Indian Tattoo Designs – Is Tribal Tattoos a Symbol of Spirituality?

Indian Tattoos are gaining popularity in the world today and it is a sign of this popularity is that there are so many designs available that it makes choosing an original design tough. Indian Tattoos have a rich cultural background and their symbolism is quite different to other types of tattoos. There are two main types of Indian Tattoos; those which are made by tribal artists and those which are created by the Hindus and Muslims.

History of indian tattoos

Indian Tattoo – The first tattoo tradition dates back to the mid-18th century, when people of Samoa Islands wore this a lot. In Samoa, the name tattoo came from the word “Tatau.” The word “Tatau,” which is also in English comes from the Greek word “Tataou.” The ancient tattoo art travelled around the world, across many continents.


Everything about indian tattoo

Indian tribal tattoo

In tribal indian tattoo, there are two types of symbols. One is called “Ka” which means strength and life and the other one is called “Kak” which means strength and power. A tribal indian tattoo can be seen as a symbol of your identity, strength and a representation of what you want. For the Hindus, it is a symbol of the Hindu religion. And for the Muslims, it is a symbol of faith.


Ancient indian tattoo

Indian tattoo design has a rich history with roots going back to ancient times. A lot of research has been done on it and the history is quite deep. They say that it has existed from as early as thousands of years ago in India. They say that the concept of the Indian tattoo originated from the art of tribal indian tattooing. Tribal indian tattoo is still being used in Hindu temples.

Tattoos have been in use for thousands of years. The history is very rich with many different civilizations having different forms of art. One thing in common is that each culture has its own form of art. One example of an Indian tattoo would be the “Kurtha Vida” which means a symbol of love. Another example would be the “Rakta Tattoo,” which means the path of meditation and enlightenment.



Original india tattoo tradition

Indian tattoo design was actually a form of self-expression in those times. The original Indian tattoo tradition is a very strong tradition that will not die out. In fact, people who look into it will find that they can use the same symbol to express themselves in a number of different ways.

Indian Hindu tattoo

Indian Tattoo Design is also very popular among people who come from a Hindu background. It is important to mention here that this tradition goes way back to a specific part of India. In the olden days, Hindu kings and priests used to tattoo themselves on the body. Since there was no other way to show off their spiritual powers, this was the only way to do it.

Some people say that the “Kundalini Chakra” is the source of the indian Tattoo. It is considered to be the link between the human and divine aspects and thus the origin of the Tattoo.

You might also say that a Tattoo is connected to the Kundalini Chakra. If you think about it, a tattoo also symbolizes the connection between the ego and the inner world of consciousness, where all the various aspects of life are related.

Most Indian Tattoo Designs is quite complex. They represent the various aspects of the mind, which you cannot see unless you meditate. This is why it is so important to keep in mind that these are not tattoos but something else. and not the body itself.

Symbolism behind tattoo

The body is something that has its own energy but not so with the mind. Thus, a lot of the symbolism that is found in Indian Tattoo Designs is a representation of the mind, which is considered to be the soul of the body. It is said that if you are able to connect with your inner self, then your body will follow suit.

For some, it is a representation of good luck. For some, it is a mark of friendship or family heritage. Some, it is a mark of love, loyalty and for some it is a sign of success and prosperity.

Online indian tattoo gallery

Indian tattoo is one of those tattoo designs that is very much popular among many tattoo lovers. If you happen to look on the net, you will see that there are plenty of websites that offer free Indian tattoo designs. These sites are a great way of getting an idea of what is out there, as well as a great way of finding some of the best online indian tattoo galleries. However, it is important to know how this particular type of design started.

Indian tradition is perhaps, one of the most diverse and rich cultures in the entire world. It has many myths and legends, something that is reflected on the various indian tattoos that are available for those interested. This article of the Indian tattoo history series focuses on the different meanings, historical background, and more.

It was believed in India that animals were spirits. Thus, a tribal Indian tattoo design would be something that reflects a spiritual meaning to the wearer. There are several examples of this belief, which range from the fact that a dog can speak to other dogs or can take part in a ceremony by chewing fire on a pyre.

Another great myth about the tattoo itself is the fact that it symbolizes love between the person who wears it and the person that do not. The indian tattoo can also represent the relationship between two people, such as the wife-husband relationship. This legend is related to the fact that most of these tribal Indian tattoo images are related to a specific religion.

An indian tattoo may also represent a special occasion, such as marriage or birth. There is no question that these images carry significant meaning, even if they do not reflect anything specific to the wearer.

It is a commonly held belief that a person that is born into an Indian culture is destined to become a master of martial arts. They are usually able to learn the art after practicing for years. In fact, many tribes believe that they will gain complete control over their bodies after practicing with a certain technique for many years.

Another common myth of the Indian culture deals with a woman wearing a lotus flower as her tattoo. This is a symbol of beauty and fertility and life. As stated above, this image is related to the concept of life and being made into the perfect being.

Images associate with indian tattoo

Indian history has a lot of images and stories associated with indian tattoos, so it is understandable that people want to know more about it. These are just some of the common ideas that you can find on the web. No matter which tribe you belong to, it is important to remember that a good indian tattoo can help you express yourself to the fullest extent possible. If you don’t want to risk having it removed, you should at least know more about this fascinating tradition.

Popular tribal tat

Tribal indian tattoos are becoming popular more often, as people are beginning to realize just how beautiful they can look on someone. When combined with a unique design, a tribal indian tattoo can also make you stand out and make you appear more unique.

Indian tribal tattoos are usually done using different colored and layered designs. Each design is connected by a circle or a line, and often times, it is the combination of these designs that make up the indian tattoo. If a design is too complex, it may be difficult to draw and create on your own.

Tribal indian tattoos are also popular in many other parts of the world because many people do not think that they can be made with just a single color. Although there are many colors used, many choose to use the basic black and blue as their basis.

There are many other Indian tattoo ideas available, but it all depends on what you want to accomplish with your new indian tattoo. Tribal tattoos can serve many purposes, and depending on your preferences, it may be the right idea for you.

Tattoo for Men and Women

Indian tattoos are used as a powerful way to show who they are and how they live. The ancient Indian tribes used the bodies of their dead ancestors as tattoos, including the hands and faces. In recent times, the Indians of Asia have developed many new techniques for tattooing that have become much more in line with the artistry of their culture and the ancient techniques that have evolved over time.

Intricate design

Tribal indian tattoos, especially those that are made of natural pigments, can add a unique touch to a person’s body. These indian tattoos are often used to symbolize strength, health, and strength of character. A tribal design can also help to show the true self that is within a person and show them to be very different from other people.

Most common tattoo

There are many Indian tattoo ideas for men and women that feature beautiful scenes, animals, and flowers. Most men and women prefer to have a small flower inked onto their upper arm. Many people also use an Indian knot design in their tribal indian tattoo. Some people like to have a butterfly or bird tattooed on their body. Another popular tribal design is a tribal wolf that looks very interesting and different.

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Tribal knot tattoo

Men and women do not just want to have the tribal knots or any kind of animal indian tattoo. They also want something that is a lot of fun and will stand out from the others. You can have the knots in a variety of different sizes and patterns. Some people also choose to have the tattoo design of their choice in a lot of different colors.

Different kind of indian tattoo

With all of the different kinds of Indian tattoo ideas for men and women, you are sure to find one that will make you look unique. in no time. You can also use the indian tattoo design as a great way to show off your unique personality and unique sense of style.


Today, Indian tattoo ideas for men and women come in all sorts of styles and shapes. Women still often select simple tribal designs to adorn the body in order to bring out their feminine nature. Men and women also have a large variety of tattoos of various shapes and colors. If you are looking to get an authentic Indian tattoo design, you will find that there are many designs available that will allow you to be completely unique.

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