Leviticus 19:28 Tattoo Verse

This verse says that Israelites should not cut their flesh or tattoo themselves. It is about honoring the dead and avoiding pagan practices.

Some Christians use this verse to say that tattoos are wrong. They think tattoos go against God’s will and may lead to hell. They say you should always check the Bible before getting a tattoo.

But tattoos are a personal choice. You should think and pray about it carefully. It would help if you also respected others who have different opinions.

1. You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead.

The Hebrews did not cut their flesh as the pagans did. The pagans did this for their idols and gods. They thought it would please them or show loyalty to them.

Tattoos might have been a problem for the Hebrews too. They might have thought that tattoos were linked to idols or gods. Or they might have thought that tattoos gave the heroes or gods power over them.

Tattoos are a personal choice for Christians. You should think and pray about it carefully. You should not get a tattoo that honors an idol or a god.

2. You shall not tattoo any marks on you.

Many people have tattoos today, even some Christians. tattoos used to be seen as evil or rebellious, but now they are familiar and popular.

Christians should think and pray about tattoos carefully. Some people say that tattoos are sinful and can send you to hell. They say you should not do anything that God does not like to your body.

But the Bible only mentions tattoos once, not in the New Testament. So Christians should follow their conscience and respect others who have different views. You should love God with your body and your tattoo.

Jesus tells his followers not to put anything permanent on their bodies. This is something that you cannot undo or erase. Your body is God’s temple and his home. You should use your body to worship and praise him in everything you do.

This teaches us to be careful with our bodies and remember who made them. God gave us life and breath, and he loves us very much. We should honor him with our bodies and our tattoos.

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