5 Friendship Tattoos For 5 Friends

Two Peas in a Pod

– “Two peas in a pod” is an age-old expression describing two people who share similar qualities.

– It is an excellent way to compliment friends, siblings, or twins.

– It can also be fun to commemorate an exciting trip together.

– Example: BFFs who received matching latitude and longitude coordinates.


– Heart Tattoos are timeless symbols that remind us of shared laughter.

– Matching heart designs can be inked to symbolize fond moments shared.


– Simple wishbone Tattoos are a minimal friendship tattoo option.

– They can be easily customized with names or initials for more individuality.

– Example: Pair wishbones with names or initials.

Hybrid Tattoos

– Show off similar interests through a hybrid tattoo combining symbols like wrenches and parrots.

– It creates an engaging way of showcasing shared passions.