little boy tattoo

After a Facebook video of a little boy getting a ‘S’ tattoo circulated on social media, angry users called for the mother to be arrested. The mother’s alleged crime was ‘allowing her son to get a tattoo so young,’ the video shows. Police have been investigating the case. The ‘S’ tattoo is a small, but meaningful, piece of body art. A few days later, the mom was found on the child’s body, with the artist still working on it.

A video of a little boy getting a tattoo has gone viral, with people calling for the mother to be arrested and calling police. The mother has apologised for allowing her son to have the image, and the local police department is investigating the situation. The video has already garnered over a million views and 14k shares. The parents of the young boy are not the only people incensed by this incident. Misty Harrington-Stachler said she did not know what was happening to her son, and that the baby boy’s safety is her top priority.


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