Medusa Tattoo Ideas – What Are Some of Her Most Popular plan?

Medusa as a goddess was often associated with the legendary island of Santorini, which lies off the coast of Greece. She was said to be the daughter of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and she often represented his protection in battles. Her hair, when she was wearing it up, was actually the symbol of her hair falling from heaven.

Tattoo meaning

Medusa, an ancient Greek goddess, is often associated with snakes and other wild animals. But Medusa has a number of other meanings as well, so it’s interesting to consider her as a tatt design. Medusa is an incredibly singular character in Greek mythology, but she carries a wealth of other meanings as well. If you have a Medusa tattoo you’ll definitely be able to use any of the many meanings to go along with it, but they would probably be more complicated for someone if they didn’t.

Story of medusa

During the time of the Greeks, there was another famous story about Medusa. This legend was about the god of the gods, Chronos, stealing a beautiful medusa from her home and brought it back to the god’s temple. When the god saw that the statue had been returned to its usual state, he cursed Chronos and changed him into a hideous monster, the Centaurus. This Centaurus became a symbol of all evil and bad things in the Greek Mythology. This design is very popular today and the only design that can be considered for girls, as well as guys, of all ages.


Another myth that you might have heard about the Medusa is that she was a nymph who fell in love with the god of the gods, Hermes. After the two lovers started a relationship, the goddess took control of her lover’s body and used the magical powers of her nymph forms to become a powerful sorceress. She began creating magic and darkness that destroyed the life of the gods as well as her own and caused her to turn into a hideous creature.

Medusa tattoo Ideas

Black and green medusa

Medusa tattoos are available in many different styles, with different colors and even different images on them as well. If you want a simple black and green tattoo, then a tribal medusa plan might work well. Or you could also go with a picture of a Medusa with other things that are similar in color and design. That’s not always the case though, because there are so many different types of tattoos that you’ll find that they all look different and have different meanings.

The most popular ones are actually the ones with snakes and the ones that portray Medusa wearing her hair tied up in a bun. These two options are fairly common, but there are also more obscure symbols and colors you can choose from.

There are other more obscure symbols and designs as well that you might be interested in as some of these are also quite popular ones. Most people think of her as a person with a snake body and a human head. In actuality, she had a human body and a serpent tail, and it was the serpent tail that fed her when she bit into a man and ate his liver. This is not the only possible meaning to her, of course, and she can also be seen as a goddess who was often represented by a winged horse or by a woman in a skirt.

Colorful medusa tattoo

As far as colors go, there are a number of options for you to consider when you get a Medusa tatt. One is going with a bright purple color and some bright red veins running throughout it, with black on the sides. Another option would be a bright green, with black spots. Or you might even go with a red and black combination, with white stripes instead of the usual black. No matter what color you go with, your tattoo will be something that you’re proud to show off on your body for many years to come.


If you are looking for a tattoo with an interesting story behind it, you can look at the popular Greek goddess, the Medusa. In this article, we will talk about Medusa tatt history and ideas. If you are looking for some cool and original inspiration, then you can check out the pictures that are listed below.

It is believed that the myth of the Medusa started when a hermit was bathing the goddess in his river of sacred waters. When the waters were warm, the water god turned the waters into a river of death. The hermit and his followers died and the water god cursed the evil god, who then transformed himself into the monster, the Medusus. This monster was the first of the monsters that were introduced into the world of the gods. This was also the time that the myth of the monster was first told.

For women

A beautiful tattoo style like this tattoo is usually reserved for women. This particular design is also related to the mythology of Egyptian. The Egyptian people believed that the Medousa would become a monster if she was not well cared for. This concept was also known during the reign of Cleopatra and during her marriage with Julius Caesar.

This is a very important reason why so many people choose this design as a tattoo. This design gives a nice contrast between the lightness and the heaviness of the goddess’s skin. It also shows her power and strength.

Greek myth symbolism

If you’re looking for a great, original design to adorn your body, consider a Medusa tatt. Medusa is a classic, powerful and often tragic character in Greek mythology, but she also brings up plenty of other meanings as well. Tattoos of Medusas can be used to show strength and power, or just to have fun, depending on the meaning and the design.

Half goddess half monster

Medusa was originally created by the artist Pheidippides during the sixth century B.C. In Greek mythology, Medusas were half-goddess, half-monster and her half-human head had been carved by a god. Medusas have a large serpentine skin and are very colorful. Medusas are the only creature in Greece that is depicted as both a half-goddess and a half-monster.

As the story goes, Medusas were tricked by the goddess Venus into fighting in a contest. When Medusas lost, they escaped and went home, leaving their home half-burned. One day, they found that they had burned down their home and found an inscription on the wall that said “This is what fate brought you”. In Greek mythology, Medusas represent strength, bravery, courage, valor, power, strength and endurance, qualities that are also helpful in achieving your goals.

Medusas have several different designs to pick from when getting a tattoo of Medusas, including the traditional half-goddess, half-monster design. The modern Medusas are much more detailed, showing off a beautiful snake skin with tribal and Celtic influences. These designs are often combined with other elements such as flames, tribal art and star patterns to create unique, modern designs that bring out the best of the person’s personality. You’ll find that there are many different reasons people get a Medusa Tattoo and you can find an image to match your personality perfectly!

A Medusa tattoo will not only look great, it can be one of the most popular tattoos for women on your body. It’s a great tattoo for a female but is also appropriate for any other gender. Many people believe that the Medusa symbolizes love and friendship, a way to express your innermost feelings for someone, or yourself, or a way to protect someone.

It’s important to have a tattoo design that represents your personality so you won’t end up with a tattoo design that is generic, but it’s also important to look at the design that you want and make sure it matches you. A good tattoo is one that suits your personality and your style. Choosing the right tattoo is about more than just looking cool and finding a good design, it’s also about making a decision based on what you want it to symbolize. Having a beautiful tattoo is about expressing yourself and being true to yourself through your design.

Medusa tattoo is really an interesting inking based on ancient mythology. In fact, she is just another mythical character from Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and Ceto and the wife of king Jupiter. She is also a fierce creature. Her body consists of scorpion-like legs and is covered with sharp fangs.

Basically, Medusa’s story is not very much about her as a mythological character but rather about her as a beautiful woman. When she is young she was very beautiful. However, when she lost her husband to her stepfather, she became very depressed because of her loss.

Then she met an ugly snake. She loved to play with snakes, but she wanted to get rid of her husband and have a handsome husband. So, she asked the snake to turn into a human. The snake refused to change into a human but did give her beauty. However, when she was pregnant with twins, the snake changed into a goat.

Later on, she changed back into a beautiful human being, but she had monster-like body. When the gods wanted to punish the monster for being a hindrance, they chained the monster and threw him into the sea. Thus, the story of Medusa and the story of snakes are one and the same.

Although there are some similarities between these two stories, the story of snakes also has some differences. In Medusa’s story, the monster turned into a goat, and in the story of snakes, the monster transformed into a snake. In both stories, Medusa has a scorpion-like legs that resemble the snakes’ tails.


The popularity of Medusa tattoos is not a mystery. These images are very popular and are often seen as beautiful tattoos. They look very feminine and beautiful when they are placed on the body. There are many styles of Medusa tattoos that you can choose from and there are also many places where you can get them.

Best medusa tattoo placement

The most popular place to get these tattoos is of course on the arms. However, you can also put them on the lower back, ankle, leg and lower stomach. The legs have a very interesting shape, and you can also go crazy with these legs and do something different with the placement of the wings.

Many people go for the wings to add to the overall beauty of their design and create a more unique design because of the different styles of the Medusa design. If you have some time, then why not create a design with the other parts of her body and combine them into a whole piece of art?

This is also a great way to combine a butterfly with the Medusa image. The butterfly is a very popular butterfly design because of its beauty, which is the reason why many women like to put it on their body.

Medusa tattoo final thoughts

In some cases, it is not necessary to get a tattoo just because you want it. There are so many tattoo designs available on the market that there is no need to get one just because you want to have one. Most tattoos galleries also sell various designs for you to choose from. You can also search on the internet if you want to make sure you find a perfect design.

However, if you are not very experienced with the tattooing business, you should choose the right color for your tattoo. This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a tattoo. Since there are so many different colors and styles of tattoos, choosing the right color can be difficult. Therefore, it is important that you know what kind of color you want for your tatt.

The best way to determine what color is right for you is to do some research on the Internet or to visit some parlors. Ask the tattoo artist to help you decide which color would look good on you. If you want to get a tattoo of Medusa, get a color that suits your skin color and body structure. It will also give the tattoo a more artistic look.

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