Badass Gangster Girl Tattoo

Tattoos can be an expressive way to show your individual style. Additionally, they serve to conceal any flaws on the body.

Gangster Tattoos for a Tough Lifestyle

Gangster tattoos are the perfect way to showcase your tough and rugged lifestyle.

Stunning Realistic Designs

A badass gangster girl tattoo is the perfect choice for those wanting to showcase their daring. These designs are created with black ink and highly visible, perfect for placing on the back or chest of the wearer. This gangster girl tattoo is stunningly realistic, featuring the face of a gangster holding a gun. Not only that, but her set of eyes add an exquisite touch to this design.

Brown and Black Ink Allure

This tattoo design is ideal for someone with a strong sense of self-worth who takes risks with life’s possibilities. Crafted with brown and black ink, the design includes an alluring revolver motif to further add to its allure.

Symbolic Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular gangster girl tattoos is one featuring a woman’s face and cap with “187.” The woman points her gun in front of her, and this tattoo can be read as concealing something personal to the individual who receives it.

Edgy and Seductive Design

Another popular gangster girl tattoo is one that depicts a female holding an assault rifle, likely an AK-47. This design is very edgy and likely to appeal to both men and women who appreciate guns. This tattoo depicts a gangster girl holding her gun firmly, as she stands on one shoulder with an intense gaze that can penetrate through any viewer. Her hair covers one eye, giving off an air of mystery that makes her appear even more seductive and daring.

Inspired by The Godfather

Not All Gangsters are Bad

Some possess a good heart and will strive to aid those in need or distress. Gangsters may end up in jail or be killed. Since their lives are only temporary, they understand that death will come eventually.

The Joker’s Menacing Look

The Joker is a menacing supervillain with an evil side, sometimes balanced by light. His determination to destroy Batman can also symbolize endurance and motivation.

Skull tattoos: Symbol of Strength

Skull tattoos are a powerful symbol, representing strength and power. Men and women alike often opt for skull designs on any part of their bodies; with an experienced artist, you’re sure to get exactly what you’re looking for!

Feminine Skull Designs

Whether it’s black and grey or colored, this type of design will surely turn heads wherever you go. If you’re seeking a more feminine skull tattoo, add flowers to the design.

Commence the Day of the Dead

Women may enjoy the sugar skull tattoo, a popular theme from Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead celebration. These calaveras are usually made out of brightly-colored sugar or icing and decorated with vibrant feathers, beads, or other decorations.

The Pirate Skull: Symbol of Freedom

The pirate skull tattoo is a timeless gangster symbol with an inspiring history and significance. In the past, only those associated with organized crime could wear these types of designs; however, over time they have come to symbolize freedom and rebellion.

Various Skull Tattoo Styles

Many tattoo artists now specialize in more artistic designs, incorporating elements like dragons or other creatures into the artwork.

Gangster’s Hand: Realistic and Powerful

One of the world’s most beloved tattoo styles, The Gangster’s Hand is ideal for those wanting to show off their criminal affiliation. These designs look realistic and capture the sultry, fierce, and powerful personality characteristic of a gangster.

Capturing the Prohibition Era

The best gangster tattoos capture this era’s vibe with images depicting everything from Tommy Guns and Al Capone’s beloved 1928 Cadillac, used for bank robberies by him and John Dillinger.

MS 13: The Salvadoran Mafia

Another gang-related tattoo design is the MS 13, representing Mara Salvatrucha, a Salvadoran Mafia group. This design can be found worldwide and typically sits between the thumb and forefinger of the hand.

Skulls in Gangster tattoos

Gangster tattoos often include skulls as symbols of mortality and the reality that death will always be nearby. As such, skulls have become a staple element in these designs. Skulls can be included in gangster tattoos in various ways. Some popular methods involve adding them to the background of the design, while others incorporate them directly into the artwork itself.

Symbolic Affiliation Tattoos

Some people also incorporate skulls into their gangster tattoos to symbolize their affiliation.

Russian Criminal Gang Tattoos

Tattoo designs can also be found among Russian criminal gangs, which are renowned for their complex system of symbols that often convey meaning.