Lip Piercing Ideas for Your New Look

Lip piercing has always been considered as a cosmetic piece. Lip piercing, which is also known as lip piercing, is a body alteration type, piercing the outer lip area, the cheek, or any other lip frenulum. The formed hole is then decorated with a special jewelry.

There are actually different types of body piercing, so now you can choose your best one. You will probably find that the more expensive ones tend to have better quality than the cheaper ones. But then, this depends on what you want to accomplish and whether you really care about your piercing, or not. For example, the cheaper ones tend to be the cheaper versions for a reason – they are less durable and hard wearing, thus, they are more easily worn out by daily wear and tear.


The most common body piercing is piercing the lips, face or other facial areas. This is done by inserting an eye bolt (the kind that goes under your eye) into the base of the piercing. Next is the piercing into the lip. This type of piercing has a lip pierc

Middle Lip

ing image in it – often of someone kissing or doing some other intimate act. And sometimes, these are even the same images; they may be in the same color, or they may have the same words engraved or written on them, as well.

Bottom Lip Tattoo

In some cases, there are different kinds of piercing for each part of the body. There are facial piercings, for example, such as the nose, ears and cheeks. Other kinds of piercing can be done in these areas as well. Earrings, for instance, are also popular. In addition, there are also nose rings, toe rings, tongue rings, etc.


Some people get body piercations just for their own personal pleasure. For instance, some women get pierced on their nipples to make themselves look sexier. Some men prefer to get a pierced belly button, to show off their manliness. Or some people choose a tattooed belly button to show that they are into heavy drinking. or smoking. These are common body piercing ideas.


Another very popular body piercing idea is to get your eyebrows pierced. This is also very popular in Asian countries and especially in Thailand and Malaysia, where eyebrow threading is also done.


Finally, there are also a number of different kind of earrings that you can choose from. From studs to nippers to hoops, you can find one that will fit the occasion.


Lip piercing ideas are definitely the most popular body piercing ideas today, if not the most popular. Most people do not know about them, though. That is why it is a good idea to do your research before deciding on the right one for you.


The next question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want your piercing inked in a location other than your lips. Many people, especially those who live in places where piercing is strictly prohibited, opt to have their piercing done in a place other than their lips.

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Stud Lip Tattoo

For example, you can have your lip piercing done on your earlobe. Or your nostril. Or perhaps your navel.

Also, you should make sure that you are going to a certified piercing artist. This means that the person you are getting your piercing done with has the proper license.

Horizontal LIP

If possible, talk to the artist so you can talk about his training. This is important, especially if you want to get a tattoo that will last for years, or if you want your artist to create something unique.

Make sure that the piercing you choose has gone through a series of tests, such as a sterilization process. The more professional the process, the better.

Medusa Lip

There are a lot of people who are just happy with their lip piercing but do not really care about body art. They just like their jewelry. This is understandable, since jewelry is not considered as art.


However, this is not a reason to go through with your lip piercing without even considering it. It is perfectly fine to have a piercing that does not mean anything to you.


A lip piercing is basically a type of body jewelry that piercing the lips or around the lips, which is pierced in various ways. There are several popular designs of lip jewelry, each with its own symbolism and meaning. Here are some of the most popular:

Guy Lip

The most popular lip jewelry designs today are either embedded or mounted on the lip. It’s usually either made of metal, glass or some other material, but it is very durable and will not crack, dent, break, or get chipped like other types of body jewelry. One of the most popular designs of lip jewelry is the tongue piercing. With this design, you will find that the tongue piercing goes around the upper portion of the top lip. This is an excellent design, as it can also be used to cover the lower portion of the upper lip, the bridge of the mouth, or anywhere else on the lips.

Cute Lip

Another popular lip jewelry design is the tongue barbell, which has a number of hooks which cover the entire circumference of the upper lip, just below the ear. This type of lip jewelry is very easy to wear, because it is completely visible. There are many different designs that feature barbells, such as the inverted barbells, which are very easy to conceal.

Top Lip

The third and the fourth most popular design of lip piercing are the studs and tongue hooks. These are placed under the upper lip, on either side, in order to hang down and become visible when wearing the ring or the chain necklace.

Snake bite Lip

The fifth most popular lip jewelry design is the tongue choker. With this design, you will find that the tongue choker goes around the lower portion of the upper lip, just above the ear. This is a great design for those who want to keep their tongues hidden during public speaking engagements, such as at work or in public.


The sixth and the seventh most popular lip jewelry design are the pierced garter. With this design, the upper portion of the garter is pierced through the navel. This is also known as a belly button piercing, and it can also be placed over the navel, or under the pectoral area.

Infected Lip

The eighth and the ninth most popular lip jewelry design are the pierced eyebrow piercing, which covers the whole eyebrow, or at least part of the eyebrow. The eyebrow piercing is very common today, since most people have pierced eyebrows nowadays. Many of them are done by hand.


Lip jewelry designs and meanings can mean many different things. There is nothing wrong with having these types of earrings, as long as you do your research and choose a design wisely.


The tenth most popular lip jewelry is the pierced eyebrow pin. As mentioned before, this design is used to cover the upper portion of the eyebrow. This is a very common design and can also be located under the pectoral area. It is not as visible as other piercing designs.


The eleventh most popular lip piercing design is the pierced nose. With this design, the pierced nose is often covered by a colored band, which looks like a nose band.


The twelfth most popular lip piercing design is the pierced eyebrow choker. With this design, the pierced eyebrow can easily be found outside of the ear.

If you want to learn more about the most popular lip piercing designs, there are many websites on the internet that offer detailed information and photographs of each design, and each of the different places that you can place these piercings. If you are looking to have any of these types of piercing done, make sure to get your piercing artist to show you pictures of his previous work, so you can get an idea of what the look you want. There are several reputable websites that offer this type of service, and all you need to do is look for them.


A lip piercing, also known as a lip hoop piercing or a lip barbell piercing, is an individual piece of jewelry that piercing the lips or even the surrounding lips, which is pierced into a range of different ways and designs. Although it was once thought to be a form of art, this type of piercing has now become common enough for women to wear.

There are many different types of piercing available. A common misconception is that all piercing designs are done to the same location, which is not true. This is because different areas require different types of piercing.


Lip piercing is done by piercing through the lip into the skin on both sides of the lip. This piercing does not necessarily have to be visible. In fact, many of the people who choose this type of piercing are discreet about their piercings, especially when they use lip rings or similar forms of adornment. Some people choose to have both the tongue and lip pierced, although they do not typically do it simultaneously, especially if they already have piercing on the other portions of their body.

Many times, these piercings can take weeks or months to heal after they are done. Sometimes they can even be painful, as some people feel pain with the tongue piercing as well as the piercing into the lip itself. If you are pregnant, then you should refrain from having any type of piercing while you are pregnant, or if you are nursing.


Many people who have a lip piercing usually opt to cover it with lipstick or a color similar. This is to make their piercings more attractive. This does not mean that you need to cover your lip with lip gloss. You can still enjoy your piercing, as well as the lip piercing itself, without any makeup at all.

Lip rings are very popular in lip piercing circles, and they are usually made of titanium or gold. These rings are put around the perimeter of your lips, to hold the jewelry in place. They come in different sizes, shapes, styles and designs, and they will often also contain colored gemstones to create a dramatic effect.

Lip rings are often worn on the top and bottom of the lip, making them look more like tiny earrings. However, if you want to really accent your piercing, you can put them all around your lips for a more unique appearance.


If you decide that lip rings are what you want to get, you should be sure to buy from a reputable store, as you may not find the ones you want if you don’t check out them carefully. You may want to also ask friends or family before you purchase these rings so that they can recommend someone you know that sells them well.

Tongue rings are similar to lip rings, but they are often placed on the inside of the tongue instead of just the outside. The jewelry for tongue rings is usually gold or titanium. They are often made in the same style and design of rings for the lip, and they can also contain colored gemstones to create an entirely new look for the wearer.


Some people choose to have tongue rings put on their fingers or the backs of their hands. This is because of the fact that they can be more difficult to remove.

Piercing into the lip is considered to be a lot more difficult than piercing through the skin, so you should talk to your doctor if you decide to get any type of piercing done. in the future.

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