Celtic Picture designs

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There is a certain way to look at an Irish picture design and this is through the eyes of a warrior. Most of these picture designs are derived from Irish culture and show aspects of Irish tradition as depicted in a great many images of shamrock, leprechauns, corncobs and claddagh rings. These are just a few of the many picture design ideas you can incorporate into your design. If you’re looking for an Irish design you probably already have an idea of what you want so a little imagination and exploration will get you plenty of different Irish warrior picture design ideas. The best part about looking into these Image ideas is that you can have them inked on any part of your body.

An Irish tattooist has created a large collection of Image ideas for those who want to have an Irish picture design. The picture designs include names of loved ones, letters of the alphabet and a coat of arms with an element from Ireland in it. The image can be placed anywhere on the body but most people decide to place it on the back. This is because of the fact that it is the back where there is less space to work with as you have to make sure it fits in the right place. Some people also like to have a little more detail added onto the image such as the word Oisin along with some flowers or anything that reminds them of their origin such as the Claddagh or an Irish claddagh ring.


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