Hawaiian Triangle Tattoo Meaning

Getting a Hawaiian Triangle Tattoo can be an excellent way to show devotion to Hawaii and Polynesian culture. It serves as a constant reminder of their traditions. Triangular designs commonly depict shark teeth or tiki deities associated with Hawaiian ancestors who provide protection and strength.


Spears has numerous tattoos on her body, each with its special meaning and purpose. One of her tattoos features a Hawaiian triangle on her right hand. Hawaiian-style triangle tattoos have become increasingly popular and often include other warrior symbols like an anvil or spear.


Polynesian tattoos often incorporate waves to symbolize life, change, and continuity through transition. Locks are also associated with the afterlife. Hawaii tattoos frequently include symbols with deep cultural significance, such as turtles, hibiscus flowers, and dolphins.


Turtles have multiple meanings in Polynesian cultures, representing health, fertility, long life, peace, and one’s connection with ancestors. They are believed to guide souls to heaven and are associated with the ocean, which provides sustenance. Turtle tattoo designs often include tribal patterns and geometric forms.


Hawaiian triangle tattoos often feature bold geometric designs like waves and triangles but can also incorporate beautiful flowers. Hibiscus flowers symbolize enlightenment and friendship, while Plumeria tattoos symbolize birth and love. Crab tattoos represent rebirth, harmony, and prosperity, making them popular among men and women.