120+ Stunning and stylish tattoo lettering ideas

Lettering is a sort of tattoo utilized in letters and numbers. You can pick the sort of lettering font you need and the craftsman will copy it using the words that you need to be inked on your body. You are allowed to make your own text style and the craftsman will simply copy the tattoo you need.

Lettering has consistently been prevalent with many individuals basically because there are the individuals who discover words more dominant than pictures. Likewise, word and sayings are extraordinary for moving individuals and this can likewise fill in as a token of how to carry on with their life. Some even go similarly as quoting Latin words and Bible stanzas.


Meaning of tattoo lettering

The lettering tattoos have their fascination with different textual styles they are made with. Either joined with a little bit of art or essentially just letters in order, they give an unmistakable vision of what the wearer needs to appear. This sort of tattoos, are conveyed both for style, just as have a spiritual impact as well.

Tattoo fonts can be utilized to see and choose your content based stencils. … The most famous fonts for tattoos are quotes text styles, which typically look individual and remarkable, for example, calligraphy and penmanship.



Spot a lettering tattoo on your chest if it’s there to celebrate your love for a person or thing that is essential to you. Since the chest is near the heart, tattoos put here respect that love.


Finger tattoos are extraordinary for little tattoo. Except if you wear gloves throughout the day, finger tats will be visible to all, yet since they’re profound, finger tats are not sensational or overpowering to the observer.


Wrist tattoos are most likely one of the more well known placements, and we absolutely get why! It’s an extraordinary area for lettering tattoo, and some place you can without much of a stretch take a gander at or show-off.

Lower arm

The lower arm is an incredible spot since it’s anything but difficult to apply the vital pressure for a dim and fresh tattoo.


The collarbone is an incredible spot to put a lettering tattoo that you need to be seen. Tattoos set here will in general be very ladylike, flaunting an exotic piece of the female body.

Customize your own tattoo lettering

Lettering Tattoo Containing a name, script, motto or just some pleasant ones on your tattoo is a typical tattoo convention. This custom is all the more officially known as tattoo lettering, and there are such a significant number of choices accessible and new ones are coming into the market nearly every day. On the off chance that you choose to add a couple of words to your tattoo, it will be critical to pick the sort of tattoo carefully.

Tattoo lettering fonts

Black Jack

Black Jack is a cutting edge vintage text style that accompanies a trendy tattoo propelled plan.


Gibrael is a tattoo content text style with a creative manually written tattoo.

inuTattoo Script

Similarly as the name proposes, this textual style likewise accompanies a plan that is motivated by the prevalent twirl tattoo structures.

La Forest

Highlighting a retro plan the La Forest textual style accompanies an innovative structure that will make your structures stand apart from the group.


Moyers is a tattoo textual style that accompanies a vintage plan


This textual style has the look and feel of a great vintage textual style ideal out of the 1950s.


Glaive is a modern textual style that highlights numerous attributes of a tattoo text style, including enhancing edges and a striking plan.

Popular tattoo lettering ideas

The Classic Tattoo Lettering

This kind of tattoo textual style is likewise prevalent known as the traditional tattoo textual style. For traditional tattooing, this is the most widely recognized text style, and when a great many people talk about lettering in a tattoo, this is likely what they are alluding to. The font can be perceived utilizing two fundamental qualities. The principal distinct highlight is the substituting thick and thin lines and the subsequent one is its similarity to print letter. This text style is generally thought to have started from the American tattoo styles, yet it tends to be found in various tattoo societies over the globe.


Graffiti Style

The graffiti style is as varies as the craft of graffiti itself as it tends to be attracted a few different ways utilizing various text styles. Since it takes its impact straightforwardly from road expressions it will in general be exceptionally beautiful and much of the time the letters can have more than one color.

Tribal tattoo

This sort of tattoos is made out of fonts enlivened by the geometrical shapes. The tribal peoples profoundly move this tattoo. The textual styles of this tattoo are given a geometric resemble the tribal standings used to structure their tattoo from. The tribal tattoo is a mix of letter sets and some tribal structures moreover. Individuals can utilize this sort of tattoo to compose their names or a word that particularly symbolizes their personality.

Tribal tattoo lettering is regularly simply strong dark letter. Be that as it may, genuine tribal tattoo is great. Regularly it is found in the Maori arch style of tribal art.

Calligraphy tattoo

Calligraphy tattoo lettering is somewhat good yet an exceptionally mentioned textual style. The issue with any of the calligraphy family text styles is clarity. This textual style is from the calligraphy family.

Name tattoo

Getting the name of your loved one or mate, guardians, children and even one’s dog tattooed are one of the most well-known letters tattoo structures grasped by the two people. It is an image of love and respect, and sometimes, an ideal tribute to friends and family who have left us for their glorious habitation. These tattoos are structured in a wide collection of lettering styles and seen here in this tattoo; the name is joined by an imaginative flower tattoo.

Initial tattoo

While some like their names tattooed on their body, others want to have the main letter of their name initialed more often than not.

Arabic tattoo

The Arabic script, when changed into a tattoo configuration has an aesthetic dignity to it. Arabic tattoos hold a significant interest for people mostly because of its wonderful calligraphy and they comprise fundamentally of an individual’s name or short important words. You can either pick a statement from the Quran or even decide on a well known saying in Arabic that attract you. This is one of the most prevalent styles of text style tattoo lettering.


Chinese letter tattoo

Chinese Letter Tattoos are an appealing bit of body art. There is a wealth of character tattoo accessible in Chinese composition. In spite of the fact that unrecognizable in importance, they show a unique look. It is, be that as it may, prudent to get the right Chinese interpretation of the name, word or significance to be shown so it very well may be worn with conviction. You can either settle on an even or a vertical style of writing the name.

Family tattoo

Family lettering name tattoos are generally enormous, fabulous and noteworthy and is best situated at an extensive region of the body, similar to the back. It takes into account an epic and privileged affirmation of one’s family and background.

Old-English or Black letter tattoo

This style originates from the ancient routine with regards to replicating writings and significant archives by hand.

3D Lettering tattoo

3D is one of the rising patterns in tattooing and is gradually getting to be one of the most discussed themes in the realm of tattoos. Other than from the well known 3D images there is likewise a 3D style alternative for your tattoo.
In this style, you can pick some other kind of tattoo text style or letter yet what makes it unmistakable is the way that it will be attracted to give a 3-dimensional look.

Bible Versus tattoo

Bible verses tattoos are quickly picking up in notoriety, for the most part for their inspirational messages and a feeling of uniqueness for the individuals who wear it.

Celtic Lettering tattoo

Celtic tattoo lettering is really taking an open style text style and inking a Celtic lace tattoo inside the letters. The Celtic Letter is generally used to demonstrate a wearer’s legacy. The bold and striking sort letters with bizarre bends give this style an antiquated and magical feel. In spite of the fact that the lettering is generally utilized on Celtic themed tattoos, it can likewise be utilized to add a turn to some other kind of tattoo.


Script tattoo

If you have seen a tattoo lettering that resembles a cleaned handwriting in a cursive style, at that point this is what is known as the script lettering.

Foreign Character Lettering tattoo

It’s very basic to see somebody or know an individual with some foreign character tattoo. This is maybe one of the most prevalent sorts of lettering for tattoos with the Chinese and Japanese calligraphies being the most widely recognized characters utilized. This sort or style can look awesome particularly when done by a skilled craftsman.

Japanese Kanji lettering tattoo

The kanji images are of 3 sorts. The sosho (full cursive), the gyosho (semi-cursive) and the kaisho (striking and precise dark content). Henceforth, on the off chance that you are keen on characterizing yourself in only one image, kanji tattoo structures are the best to be connected with.

Hebrew lettering tattoo

Hebrew is one of the most antiquated languages of the world. The Hebrew content has experienced a transformative procedure and now it has an institutionalized written structure. The tattoo with Hebrew content consistently looks amazing and in trendy, which draws in many individuals.

The Hebrew lettering can be supplemented with various pictures, for example, blossoms, the sun and the moon, stars, which carry new implications into the tattoo

Roman numerals tattoo

Roman numerals have been constantly considered as an indication of how you care for your friends and family and how you need to restore those great old recollections of a particular day in your life. Being dubious, mysterious, interesting and striking the whole distance, these tattoos are well known for their uncommon textual style and look.

They may be date of birth, date of wedding, date of birth of kids or somebody unique or some other huge life occasions. In the event that you are an individual who puts stock in numerology and think about a number as fortunate, or especially critical to you, at that point now you get an opportunity of getting the same tattooed.

Quote tattoo

While settling on a plan for your quote. You need to consider around three significant components of your ink. Shading, lay out and textual style, language and situation of tattooing. Dark hues are the best, yet you can quit a female shading or manly shading for you. Spread out ought to be lucid, language additionally rely upon your quote religious quotes are as often as possible inked in Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit language and English too.

Memory creating lettering tattoo

This sort of lettering tattoo is made to demonstrate the significance of a specific date in one’s life. It very well may be made in the memory of somebody’s passing, birth or whatever other significant date which gave a fresh start to one’s life. This structure can be made on the back, ribs, or on the hands. Different pictures can likewise be joined to it, for example, a rose, heart, butterfly and so forth as per what the date determines.

Letter Combination Tattoo

This workmanship is well known for tattoo lettering for young ladies. This letter tattoo incorporates different floral, hearts, vine branches, and so on structures and furthermore convey a sentimental message. This tattoo is generally done as a present for their friends and family. This tattoo is made out of dark and red shading, giving exquisite shades, alongside tattoo text styles. The flower tattoo and little butterflies conveying the textual styles look magnificent.

Antiquated tattoo

In antiquated occasions, individuals used to get the letters of their preferred individuals or dead relatives, engraved on their bodies. There is no restriction to tattoo lettering.

Best Lettering Tattoos Artists

Cutting edge innovation utilizing lettering tattoos artists can build up a duplicate of your preferred ink style with the assistance of basic programming programs.


Tattoo letters never stop to leave design and can be modernized by picking unique fonts and styles. On the off chance that you are stuck in the medieval time, you can keep on doing as such by going for the gothic style or Old English textual styles tattoo. Whatever might be your decision, lettering tattoos are probably the most ideal approaches to talk your heart.


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