The Best Tattoos For Females – The Sun, Scales, and Lady Justice

There are plenty of different libra tattoos for females, and there are some more popular designs than those outlined in solid black lines. These include the Sun, Ouroboros, Scales, and Lady Justice, to name a few. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity – they are still beautiful and can be disguised well with a bun. Read on to learn more about this star sign and the many options available to you.


When deciding on a ouroboros tattoo design for yourself, it’s important to consider the color scheme. For example, you may prefer a color combination of red, green, and black for your tattoo. A tattoo of this type will stand out more when it is colored, and it will be more eye-catching if the image is in vivid colors. In addition, colored tattoo designs also tend to fade faster than black ink tattoos.

The traditional design for an ouroboros tattoo is a snake coiled around itself, and red ink really makes it pop. The intricate scales on the snake look beautiful when done in red. The figure eight-like design is one example of how you can incorporate it into a female tattoo. It could symbolize a dragon or two snakes that have braided and entwined.


A Libra tattoo design is often associated with the scales, which are symbolic of equality. In addition to scales, other symbols of Libra tattoo designs include a female head, tree branches, or an eye at the bottom. These tattoos often feature line work and negative space, with a partially completed design that will receive fine shading. These tattoos can be very delicate and have a lot of meaning.

The Libra scale is more detailed, featuring an intricate circle with lines suggesting wood, multiple stars, a crescent moon, and an oval-shaped cover made of dot work. This design may contain astrological symbolism. This means it may have many different meanings and could be difficult to interpret without a guide. If you’re considering a Libra tattoo, make sure it will match your personality and lifestyle.

Lady Justice

A lot of people choose to have a Lady Justice tattoo design on their bodies as an expression of their own creativity. This type of tattoo design represents balance and the willingness to weigh both sides of a situation. The Libra symbol can mean a lot of different things, but generally refers to justice and balance. This design is also associated with the Greek goddess Themis, who is a sign of Libra.

A Lady Justice tattoo is a beautiful choice for a female. This piece of art is a mix of color and black ink. A lady justice tattoo depicts a blindfold that is colored in rainbow colors to represent the LGBTQ+ community. A delicate feather sits in one of the scales. The Lady Justice tattoo looks realistic, due to the use of black and grey ink. Lady Justice tattoos are great for anyone who loves justice and equality.


If you’re looking for a female-friendly zodiac tattoo design, look no further than Libra. The Libra sign is the seventh of the Zodiac, reigning from September 23 to October 22. It’s associated with the air element, making it the perfect tattoo choice for Libras, who seek inner harmony and balance. Like the Virgo, Libras also strive for perfection. Tattoo designs for Libras shouldn’t reveal the sign’s owner’s name, but rather are tributes to their loved ones.

A Libra constellation tattoo is a stunning option for a female. Designed with a subtle, feminine touch, this design conveys the Libra zodiac sign’s symbol of harmony and balance. The moon and sun detail add a whimsical flair to this design. While it’s a striking tattoo, it may not be appropriate for all women. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple four-star design or a geometric style.

Interpretations in antiquated dialects

If you’re looking for a feminine Libra tattoo, look no further. Various shading combinations and old-world dialects are available to you. The Libra constellation represents justice and balance, and is interpreted in numerous ways. It has a whimsical, enchanting impact. The constellation is named for the goddess Astraea, daughter of Zeus and Themis. She dropped her scales when ascending to paradise, and is sometimes pictured blindfolded.

In ancient Greece, the earliest representations of the Libra sign were depicted as scales. These scales represent justice and balance. The symbol symbolizes the scale as it represents the balance between the good and the bad. The scales also represent the astrological sign Libra. In other ancient cultures, the Libra sign was interpreted as a female symbol of justice. However, the symbolism is very varied.


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