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Many people have heard about the meaning of the word “Molon” and may have an idea of what it could mean. The term “Molon” comes from the Latin word “mortuus,” which means “dissolved”submerged.” When referring to a person who is submerged in a liquid, this word is used to refer to someone who has drowned in water.

Ancient molon lobe tattoos

The Molon Labe Tattoo has rapidly grown in popularity over the years despite the fact that this ancient word is very ancient. Below you will find that there are not very many Molon Labe Tattoo meanings to chose from, however, the meanings which are available can work well for a majority of people. The reason that this is the case is because there are so many different tattoo designs and meanings which can be found on these tattoos. This is important to keep in mind, however, since choosing one of these tattoos can be extremely difficult.

Molon labe tattoo Ideas

The first thing to consider about the meaning of the Molon labe tattoo design is how it looks. There are basically two different looks that this tattoo design has: the lower or the upper version. If you choose to get the lower version, you will want to think about what you want to do with your hands, especially if you are going to wear it as part of a pair. The tattoo design should be something that you like, but if you want to make it special, you might want to try something different for your hands.

Upper version Molon labe tattoo

If you want the upper version of this tattoo design, you can think about what you want to do with your hands while you are wearing it. For example, you could wear it on your wrist and have it in white. You could also wear it on your arm with different symbols on it, such as stars or the letter V. For the more adventurous type, you might want to consider how you want to wear the tattoo design, and then make the parts of it that you will be wearing match the symbols. This is one of the most popular ways to go about getting this tattoo design.

There are a couple of other Molon labe tattoo design ideas that you can use. One is a combination of the two tattoo designs. If you have the lower version of the tattoo design, you might think about adding a tribal tattoo design to the upper version. This will look a bit different than a simple tattoo, but it will still look good.

Tribal Molon labe tattoo

Another final design idea is to incorporate a tribal tattoo design. This way, you can combine the lower and upper version together into one design that you can wear anywhere on your body. You can include a symbol from each version in the same tattoo design, so that it looks very unique.

There are a ton of other Molon labe tattoo design ideas, but this is just a quick and easy way to get started. It is important to remember that this is something that is fairly new, and that you need to take the time to think about the different meanings before getting it tattooed. Just because it is a new tattoo design doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be a hit.

This is definitely a very popular tattoo, and it is something that everyone should be able to find an image or symbol that fits their taste. Remember that you will have a lot of different options to choose from if you take your time in looking at the different ones and thinking about the different tattoo designs. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of all of the different looks. The colors and patterns that are available will definitely add some great tattoo designs, and options to your tattoo, so keep looking!

Military Molon labe tattoo

The Molon Labe military tattoo has risen in popularity in recent years, regardless of the fact that the name is quite ancient. Here you’ll discover that there are not a whole lot of unique Molon Labe military tattoo meanings to choose form, but that there are some great meanings out there for a huge percentage of the general population. Let’s take a look at some of these meanings.

Molon labe tattoo For soldiers

In many ways, the military tattoo was meant to represent the sacrifice and honor that soldiers had given to their nation, not unlike a soldier’s duty to his or her comrades and fellow soldiers. There are many types of military tattoo, of course, and the army is no exception. For example, many soldiers carry the insignia of their units across their chest and arm, which is what is depicted on the Molon Labe military tattoo.

Molon labe military tattoo for people

The military tattoo is also a great choice for those who want to symbolize their dedication and devotion to the service of their country. It’s a great way to make your dedication to the military visible while still making a fashion statement.

Popular Molon labe ideas

There are two types of Molon Labe military tattoo that can be used as inspiration for this tattoo design. Some people chose the skull and crossbones as their inspiration, because the combination of colors used in the tattoo create a recognizable image for the military. Other people like to include the flag and eagle as a part of the design. These two tattoo designs are great because they help draw the eye to the image and also because they are both popular with the military.

Skulll and crossbone Molon labe tattoo

The combination of skull and crossbones is the most common type of military tattoo. Skulls and crossbones can often be associated with a person’s military service, although it really depends on what it is that you’re looking for in a tattoo. Skulls and crosses have the same meanings for different people, so you might not get the same type of reaction when wearing one design as when wearing another design.

Conventional Molon labe tattoo design

Skull and crossbones can also be used in the design if you want a more conventional tattoo design. They can also represent death or sacrifice. Skulls are very recognizable images, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You might think that they are just a bunch of skulls but there are different types of skulls that can help give you inspiration for your tattoo design.

Eagle Molon labe tattoo

Eagle and flag designs are also popular for military tattoo. They are very popular because they come in a wide variety of colors. They represent both the American flag and a military duty or action.

Many people go to great lengths in designing their military tattoo and choosing a style. If you do a little bit of research, you can find unique tattoo designs that will bring a great deal of attention to your tattoo design and provide you with a design that you can use for a long time.

Eagle and flag Molon labe tattoo

The color combination of an eagle and flag can be very difficult to match with another tattoo design for a military tattoo. It’s not just a matter of matching the colors on the outside; you need to match the color on the inside as well. There are many different colors that represent the military, including shades of blue, yellow and black. You also need to consider other things like the size of the flag, as well as the stars.

Flags are usually big and bold, and you might think that the stars will clash if they are not painted the same color. But if you do some research, you’ll find that it’s not always the case.

Own Molon labe tattoo design

You should look at pictures of military tattoo designs that you like to find inspiration for your tattoo design for your military tattoo. There are tons of websites that allow you to see different ideas and images of military tattoo and decide which ones you would like to see as your own tattoo design for your Molon Labe tattoo.

Once you have decided on a design, you will have to think about the size of the font and the color and placement of the text for your military tattoo. You’ll have to choose a tattoo that fits your personality as well, so don’t let other people’s opinions sway you in your decision.

Molon labe symbol tattoos

The Molon Labe is an ancient symbol from the Greek mythology. It has been used as a symbol of immortality, strength, and courage throughout the ages. The symbolism of this tattoo in fact has been used to identify the soldiers of the Roman and Greek armies throughout the centuries. The meaning of the term “Molon” means a hardy or sturdy man. The meaning of the phrase “Labe” means a female, a sacred maiden, or a virgin. The military has also used the symbol of the Molon Labe, which has always been associated with the military.

Most common element used in molon lab tattoo

This tattoo design comes in two forms. The first is a large, bold piece that stretches to cover the entire arm, while the second one is a smaller version. In either case, the person will be covered in tattoo. They have various shades of colors. Usually, they are black in color. However, some of them are even more colorful and even have tattoo designs on them, which are very intricate. The most common of these tattoo designs are the roses, the Greek fish, the eagles, and other images that have a lot of meaning.

Complete design

Size of the Molon labe tattoo

When it comes to getting this tattoo design for a person’s history and past, the choice is yours. You can get a small or large piece that you can cover your arm completely. These days, it has become easier to find these tattoos, as they are available online. You can even customize it according to your preferences. You can even ask the artist to make it bigger, which will bring out the tattoo in a big way. With a good piece of artwork, you will surely be able to find a tattoo design that you will enjoy forever. After all, this is not just a tattoo design, it is the meaning behind the tattoo design that matters.

Molon labe tattoos meaning

One of the most popular meaning of this word has been associated with the concept of immortality. The idea here is that a person who receives a Molon labe tattoo can remain young for as long as they desire. In addition, they also have an opportunity to experience the great beauty and youthfulness even if they never do anything that is considered “virgin.”

Another meaning of “Molon” is a term which describes a mixture of materials. Some people view this as a negative connotation, however, it can actually describe a good thing, such as a mixture of the best qualities of each of the ingredients. If this is the case, then it can also describe someone who has had a lot of experiences which have helped them achieve their greatest potential.

The third most common meaning of “Molon” is something which is made up of molten metal. This could be used in conjunction with molten glass, which is a popular tattoo design on a Molon labe tattoo. In addition, this is a symbol for a number of other things. This could be used for anything from a person who has undergone major surgery or has experienced some sort of traumatic event in their life, including having to go through cancer treatment.

The fourth most popular meaning of the word “Molon” is that it is a term which describes a solid body part. For those looking to portray their sexuality, this can be seen as a great symbol for displaying the art of love in their bodies. It can also show people who are into tattoo in a way that says a lot about their personality.

Popularity of molon labe tattoo

The Molon labe has grown in popularity over the years, despite the fact the word is quite obscure. What you may not realize is that there are not a ton of Molon labe tattoo meanings out there, but the ones that are there will probably work out pretty well for a majority of the population. Here are some ideas that you can use to help get you started.


The Molon labe is a design that many people want inked on their bodies, and that is why it has been around so long. Many people associate this tattoo design with the days when people were actually sailors, and they used it as a way to identify themselves. The Molon labe tattoo design was originally created by German artist Johannes Wolff, and it has become very popular ever since.


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