fans have never considered how these superstars became so widely popular in the first place, such as Nipsey Hussain. Here are some tattoo design ideas from an artist who understands the inspiration behind the most famous modern athletes’ tattoos.



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Nipsey Hussain is a name known to many first time tattoo enthusiasts, as her career spanned three decades and included many notable achievements including two championship wins. She is best known as a rap artist though, and the extensive body of work she created during the late seventies and the early eighties can be seen throughout the United States and Europe. Hussain’s tattoos were often very striking, often consisting of an assortment of colors and shapes that conveyed a feeling of menace or anger. Her designs often showed several different poses, all of which were instantly recognizable as being a part of the rapper’s life, whether she was recording songs or performing.



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Hussain’s tattoos also tended to be of large scale, covering large sections of her back, arms and shoulders. Her artwork was inspired by various musical genres, especially pop music, and Nipsey often made use of words, phrases and images from the genre. This prolific tattooed artist also enjoyed a long and colorful career, creating work for people like Ice Cube, Erykah Badu and Luther Vandross.

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Hussain’s love of racing flags is clear in the tattoo imagery she designed for herself. Many of these flags can be seen throughout her body of work, including on her wrists, legs, back, arms and even on her buttocks. Some of her flag designs stand out as being particularly striking or innovative while others have only been used a few times to add extra flair. One particular tattoo design includes a pair of racing flags that line up on top of one another, creating a sort of symbolical collage. Another feature of some of Hussain’s tattoos is the use of color, often adding blues, whites and reds in intricate patterns.

cute simple tattoo

Many of Hussain’s tattoos are based around specific themes. Her interest in music spans several decades, starting with her early years as a teenage fan of the Beatles. She has often been tattooed with a guitar-shaped symbol or a rose, the classic symbol of love. Her interest in art and music often continued into her adulthood, as she dabbled in art during the course of her numerous relationships. All of her tattoos, however, have a common thread-she loves the arts and culture, especially as she tries to capture the essence of each art work in its own decorative form.

cute small tattoos

Hussain’s tattoos tend to focus on parts of her body that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Her tattoo on the lower left side of her hip, for example, features a series of rose buds interspersed with small clusters of dark blue feathers. The tattoo design has an air of playfulness about it, reminiscent of the love her musical tastes had for her favorite artists. Hussain also has tattoos on her upper back that feature long, sensuous lines and an abundance of color. Her floral tattoo on the right side of her chest is done in a similar style, while a heart-shaped tattoo on her ankle depicts her passion for skiing.

One of the many styles of Nipsey Hussain that you might enjoy is a tattoo that dabbles heavily in tribal artwork. In this tattoo style, Hussain plays with both the tribal and emo cultures by incorporating many of the same elements into her inked body art. A large amount of the tribal imagery she uses is from the Philippines, though she does add some western influences here and there.

cute tattoo ideas

Among her more popular tattoos, one that is gaining fans is a tattoo of two hands holding a heart with a circle of barbed wire encircling it. In this tattoo, Hussain plays with two distinct elements: she is playing on the tradition of the American frontier, where cowboys would often be tattooed with symbols of their travels and success. She is also playing on a more modern version of this tradition-her tattoo looks like it came right off of an Instagram photo, complete with a freehand drawing that includes zigzag style lines and stylized swirls. As is typical with Nipsey Hussain’s tattoo art, Hussain’s heart-shaped tattoo is done entirely in black ink, and she even added heart-shaped earrings along with the tattoo. This tattoo truly captures the true meaning of the term “tribal.”

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Hussle Tattoos is a man who designs all kinds of amazing small tattoo designs for men. These small tattoo designs are so great that they are making their way into mainstream society as well, as seen on such celebrities as David Beckham and Jamie Fox.

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – Unique London City Tattoo Design Ideas

Hussle tattoos are a great example of the kind of artistry that can be found throughout the English countryside. They are quintessential London city art and represent the very essence of this historic town. For those who are considering getting a tattoo here in London, this is one tattoo design idea you won’t want to miss. You’ll be able to check out all of the best Nipsey Hussain designs right here on Sexy Tattoo Girl, so you can get some idea as to where to go and what to look for when choosing a London based tattoo artist!

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – Is Small Tattoo Ideas Just As Nifty As Nipsey Hussy?

Are you familiar with Hussle tattoos? If you have been thinking about getting a small tattoo but don’t have the heart to do so because you are unsure if it would be “you” enough, then you will want to learn more about this popular tattoo design. It is safe to say that everybody out there has probably seen these designs at least once in their life and possibly even more than once. So in case you haven’t seen them, or if you haven’t seen the original version of this tattoo, we’re here to give you the scoop on Hussle tattoos as well as some of the best small tattoo ideas out there!

Nipsey Hussie Tattoos Ideas – Find the Perfect Nipsey Tattoo Design For Your Small Tattoo

One of the hottest new tatoo designs is Nipsey Hussain, she has been getting quite a bit of attention recently with her very popular Hussle tattoos. Nipsey has been featured on Inked Into Ink as one of the latest and most popular tattoo designers from Britain. She has a great website that is filled with plenty of images of tattoos that you can see online, as well as plenty of inked photos of her amazing designs. If you have seen any of her work, you will know why she has been becoming such a sought after tattoo artist. In this article I will introduce you to some great Hussle tattoos ideas for those of you who are looking for something unique and different!

Nipsey Housle Tattoos – What Do They Say About Us?

Hussle tattoos are back again this summer with many celebrities sporting them. What do Hussle tattoos really say about the person wearing them? According to the meanings attributed to their names, what do Hussle tattoos actually say about a person? Well, according to popular belief, the name Nipsey has a double meaning. It can mean “Nip,” like the nickname of Nucky the dwarf, which was how he was referred to in the book and the movie, as well as in the television show, The Nanny Diaries.

NipseyHussle Tattoos – The Perfect Small Tattoo Drawings

Get a small tattoo drawing of Nipsey Hussain from our gallery of tattoo art. These tattoo designs are just one of many NipseyHussle tattoos that you can choose from. Each tattoo design represents a piece of our tattoo artistry that you can easily swap out as your mood or situation changes.

Modern Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Hussle tattoos are just among those styles that can be classified as contemporary, yet unique and individual in nature. They are among those trendy yet eye-catching tattoos which are all over the place, both online and offline. In other words, you don’t have to scurry all over the Internet just to look for one. Here are some of the best modern tattoo ideas for girls, especially those with Hussle tattoos:

Nipsey Hazzle Tattoos – The Best Tattoo Pictures of All Time

For those of you who are wondering what Hussle’s Nipsey Hazzle Tattoos is we can inform you that it is an actual tattoo drawing done by Nipsey Hazzle. The original tattoo was a large portrait of Nipsey carrying the words Crenshaw and Nipsey in the centre of his chest. The second tattoo, spelled out “Prolific”, which is exactly the same phrase that Nipsey Hazzle had inked on his side of his head. Nipsey was executed and branded as a drunkard by the IRA because he refused to fight against the IRA.

NipseyHussle Tattoos – A Very Unique Popular Tattoo Design For Nipsey Hussain

Nipsey Hussain is a star from the movie “The Nanny Diaries”. She played a character called Nipsey Hussain in the movie and now she has a small tattoo drawing which is basically her latest tattoo. Many celebrities have had a small tattoo drawing done in the past but Nipsey has a tattoo design that is totally different from all the rest. It has got to be her most popular design yet. She chose to get it inked on her hip and that is the reason why NipseyHussle tattoos are so popular today.

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – Why He Is The Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

Nipsey Hussain is a famous British tattoo artist who has created some amazing designs. His designs have the ability to attract attention and have been featured in major newspapers around the world including The Times of London and The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. There are several different aspects that make Nipsey Hussain’s tattoos stand out from the rest; his use of colors, patterns, and his unique style. We will take a closer look at these and find out where he gets his tattoo ideas from.

Nipsey Hussain Tattoos – The Meaning of Her Name and the Inspiration For Nipsey Hussle Tattoos

Nipsey Hussain is one half of the hip hop duo Nipsey Hussy. They are also the same people that Nipsey has had a permanent name tattooed on her face for years. Nipsey is known as one of London’s most notorious rappers, with many going so far as to say that Nipsey is their favorite artist to follow because of her innovative, streetwise lyrics and production.

Nipsey Hussle Tattoos – The Hype Is What Makes These Unique & Cool!

In case you don’t know, Hussle tattoos are based on a famous Jack Vettriano painting called My Old Lady. You’ve probably seen this original work of art in one of your favorite galleries. If you haven’t seen it yet, the name of the original artist is quite long, so it might take some time before you find images with all the details you want and need for your own personal Nipsey Hussain tattoo design.

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