Getting a Name Tattoo on the Neck

Tattooing one’s name onto their neck is becoming increasingly popular.


Its structure resembles that of the neck but with additional structures such as an acromion (triangular bone) and clavicle (collarbone). The Acromioclavicular Joint (AC Joint) connects your collarbone with the acromion section of your shoulder blade (scapula). It allows for a wide range of shoulder motion while acting as a shock absorber between all three joints of your shoulder and helping keep it stable when moving around.

An artistic name tattoo can be an eye-catching way to remember someone special in your life, whether that person inspired you in some way or provided assistance along the way. Be it simple or elaborate designs, a name tattoo will always serve as a constant reminder. Shoulder tattoos can be an ideal choice for those seeking large and detailed pieces. Back tattoos also allow space for fine details. For an elegant and subtle approach, consider having your name tattooed onto the inside of your wrist. It will look striking against your skin while adding an air of mystery. Rose designs are also an elegant option for shoulder tattoos, often representing love and new beginnings. A subtle rose can make for a meaningful tattoo piece that looks beautiful against any shoulder. Tattoos that appeal to men include couple designs. While this could be seen as romantic and thoughtful, this decision must only be taken after carefully considering its effects and advantages/disadvantages. When considering this form of inking, make sure it includes something meaningful – maybe choosing a name you can share together will always bring back happy memories of each day spent together!


Back tattoos are an exceptional way to show your affection and show appreciation for those in your life who have had an impactful influence. A back tattoo is the ultimate expression of your feelings about someone. It shows your adoration and respect. Men often opt for this choice, while it also might work for women. Back of the neck tattoos are becoming increasingly popular due to their ample space. Additionally, due to thicker skin, fat, and muscle than elsewhere on the body, they can often be inked without much discomfort for the tattoo artist. People often like to personalize their name tattoos by including special dates such as their birthday or wedding anniversary. You could also incorporate images such as clocks or flowers for added flair. Floral tattoo designs are another popular name tattoo idea. Floral motifs can be combined with names in various ways – from floral lace designs to blooms and leaves – making this an excellent option for women as they can quickly find one that speaks to them. Simple but stylish, this design displays their name beautifully. Tattooing the name of your daughter as a statement of how much you care can show how much love there is between parent and daughter and also be seen as an indication that both parties want their child safe for as long as possible.

Rib Cage

The bones in a rib cage are composed of hyaline cartilage. This joint offers a smooth surface that is firm but elastic enough for breathing activity, providing smooth mobility during respiratory activity. Joints in this region can be divided into primary (synarthroses) and secondary (amphiarthroses). Each rib has an anatomical tubercle with an articular facet to connect with its respective vertebral column – costotransverse joints connect ribs 1 through 7 while costovertebral joints join 8-10 ribs. Ribs feature a costal groove which contains blood vessels and nerves. There are 11 intercostal spaces which primarily host muscles and membranes; below the 12th rib lies the subcostal space hosting an anterior ramus of spinal nerve T12 that connects directly with its neurovascular bundle. Bird, reptile, and crocodile ribs resemble those found in humans; however, birds possess bony uncinate processes which project caudally from each vertical section, providing greater inspiration as well as helping attach sacral muscles.


If you’re considering getting a name tattoo, starting in the collarbone area might be ideal. As this area of your neck is relatively thin, it makes an excellent canvas for subtle yet delicate designs. When selecting a name tattoo for your collarbone, be sure to choose a design that satisfies both your personal tastes and is comfortable for you. Furthermore, take into consideration which colors work well against both skin color and clothing colors to give a harmonious result. Flowers are another classic design choice for this area of the neck, as their beauty makes them timeless. A collarbone tattoo featuring blooms can be simple or elaborate depending on its design. Tattooing flowers on one’s body is an ideal way to showcase femininity and stand out against other ink on their bodies. A striking piece of art, this tattoo will bring beauty and symbolize femininity at once. Flower tattoos are an increasingly popular choice for this area of the neck as they represent many emotions and themes, such as beauty, love, and life. No matter if it is white, red, or yellow flowers that you select – your collarbone tattoo will surely make a memorable statement about who you are! As part of your collarbone tattoo design, consider including a bird design to symbolize freedom, adventure, and love. These images may help bring this theme full circle! Some people opt for getting a phoenix tattoo on their collarbone as a symbol of renewal and strength. This is particularly true if the tattoo extends onto the collarbone – it often causes more discomfort than tattoos placed elsewhere on the body.


An elegant name tattoo on your neck can be an inspiring and personal way to mark an important event or person in your life. Choose something personal like someone’s name, a sports team’s emblem, or anything else to make the design truly bespoke and personal. If you prefer word-based designs, there is a range of fonts and colors available to create something truly personal for yourself. Patterns or flowers can further personalize your ink design. This stunning neck tattoo is an exceptional example of how words and images can come together to form something truly stunning. Red chrysanthemums symbolize love and passion while its flying butterflies represent joyous living. Arm tattoos are popular choices due to being visible from all directions; however, you could also select another area on your body. Word-based designs can also be created through choosing a quote that best encapsulates who you are. Choose from an inspiring selection such as love, strength, wanderlust, chance, hope, or believe – among many other topics! Your favorite quote could make for the perfect neck tattoo design, but keep in mind it could require adjustments for placement and experience of the artist before making the final decision.