Joker Tattoo – Why They Are So Popular

The Joker tattoo is one of the most popular types of tattoos that you can get and if you love playing cards you will be happy to know that there are a whole host of different designs that you can get. There are actually a huge variety of Joker designs to choose from, ranging from the traditional comic strip style to an image of a clown wearing a fedora hat.

Cartoon joker tattoo

The reason why Joker tattoos have become so popular is because he has always been a popular character in movies and cartoon cartoons anime and people love to put their own interpretation on him. There are a wide variety of Joker tattoos available so if you have an idea in mind about what you want your tattoo to look like then you should be able to find something that fits your personality perfectly.




Dark knight joker tattoo

There are also many different meanings that people have for Joker, and not only is he a famous comic strip character, but he was actually a famous comic strip villain, meaning that a tattoo featuring the Joker can portray your feelings about comic book characters. For example, if you are a fan of Batman then having a tattoo of The Dark Knight Joker or any other version of the character could be ideal for you. There are many different types of tattoos that feature The Joker but a design that shows a clown wearing a fedora hat would have to be one of the more popular because it is very recognizable.

The different Joker designs feature different things, such as a clown, a maniac or even a smiley face. You can use any one of these and they can either feature a straight cross, a V, an X or a simple heart-shaped image.




Joker playing card tattoo

You can also include Joker playing cards if you want and if you have the right design then you will actually get some great looking card when you have your tattoo. There are a wide variety of Joker playing cards available and if you are going for something more classic then you should try getting a design that includes the Joker playing card on the front and a heart on the back.

If you want to have a design of the Joker which does not involve playing cards then you could always go for something that has some sort of dark design or even a skull. This tattoo is perfect if you have darker skin and want to have a tattoo that will not show when you are sweating.



Colorful tattoo

Whether you are considering a different tattoo design or simply trying to find the perfect combination of colors, you may be interested in finding a good gallery of Joker tattoo designs. There is no doubt that the Joker has become very popular among men and women across the globe for many years and it only seems to be getting more popular as time passes.

Some people may even confuse the Joker as one of those tattoos that are nothing but a generic, tasteless depiction of a clown. However, this is not the case with the actual Joker tattoo. The Joker is a comic character that is known for the crazy schemes that he always engages in. The best Joker tattoos are ones that have some sort of theme surrounding them.



Laughing joker skull

The Joker tattoo come in several forms, ranging from the most intricate drawings of a laughing skull to the simplest designs. If you want something that is completely unique, then you should consider a combination of all types of designs and combine them to create your own masterpiece of a Joker tattoo. There are a lot of great Joker tattoo ideas and designs that you can choose from.



Crazy joker tattoo

The Joker tattoos can be based on several other things, such as a picture of a person who is known for their funny and crazy gestures, such as Heath Ledger. A drawing of Joker from the Batman series can also look really great. The Joker is a character that everyone can relate to, whether they are adults or children. The fact that he is known for his insane antics is what makes him so appealing.




Traditional joker tattoo

In addition to the traditional image of a clown, there are also several other variations of Joker tattoos that you can choose from. For instance, you can have a design that has a skull and bones as a background for the Joker design or even have a skull and Joker mask. You can also include a bat symbol or just the image of the clown and you will get an awesome tattoo design. The more complex the design, the better.

Of course, there are also a lot of other styles of Joker tattoo that you can choose from. Just remember that the key to getting the right Joker tattoo design is to match it with your personality and make sure that you are comfortable with the tattoo before you go through with it.



Popular joker tattoo

Joker tattoos have always been very popular and for various reasons. On this article I’ll go over a few of the most common reasons for why Joker tattoos are such a great choice and why you might want to consider getting one of them for yourself.

Tattoos in general, are an excellent choice for body art. They provide a whole new set of options that other body art forms do not offer. As a result they can be really striking and, in some cases, more than a bit disturbing (depending on your tastes).




Batman joker tattoo

The Joker is perhaps one of the best known tattoo designs available, thanks to the Batman TV series. And, if you are going for a relatively simple design, you should definitely consider a Joker tattoo. It’s just one of those designs that can stand out and, in my opinion, is perfect for a quick tattoo.

The Joker is actually a rather interesting character. In the comics, he is usually portrayed as a clownish clown, with white face and eyes and an unusual hairstyle that are completely different from how he normally wears his hair. The look is one that is incredibly entertaining but also makes it very easy to incorporate him into any type of design.

Tattoos are a good choice because they can be designed and then placed anywhere on your body that you wish. There are no restrictions on the size or color and this means that you could get something that is quite elaborate and then place it on the back of your neck or wherever you wish to, leaving it free of any restrictions.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several different designs of the Joker tattoo available online. They are often drawn by professional tattoo artists, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting an inferior piece of art. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience, I would definitely advise that you go with something simpler and, for example, get a lower resolution tattoo design so that you can get a much better quality tattoo in the end.




Two face joker tattoo design

Of course, the Joker isn’t the only popular tattoo design from the comics. Two-Face is another favorite. Many people think of the Two-Face design when they hear the term “joker” but, again, Two-Face is a much more complicated character than the Joker and is a good choice for someone who doesn’t want to go all out with the Joker.

So, although the Joker is a good option, there are other, slightly less familiar, designs that you could use as well. These are a great way of expressing yourself and you should explore them if you haven’t already.

Humorous joker tattoo

While joker tattoos aren’t really a mainstream tattoo idea, they’ve had their highs of popularity over the years. If you’re looking for a fun tattoo idea, then a joker tattoo might be just what you’re looking for. Jokers are fun characters that many people love to hate, but if you’re looking for a tattoo that has a little bit of humor in it, then a joker tattoo is the perfect choice.

Batman franchise joker tattoo

The most famous joker in modern history is probably the one on the Batman franchise. The Joker, as he was known in the comics, is a very funny character that can easily create a very comical image in the minds of those who see his tattoos. Joker tattoos have always been a popular choice among men, and this makes them perfect for guys who want to make a fashion statement without taking the time to think too much about what they want their tattoo to say. Women are just as attracted to the Joker, so he’s a great choice for a tattoo for women as well.

Clown costume joker tattoo

Some of the best images that have come to symbolize the Joker are of him wearing a clown wig and makeup. This was often done in conjunction with a costume made of a paper mache clown costume. In modern times, the Joker is an extremely popular character and his popularity continues to rise. A good place to start looking for a joker tattoo design would be on the internet. There are many professional websites that offer quality tattoo designs for jokers.

Some tattoo sites also offer galleries that have tattoo designs that you can download so that you can make your own tattoo design. These websites will typically feature the most famous Joker designs as well as some that are less well known. Some of these tattoo designs include a more traditional joker tattoo, while others have more of a pop-culture and urban flavor.

Another way to look at jokers is to look at some of the more popular online joker tattoo designs that have become popular online. You can get free joker designs or pay a small fee to get the original designs printed and customized for your tattoo.

The Joker tattoos that are available online often don’t have to be anything other than basic shapes. Most of them feature a clown-like face tattoo with the head of a clown in the middle, but there are also some that feature a smiling Joker with the face of Batman and bat symbol in the middle as well.


The great thing about these kinds of designs is that there isn’t any one design that is a universal Joker. Since there are so many versions of him, the tattoo artist is free to use the different versions and come up with something that’s unique to your tattoo.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a design that is perfect for you if you find a good online gallery that features lots of Joker designs. After all, the more tattoo designs that you have, the more you’ll have to choose from, which means that you’ll have more options and more ideas.

There are many reasons that you may want to put a Joker into your body. Perhaps you want to stand out among the crowd, or maybe you simply want to have some fun by having the ability to express your inner clown.

Whatever the reason is, the Joker will always be there as an inspiration for those who choose his design. A simple tattoo featuring his trademark smile and evil grin can provide many years of happiness and laughter, no matter what it is that motivated you to get one in the first place.

Once you have decided on a design, there are several things that you need to do before you begin getting your new design etched in ink. You will need to find a professional tattoo artist who will create a design that fits your personality and style. If you’ve already got a design in mind that you love, you should look at the artwork online to see what other people have done with their joker tattoos.

Once you’ve picked out a design, you will need to pick out a tattoo artist to do the work. Make sure that the tattooist that you select has a license from a reputable company and that he is trained in tattooing to ensure that the tattoo will last for a very long time.

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