Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos have long been associated with symbolism in Western culture.

The Mythology of Dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos carry different meanings based on their design and symbolism. Celtic dragon tattoos, with their distinct lines and darker designs, symbolize strength and courage.

Blue Dragon Tattoo

A blue dragon tattoo can represent good fortune, strength, wisdom, spirituality, transformation, and rebirth. It is often accompanied by koi fish, symbolizing change and renewal, and skulls, representing death or past lives.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese dragon is an iconic symbol of wealth, prosperity, rainwater, water bodies, abundance, and good fortune. It is often paired with the Phoenix bird to represent balance in nature.

Black Dragon Tattoo

Black dragon tattoos represent one’s dark side or the desire to bring evil into the world. They can also symbolize an adventurous personality and the willingness to take risks to pursue goals.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

Celtic dragon tattoos symbolize inner strength, protection against harm, freedom, and courage. They are often depicted tangled in Celtic knots to show their roots and tails biting themselves to symbolize balance and the natural cycle.

Viking Dragon Tattoo

In Viking culture, dragons symbolize strength, power, good luck, and healing. Viking dragon tattoos, such as pointillism, can be created in various styles and can depict the balance between good and evil. Yggdrasil, the tree of life, is often included in these designs to celebrate Norse heritage.