Top rated and Scary Harley Quinn Tattoo pictures

Harley Quinn is one of the most notable characters in DC Comics world. She previously showed up in Batman comic arrangement in September 1992. Harley Quinn otherwise called Clown Princess is the darling and sidekick of the Joker, one of the most well known batman reprobates. Harley Quinn’s ubiquity came to the top after the arrival of the film Suicide Squad in August 2016, played her character by Margot Robbie.

There are hardly any female scalawags in the comic book world yet none of them are as insane and provocative as Harley Quinn. At first Harley Quinn showed up in a dark domino veil, white facial cosmetics, and a one-piece, dark, and red diverse outfit with a cowl. In the film Suicide crew Harley appeared another look.

Harley Quinn was frequently considered wearing to be buffoon’s outfit as should be obvious on the tattoo above. The outskirt of the tattoo is the Batman image. Her and Batman didn’t get along that well they were consistently against one another. She was continually doing the wrongdoing and the Batman was continually attempting to forestall her.

Harley Quinn is a successive assistant and admirer of the Joker, whom she met while filling in as a therapist at Gotham.

Best Harley Quinn tattoo thoughts

She did them herself out of fatigue and distress.” As for the real tattoo of Harley Quinn’s tattoo, Robbie says, “There’s ‘I Heart Puddin,’ a Joker face, an affection heart… that is clearly intelligent of her time in jail.” She additionally has “Fortunate You” inked on her lower midsection, “Ha” inked on her leg, and an arrangement.

Heart all over

The tattoo ink on Harley marks her lasting fixation on the Joker. The tattoo heart all over clues that Harley esteems love.


Regardless of how you decide to make your Harley Quinn outfit however, the one component that can’t be inevitable is her hair. In Suicide Squad, she has long white hair with pink and blue ombré closes (most likely for all time colored from that dunk in the synthetic shower)..

Since Harley Quinn tattoo plans just picked up footing as of late, the greater part of the delineations of the character has been identified with Margot Robbie’s character. Most Harley Quinn tattoos are watercolor ink based since the character is frequently observed with beautiful enumerating, for example, blue and pink hair.

Harley Quinn angel

In this tattoo, Harley Quinn tattoo is being portrayed as a type of holy messenger with evil spirits attempting to drag her to the profundity of damnation. It speaks to the internal battle that Harley experiences when she is competing to be acceptable or evil. It’s the exemplary story of dull VS light, the Sith VS Everybody experiences comparable sentiments throughout everyday life and frequently it’s harder to make the best decision. We should take a shot at ourselves and


Presently, this is a couple I might want to see together. Deadpool and Harley Quinn. Deadpool is a boss blade employing outrageous man and Harley Quinn is one awful bitch. Their forces consolidated would be a serious tornado occasion. Gotham City would experience twofold difficulty on all fours old Batmans mind would detonate. He would need to get another remedy for his pressure drug or get serious about his meditation meetings.

Gotham city

This individual has a tattoo of the Gotham City Sirens. That is Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and in all honesty Harley Quinn. The Gotham City Sirens sure wreaked some devastation in the city and helpless old Batman was on high alarm for half a month. His feelings of anxiety experienced the rooftop and his mind was soaked in cortisone. The specialist revealed to him that on the off chance that he kept this up he would wind up in a psychological medical clinic however Batman being the determined bastard he is never surrendering. I not certain it was ideal considering his age and wellness level. Some of the time you should surrender and let the three hot ladies do what they please.

Playing card Tattoo

Goodness Harley is in a difficult situation with the joker. This tattoo wonder what she did this time. Presumably arranged a bank heist without the oversight of the joker and it turned out badly and the bothersome Batman flew in and ruined their good times. Batman should simply stay out of other people’s affairs and let the hoodlums go out of control. It would be an a lot less difficult life. He could simply kick back and make the most of his riches. He should take up sneakers and drink martini’s all the more regularly so he’s not all that nervous. That fella unquestionably needs to help up a piece. This tattoo recognize he has some previous injuries however the most ideal path forward is managing the melancholy and not taking it out on your kindred weirdos who dress in interesting garments.


You may have seen Harley Quinn in the in the Suicide Squad. It was a gathering of supervillains that were discharged from detainment to vanquish the abhorrent powers. It was a self destruction strategic. They were wearing hazardous collars and in the event that they misbehaved the military would have would have utilized the detonator. I’m amazed the colleagues esteemed their carries on with that much. This tattoo would have figured they would have gone out of control and got blown to bits.


Harley got a Black love heart and the word ‘Spoiled’ tattooed on the correct side of her face. The Black love heart shows the amount she esteems love and ‘Spoiled’ is her coordinating tattoo with the Joker’s temple tattoo ‘Harmed’.


This tattoo is new in the two faculties of the word. It new as cool and sweet and phat. It’s additionally new as in newly done. You can see the stick film still on it. Stick film is frequently used to ensure your tattoo when it has been newly done and you ought to ask your tattoo craftsman when it’s alright to take off. It’s normally around two hours after the tattoo has been finished.


Harley Quinn is going to turn the warmth in this tattoo. She has the large backswing prepared and afterward she will finish then Blam. kapow simply like all the clamors in those early Batman kid’s shows. She is glancing powerful fine in these photos with her odd knee high socks and her scanty little outfit. In any case, don’t let her looks bamboozle you. She will betray you at the flicker of an eye. There are numerous men who could vouch for that tattoo assessment. Batman included.


It’s the dazasterly team, the rotten pair, the tangled couple. Amazing, I suck at this tattoo. That tattoo introduction was weak not normal for the tattoo included previously. It’s of Harley Quinn and the Joker tattoo in sort of skull and crossbones tattoo arrangement. It positively looks damn cool however. This individual must be a super fan tattoo. If you somehow happened to get a super fan tattoo of your most loved supervillain who might it be?

Comic style

This tattoo is progressively similar to the comic style tattoo in which Harley Quinn is a supervillain. The scrappy style loans to her causes and the tattoo craftsman has done a stunning piece of work carrying this tattoo to the skin. The linework is genuinely a motivation and this tattoo craftsman ought to be a case of what one can accomplish with tattoo ink.

Trademark tattoo

Dark and red precious stones are Harley Quinn’s brand name and it highlight s on her outfit. This man has them as lower arm sleeve tattoo. That is truly cool and opens up an entire domain of interchange hero sleeves. Spiderman tattoo would be a cool one. Who’s sufficiently bold to get it? Reveal to us which character you would get in the remarks box.

Arm Tattoo

Harley Quinn was regularly considered wearing to be jokester’s outfit as should be obvious on the tattoo above. The fringe of the tattoo is the Batman image. Her and Batman didn’t get along that well they were consistently against one another tattoo. She was continually doing the wrongdoing and the Batman was continually attempting to forestall her. The exemplary story of right VS wrong. I’m certain folks re mindful of such connections. It’s the old chestnut.

Some other Ideas

Wired Harley Quinn tattoo

This tattoo is a strange one. Her eyes are somewhat alarming and empty. She is by all accounts gazing vacantly at nothing in particular. Anyway, it’s a flawless tattoo none the less. The hues truly pop and it’s a one of a kind delineation of the Gotham City Siren. Did you realize that Catwoman tattoo, Poison Ivy tattoo, and Harley Quinn tattoo collaborated to make an all-young lady group of boss reprobates and they considered themselves the Gotham City Sirens?


Post everyone it’s the two supervillains/darlings from the Batman arrangement. In the event that they weren’t so threatening to Gotham City you may even think of them as a charming couple. The Joker doesn’t appear into Harley Quinn in this tattoo. This tattoo most likely around the time he was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Cat Woman. I’m uncertain if that at any point occurred. Maybe beyond words fan can fill in the subtleties for me. Hit us up in the remarks box and let us know.

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With skull

There are some broad implications for skull tattoo. Numerous individuals think about them to mean demise or outrage. In the beginnings of the specialty of tattoo, the skull wasn’t only an image of death, it was an image of life festivity. Individuals with skull tattoo have their own purposes behind their tattoo.

With batman

The appeal of Batman tattoo is significant, and whether you appreciate his split-character or the reality he is a vile vigilante at the center, Batman tattoos are a phenomenal method to join your qualities and convictions to the dim knight. Others get their Batman tattoo since they can solidly correspond with everything the caped reformer continues for.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad uncovered in a meeting that Quinn inked these tattoos herself

Suicide crew tattoos

Mess around with self destruction crew tattoo and incorporate a portion of the arbitrary arrangements of precious stones making a jewel, draining jewels or hearts or make a foundation montage of betting related tattoo with Harley herself in the closer view.

Girl doll

These Harley Quinn tattoo thoughts will assist you with thinking of a structure that accommodates your interpretation of her character. You could transform her into a centerfold girl doll decorated with gems made of hearts, jewels, clubs, or spades. Have a great time and placed her in a blameless scene, or depict her as she is believed to be — insane and pessimistic with a dim, otherworldly, and maybe somewhat wound foundation tattoo.

For fans

Is it accurate to say that you are a genuine Harley Quinn fan? She sure loves The Joker tattoo, and the tattoos on her body, similar to those appeared in Suicide Squad are motivation for interesting and fun loving Harley Quinn tattoo thoughts. She is believed to be insane, however it isn’t really uncovered until her body craftsmanship is seen.


Watercolor tattoo procedure is a strategy for making portrays, when hues break up in water and structure a straightforward, suspended issue, making inconspicuous changes of hues, just as the impact of gentility and breeziness. Watercolor tattoo style duplicates precisely this artistic tattoo creation method.


An image of Harley in her recently discovered ensemble and style is an incredible tattoo thought. The utilization of shading will be an impressive piece of such a tattoo. One may likewise do a representation of the old Harley in the buffoon outfit. A blend of dark ink and shading tattoo ink will draw out the complexity present in the tattoo


The precious stones are a fundamental method of delineating the adoration for Harley Quinn. Indeed, even in the Suicide Squad film attempt additionally to see Deadpool tattoo thoughts , you will see the precious stone tattoo on Harley herself. One may do it in red and dark to speak to the first shade of Harley’s entertainer ensemble. The wrist or the arm is the best spot to get such a tattoo. An imaginative precious stone montage with a picture of Harley would look great also.

About Harley Quinn tattoo


The portrayal of Harley Quinn as Joker’s sidekick in comedian themed clothing, she showed up in Suicide Squad as a blonde with blue and pink color on either side and blue and red shorts with fish-net stockings, wearing a fairly insane resemble her character which turned out to be enormously well known with the general crowd. Presently, what got the crowd’s extravagant the most, was the statement Harley Quinn tattoo the character wore, that made another influx of ubiquity in the realm of tattoo.


Harley Quinn’s backstory was composed into the 1994 realistic novel “The Batman Adventures: Mad Love,” which investigates her poisonous relationship with The Joker all the more intently.

Reflect character

You more likely than not seen the comic character Harley Quinn while flipping through the pages of the comic books, what about inking a picture of it on your body. Harley Quinn tattoos are as exuberant as the character itself. The individuals who know about the character would basically love to don Harley Quinn tattoo. The anecdotal supervillain has become a fury among its supporters. The tattoo are attractive and the outfit of the woman comes in dynamic red and dark. The tattoos are genuinely huge and can be worn on any piece of the body. The tattoos make certain to mirror your energy for the character.

Self destruction crew

DC Comics have allowed us to meet a wonderful, hot yet totally distraught supervillain Harley Quinn otherwise called Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, who was Joker’s analyst in Gotham city’s Arkham Asylum. In spite of the fact that Harley and Joker have the most contorted, unfortunate and manipulative relationship ever, they are respected by a huge number of fans. After Margot Robbie had featured as Harley Quinn in another superhuman film ‘Self destruction Squad’ the character of the nutty sidekick of Joker got the new influx of notoriety, particularly in tattooing.


Harley Quinn tattoo may have various implications. For a few, it will speak to the hatred that Harley has for the world. In any case, individuals may likewise revere her adoration and devotion for the Joker. The change in Harley Quinn from a supervillain to a wannabe is additionally moving to numerous individuals. Individuals never avoid making brave tattoo about the characters that they love the most.

DC Comic

Harley Quinn is a DC comic book character that hangs with the joker. You may even call them shrewd accomplices. She met the joker at the Mental Asylum. Harley was the Joker’s specialist and the two experienced passionate feelings for and shaped a supervillain team. Harley has since transformed and now she goes under the appearance of the screw-up. In any case who’s side she’s on, she is a rockin’ roller. Harley Quinn additionally makes a sweet tattoo as you will see from the rundown we have arranged for you today. That is correct people this D.C darling merits a full rundown and to be exhibited in tattoo structure by her a huge number of worshiping fans.


Harley Quinn tattoo, the greater part of the individuals have perfect superheroes in their life. In any case, some may have most loved supervillains also. The universe of comic books frequently shows both the sides of a character. Somebody like Joker has a dull past which he can’t overlook. An establishment like DC is a monstrous piece of the comic book and film industry in the current age. They gave us superheroes like Batman, and yet, they gave us Joker. The enthusiasts of DC love the all around made universes of the funnies. A few of them offer appreciation by doing tattoo on their body.


With everything taken into account, the Harley Quinn tattoos are another clique of tattoo plans. Additionally, the anger isn’t halting at any point in the near future as there are requests for a solo Harley Quinn turn off DC film. Thus, your Harley Quinn tattoo isn’t coming up short on style at any point in the near future. Likewise, on the off chance that you have a character as fun and tense, and it mirrors your style, you should get a Harley Quinn Tattoo!

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