Choosing Local Tattoo Artists Near Me

No matter your motivations for getting inked, choosing an artist and shop that can fulfill your vision is paramount. With their talented roster of artists, NYC’s local tattoo shops provide solutions for virtually every style or design imaginable.

Ink Nation Studio

When selecting a local tattoo artist near me, be sure that whoever you pick has an excellent reputation for excellence and that their shop offers clean interiors with knowledgeable staff. Ink Nation Studio is an established tattoo studio boasting a highly skilled team of artists specializing in numerous styles and custom designs. Midtown’s rooftop shop provides unparalleled views of New York. Inside, its modern yet cozy atmosphere ensures client relaxation during their appointment.

Five Points Tattoo

Five Points Tattoo has an excellent team led by their new artist Tomas – one of the best artists in the business! Their affordable services and quality designs give you an outstanding experience that won’t disappoint. So whether it be new tattoos or revamps – don’t hesitate to visit Five Points if you want an exceptional tattoo experience without breaking the bank! You won’t be let down!

East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo Studio, founded by Duke Riley and located on the Greenpoint waterfront, is known for producing body art themes in numerous styles influenced by maritime folk art as well as 19th-century traditional tattooing practices reminiscent of nautical charts, woodcut engravings, and scrimshaw. They specialize in piercings and jewelry sales onsite, boasting an excellent reputation for friendly, cost-effective, and professional service. While walk-ins may be accepted, an appointment should be scheduled to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Revolution Tattoo

Revolution Tattoo is an exceptional tattoo artist in my area who creates breathtaking works of art. They specialize in Japanese-influenced art, neo-traditional tattooing, and geometric black and gray tattooing designs. They employ a team of expert body painters that operate under their direction and strive day and night to produce outstanding body art results. Revolt tattoos offers clients the freedom to embrace their inner rebel. At both locations in Las Vegas, 15 tattooists specialize in various styles.

Shred’s Inferno

Shred’s Inferno Tattoo Shop on Chicago’s south side has offered full-service tattooing since 1997, providing quality tattoos such as neo-traditional, bold, watercolor, and high-detail black and grey tattooing to customers of all kinds. Their staff of experts is well-versed in providing these styles of inkwork. Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment today so one of the premier tattoo experts in the nation can create something just for you.

9MAG Tattoo

9MAG Tattoo in Chicago offers custom tattooing with its highly skilled artists specializing in freehand artistry, new school portraiture, large-scale black and grey work, and watercolor designs. Studio 360 also provides piercings. While they offer walk-in appointments six days per week, reservations should be made for larger pieces or special requests.

Pioneer Tattoo

Pioneer Tattoo was established by Tim Biedron and Harlan Thompson in 2010. Their unique style features stylish black-and-grey shading with muted colors for instant recognition.